26 Years Old. BBL with Dr. Salzhauer. - Bal Harbour, FL

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Hi ladies! I am so happy I found this page, you...

Hi ladies! I am so happy I found this page, you all have helped me sooo much in this process, so thank you. I have recently decided to go with Dr.Salzhauer for my brazilian butt lift which is scheduled for December 9, 2014. I previously met with another doctor but I wasn't too impressed and his price was very high. Dr. Salzhauer was more personable and he made me feel very comfortable. I'm so excited and I have the utmost faith in what he can do for me. If anybody has similar shape to me or has anything they want to share about their bbl with Dr. Salzhauer, I would love to hear it. Look forward to sharing this experience with you ladies!

wish pics!!

So I posted some wish pics. Let me know what u girls think :) I'm currently weighing 150 and not sure if I should try to gain more, the doctor said I didn't need to but I could if I wanted to. Also, if any ladies have a list of supplies or things I need to buy before the surgery I would really appreciate it.

supplies for surgery! pleeease!

Hi ladies, I'm getting close to my date and haven't bought any supplies yet. My pre op is scheduled for November 25th but I wanted to prepare a little ahead of time. If anyone has some real necessary supplies that they bought, please share. Also any garment suggestions would be great. Thanks!

bought some supplies

Today I stopped by Wal-Mart to buy somethings I might need after and before surgery. Here is a list.

Arnica gel
Arnica pills
Baby wipes
Dial soap for before surgery
Dog training pads for the bed
One a day women multivitamin
Iron pills
Gauze pads with medical tape

I have my pre op tomorrow afternoon. If anyone can think of any other essential items pleeeease let me know. :)

omg 2 days left!!

I can't believe how fast time has flown by!! On tuesday I will have my new body. Im extremely excited and I have so much faith that everything will go how it's suppose to. Tomorrow I will get my surgery time and I will be omw. I think I have everything I need, tomorrow I will go buy my Gatorade, soups, prune juice, mashed potatoes, yogurt, and ensure. If anyone has any last recommendations I would really appreciate it. I will try to post again on my surgery day. Prayers and well wishes will be greatly welcomed lol. See ya!!

on my way to surgery!

Hi ladies, just wanted to let you know I'm on my way to surgery. Wish me luck!! See ya when I got the big new booty lol

surgery was yesterday

Omg this surgery is nooo joke. Can't update too much just wanted to add pics. Super super happy with results. Nurse said I'm gonna have such amazing results. :) update more later

omg my neck hurts sooo bad can't sleep

Please how did u ladies sleep? I can't sleep, I wake up every hour with neck pain, I'm not using a pillow under my head. Please help!!

what a roller coaster

day 4 and Im starting to feel a little bit better. If I knew this was the pain I was going to go through I wouldn't have done it. I really don't even care about the results anymore I just want to feel normal again. I can't sit and I'm sick of laying down. the only thing that has helped me were some heating pads on my neck At night. The Vicodin gives me a massive headache in the morning since I take it to fall asleep at night. I'm starting to just use tylenol instead. I bought a beach chair to cut a hole in the middle but I don't know when I Should use it. What a roller coaster of emotions :(

11 days post op

Wow, I can definitely say the first 4 days were absolute HELL for me lol. Maybe it's just me but the hardest part was sleeping, last night was the only night I was actually able to get 7 FULL hours of sleep. I'm getting used to sleeping face down. I'm not in much pain anymore, its more of an uncomfortable feeling with this damn garment on all the time. Im going to kohls today to find a new one. I havent had any massages besides from me or when I ask my mom to rub some oil on my back and tummy. I think maybe closer to my 3rd week ill look into it. I have a newly developed little pouch on my front right lower abdomen which I think is fluid build up, I'm calling on Monday to see if I need to go in to get it drained, scared of that! Anyway, I'm uploading pics I took yesterday before my shower. I'll update in a few days again :)

foam on back

Omg the foam on my back is making me itch like crazy! How long do we have to wear the foams under the garment??

4 weeks post op

Well hello ladies, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while but I wanted to wait for the 4 week mark so you can get a better look at my results. I am still stiff and lumpy in my stomach and back, but everyday it gets better. I didn't get any professional massages because our doctor and nurses didn't recommend or insist on them. I have been massaging myself everyday for about 20 minutes or so and I think its working fine. I gotta say days 1-4 were pretty BAD for me but slowly got better every day thereafter. I started work yesterday but I'm an independent contractor so my jobs arent very long. I was able to not sit at all lol besides driving with the boppy pillow. Unfortunately I cannot take my boppy into my jobs so from here on out it's sitting on conference chairs, sort of like computer desk chairs. It shouldn't be that bad because they are mostly soft anyway, we will see! I uploaded some pictures and as you can see he have me major hips, which I love. I definitely wish he woulda gave me a little more volume, but overall I'm happy. I got banging curves now! Let me know what you girls think.

8 weeks post op

Hi ladies! I am almost 8 weeks post op so I thought I would update again. So far so good. Today I went shopping for some jeans since my old ones don't fit :( I'm telling u, it is harrrd to find jeans that will fit my butt and waist! I'm a size 11 because of the booty but in the waist it fits big as hell! Therefore I bought belts lol the pics I posted are of one of the new jeans I bought today. Luckily it has a string to adjust the waist. Anyways, my stomach is still not back to normal, feels a little numb, tight and lumpy. It does get better everyday tho. I massage myself atleast once a day for like 15 minutes. My waist is 30in and my butt measures at a little over 44in. I'm happy with my results so far but some days I wish I went a little bigger, maybe it's just the booty greed lol. Def won't be going for a round 2.. at least that's what I say now because the recovery is a MAJOR pain in the ass, literally! My left butt cheek has a small lump inside which isn't noticeable but when I rub a little deep I feel it, scared about that. I will call the doc next week. Well if you have any questions let me know :)

side by side pic

I lost a lot of my before pictures when I accidentally deleted my whole photo gallery :( did a side by side of my before pic posted here. Huge difference :)

10 weeks tomorrow

I only took one pic this morning but I thought I'd share. My measurements have stayed around 30.5 at my waist and 44.5 for my butt. My stomach still feels a little weird, I'm hoping by March 9, which will be my 3 month mark I'll be 100%. I will update then. Any questions let me know :)

hips and stomach

Just another pic of my hips and my stomach. He is amazing at snatching ur waist and giving u an hour glass shape

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