Dr. Miami - Arm + Underchin + Inner Thigh Liposuction 28yr old - Bal Harbour, FL

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Hi Guys ! So it's a few months away and I've...

Hi Guys ! So it's a few months away and I've decided to share my journey here . Typically I am very very private and don't post on any social media accounts but I can't deny that plastic surgery intrigues me! My goal of surgery is to slim down the look my of my face , arms and inner thighs. I always been self conscious about my arms and they disgust me! I found Dr Salzhauer last year online and decided to set up a consultation for just arm lipo. By the time I walked out I signed on for $9,500 worth of surgery ( BBL, arms, thighs, under chin). The experience blew my mind because I waited less than 1 week to make up my mind and put a down payment , and he already booked 1 month of surgeries lol!! So my ideal surgery date was no longer available. I am booked for June 17th 2016 !! Yay. I have since removed the BBL from my operation schedule ( sorry to disappoint everyone lol) but I already have a nice shape to my behind and as long as I keep my eating in check my tummy only holds a little fat. I'm scared to mess with that area since it looks okay for NOW. Plus it was too much money and my goal is to not finance. I have been saving and even got a second job to assist with covering this HUGE cost. Anyways .... Please follow me and I will start posting pictures of my before and all during the process.

Out of Town - Travel Planning

Yay! Travel plans have been finalized.
I will arrive in Miami the day before my surgery. I booked 8 nights at Hilton Doubletree Ocean point. It was important to me for a comfortable space and a view considering I’ll be spending ALL day and ALL night there. The room has a full size kitchen, washer/dryer, living room and ocean view with balcony. My parents will only be with me the first 4 nights in a 2 bedroom suite, then I will be downgrading to a 1 bedroom suite.
Miami has many healthy meal delivery services but I decided on Deliver Lean. I can pick my meals and they will be delivered directly to my hotel room every 3rd day. I highly recommend getting meal service as it offer assurance of clean/healthy eating while recovering and not being able to work out. Such a brilliant idea!! I am already excited about the food.
I will spend the last night at my best friend’s house and she will drive me to Miami airport the next day. She offered her place to stay but I know I’ll be more comfortable at a hotel. Plus she lives in a studio apartment with her Fiancé (awkward).
Total Cost (after all taxes and fees):
$1,115. 2 bedroom suite (4 nights)
$935.00 1 Bedroom Suite ( 4 nights)
$252.00 DeliverLean ( 7 days, 2X per day)
$101 One-way Plane Ticket (Miami, FL to Tampa,FL

Travel Tip: Miami Beach hotels charge a daily resort fee and taxes are 13%. This adds a pretty penny on top of any room rate. Also, hotels do authorize a security deposit on your C.C when you check-in. Depending on the hotel, they may hold $100.00 per night. Therefore a 4 night stay they will authorize the full balance of your stay, taxes and $400 refundable security hold. This STILL applies even if you pre-pay or use a 3rd party booking site such as Expedia.

Before photos : Arms

43 days to go. I hope and pray this surgery drastically reduces the mass of my arms. In my opinion they are offensively big, very soft , and I can feel the fat just lingering around in there. I look at old photos of myself and always noticed I had larger arms compared to my body size. There are many occasion where blouses, tops or Blazers will not fit my arms or be very tight in the arm pit area. My upper body is a size medium ( sometimes small) and my arms are a large. Large and in charge. Out of the 3 procedures : I am rooting the hardest on the arms.

Before photos : Underchin

I'm very excited to see the final result. I fluctuate weight as I assume most people do. My face is the first area I notice it. If I drink alcohol ( I very rarely do so) ... My face bloats. If I eat too much salt (yuck .. salt) ... My face gets round. When I accidentally overeat ( Mmm brownies) ... My face likes to remind me of the damage I done. I find myself much more attractive when my face is thinner. I understand my double chin isn't that prominent ... But there is room for improvement.

23 days to go

Two days away from my pre-op consultation and I'm overly excited at this point. I need to start drafting up my questions to ask. The past few weeks I've been very impressed with the office staff - they've called and confirmed my appointments - Tati is awesome at what she does and very prompt responding to my medical clearance questions - I texted dr Salz directly and asked him to help honor my old pricing ( for some reason my price increased by $300) - he said he would assist with that. So all is coming together. I felt much better once I started feeling recognized by the office. I was a little concerned seeing the "naked tea" show ( it's too silly ) . I do not following him on social media or snapchat - but I do trust his skill level as a plastic surgeon. There's no turning back now !!! I can't wait .....

Post OP - day 1 through 6

Day of surgery : arrived at my schedule time. Waited almost a full 4 hours before surgery. I was kept in a private suite and was enjoying my Xanax high. I was very relaxed but started to get uncomfortable once it hit 3pm and my body was in starvation mode. I was happy and in a great mood!

Waking up from surgery was THE WORST! My body was beyond shaking ... It left like I was convulsing!! It hurt beyond any pain I've ever felt. My nurse was the best and very attentive towards me. I remember the doctor coming in but didn't stop and see me. Finally I was wheeled out to the car and taken to my hotel. It was a short 5 minute drive of pure pain.

Day 2: mostly sleeping / no desire to eat ( only enough to take my pain killer). Thighs are the most painful. Arms are very uncomfortable. Underchin is no pain. My mom took very good care of me and my endless requests lol. The nurse came and she was so lovable !! Funny !! Just a delight with a huge booty. She let me feel it. She helped me shower - I became very very dizzy after 3 minutes. That was not fun. She changed me into a new garment. I saw my body for first time - very dark bruising on my legs and arms. I do not see any results yet on my arms / thighs - which is expected. My face was very tight and looks thinner already.

Day 3: I went and had a nice Father's Day breakfast at the hotel w my parents. Surprising, I was able to flat iron my own hair. Appetite is still off. No food is desirable. That took a lot out of me. I went straight back to the hotel room to sleep. I just want to sleep. I am able to shimmy myself in and out of bed. Sitting in the toilet is so painful with the thigh lipo. I had to take a laxative bc my body does not want to poop. I'm surprise the strength I have in my arms. I am able to prop my own body up.

Day 4-6 : sooooo tired and just drained from trying to do simple tasks. I shower then have to lay down and rest before I muster the energy to put garment on. I went for a walk around this gorgeous hotel im at , only to turn around soon as I walked to the beach.it was too much. I wanted my bed. I waddle around and drag my feet as I walk. It's getting stronger each day but my inner thighs are tight. Appetite is getting better but other part is nervous to eat too much as I don't want gain weight. I ordered DeliverLean meal program and have forced myself to eat it. My arms are numb to the touch. Slightly itchy. Still big, heavy and swollen. I get a tingle sensation every now and then. Thigh pain isn't so bad. Bending down is impossible. I will drop to my knees if I need anything too low. Toilet is still a challenge. I will squat to pee. I will remove the garment completely for the rare poop lol

I will update you on my follow up appointment next.

Post op: day 7 - 11

Follow up appointment is a disappointment (not surprised lol). I was shocked to find out it's done by a nurse and Dr Salzhauer doesn't even care to overview his work. Upside: I only waited a few minutes to be seen. Nurse was good but busted in the door without knocking while I was getting undressed ( she grabbed an item and left the room ) I didn't care too much but just found it unprofessional. she knocked the next time she entered... Dr Salz very little involvement is offset by the fact that most of his staff have had his procedures. That put me at ease. Getting 4 stitches removed did not hurt at all.

Day 7-9: thighs feel like I'm holding a bowling ball between them when standing or walking. It's more uncomfortable without the compression garments. Cannot bend over yet. Standing too long is horrible. They look huge !! A lot bigger than before the surgery.i Still walk funny and very slow. Dark bruising in certain areas - my lady area was pretty swollen and has dark dark bruising .Arms still fat and bruised- mostly yellow and some dark bruises. No results yet. Under chin is very hard and lumpy under the skin. Luckily Monica warned me about that before surgery. I was told by nurse to rub the Underchin from the center chin back towards ears. It's so annoying and feels weird to do That. I make myself do it 5 times then give up. I try again hours later. I don't see much results yet but i can tell it's a great improvement.

I flew back home on day 9- I was so ready to leave the hotel - easy short flight - my parents hired me a private car service so I felt special lol. I tried cleaning and unpacking but I tire so quickly. My mom praised my results when she saw me but I still don't see it.

Day 10: OMG my arms are shrinking!!! That's alllll I care about.I wore a fitness long sleeved compression top (nurse says that's okay) to a family get together and I kept grabbing my under arms in pure delight. I can tell by the feel they're much smaller. I still have a lot of swelling. Yayyy!!! My thighs look gigantic but I don't even care. I use them the most ... They're the most painful out all my procedures. I'll give them more time to heal before I judge my pork loin thighs. Feels like in holding a grapefruit between them. (much better than the bowling ball). I still walk slow but the waddle walk has turned into a limp.

Day 11: healing is speeding up. Can't wait to get back to work in 2 days . I can bend down now ( slowly and carefully ) . I made my bed with no issues. Only weird thing is this pain in my forearms ( feels like their bruised and any weight on then is uncomfortable). I can spread my legs to an extent. If I keep my body in one position too long it hurts once I start moving again.it takes a minute to gain back mobility. Guess that's why it's somewhat painful when I'm starting to wake up.

So far .... I'm very happy with my results .... I've been disappointed with my choice of surgeon for the past 6 months .... ( sorry but I could write an essay on why ) BUT I trusted his skill level so as long as my results are good ... We good :)

Post Op 2 weeks

Time goes fast. It it weird that I love the healing process. Almost like I miss the bruising as it fades . Lol. Plastic surgery is so interesting.

Underchin: It's very lumpy with hard knots. You can see it in the photos. I massage them out everyday but I've noticed they have gotten worse in the last 4 days. I'm not concerned because I was told to expect the knots. I get so much satisfaction trying to rub them out. My face still looks thinner from the front view. The side view looks similar to my before photos. Expect that fat has been replaced with dense masses. I sleep with the compression face garment. I'm okay that I don't see results yet. I'm patient

Arms : LOVE! Just love. Tried pushing heavy stuff at work 4 days ago: big mistake. The nerves went crazy she starting shooting sensations. For two days! I had to stop what I was doing and have a co-worker finish the task. Very bruised yellow forearms - cannot put any pressure of my elbows ( ex: sitting at a table and placing elbows down hurts ) bumping my arms on items or when people touch or smack my arms it's an annoying feeling , uncomfortable but not too painful. You'd be surprised how many people touch your arms when emphasizing what they're trying to say. Lol. I can put shirts over my head ( gently and with caution ) some areas are still very sensitive. I am wearing my full body garment ALL day. I will switch to compression Nike fitness top and tight leggings to give it a breather.

Thighs : I see results. Nothing drastic. Light brown bruising all down my thighs. I saw very dark purple bruising on the Back of my thighs the other day. It may still be there. I was surprised to learn how long the bruising has lingered. It looks painful but it's not at all. My thighs don't rub together anymore. It's much more comfortable.

I went power walking yesterday for the first time and my thighs did a great job. Lol. No rubbing !! I was so happy. My arms started to feel numb in the center portion of my upper Arms. Poor things weren't ready yet.

After day 7- I got my appetite back. Using My Fitness Pal to track I then lowered my daily calories to 1,300-1,500 to offset my lack of fitness activity. I'm very pleased with how my body is coming along.

2 Months Post Op

2 months post surgery!

Underchin: the hard knots are finally softening. I can still feel a little bumps under the skin and it's very firm. I don't massage my neck too much although I probably should. When I extend my neck up the skin looks like it's pulling ( strange and unnatural but I know it will go away). I have full range of motion again. Yay. The front profile is dramatically thinner. So worth it. I love the result and I feel prettier.

Thighs: poor thighs struggled the most but they're coming along nicely. No more bruising but I don't have full mobility yet. I can walk , run and jump but A side lunge would be the death of me. I waited the 6 weeks to train hard at the gym, and let's just say I hurt myself doing heavy squats at 7 weeks out. My legs are slimmed down and jeans look so much better without that upper inner-thigh bulge. I can still feel fat in my thighs but I am realistic with my results. All my old jeans still fit but I did drop from a size 8 to a 6 in work attire. Thigh lipo is a lot to go through for such minor results , but the overall body composition is improved. I'm very happy. I would consider doing this surgery again.

Arms: I notice discoloration on the back of my arms as they're still healing. It's still a little numb and stings slightly if I slap my arms. The overall look is significantly improved from my before photos. Of course I hope they continue to shrink because I can still feel some fat. Ideally I want stick figure arms (lol). Blazers actually fit my arms comfortably. I went from a medium to small work shirt. For some reason though .... It still hurts to put weight on my elbows. I can't prop myself on a desk :/ my incision scars on my back are very noticeable. I should really started using a scar cream. I get excited about little things such as my iPhone fitness band keeps sliding down my arm. It used to sink into my bicep arm fat keeping it in place , the whole iPhone band would sway back and forth with my fat as I ran. But now .... The fat is gone and the band occasionally slides down my arm. Yassss.

Many people have commented that I look thinner. My self confidence is boosted. I've only lost 5- 6 pounds but my proportions are improved. I have a more sleek, lean look to my body. Liposuction is NOT for weight loss. I totally get that now. It's a procedure to contour and fine tune out areas of fat. If unhealthy habits caused you to gain weight then most likely it will creep back over the years. I've worked hard and prayed harder to have a better relationship with food. In full honesty , I've struggled with body image issues and eating disorders ( all of them) for too many years. I'm in a good place and I'm so thankful to finally be freed from the self abuse I used to put myself through.

I will post updated photos in a few days :)

5 months post - before and after photos

It's a little over 5 months now and my body feels back to normal! It was such a smooth healing process and I'm overall pleased with my results. Results are minimal as you will see in the photos , but the overall composition of my body looks more proportional and lean. I have a new sense of confidence , I now wear sleeveless clothing , I dropped 1 clothing size, and for the first time in years - I feel COMFORTABLE in my body.
One thing I still cannot do is have weight resting on my shoulder blades. Ex: squats on a smith machine. My nerve ending start to go crazy and send off a burning/ itching sensation in my arms. It's getting a little as time goes. Overall the surgeon is correct - 6 months healing process.

I plan to continue on my plastic surgery journey ( because I just LOVE it) But decided to wait at least 3 years before considering my next procedure. Surgery is super duper expensive and I have other financial/ investment goals in mind. Unless I stumble across 10k... then I'll be running to Dr Hazanis office in Beverly Hills for my new hips. :)

I enjoyed sharing this journey with you guys ! Take care

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