BBL in March, need 2 lose 20 lbs, pls help!

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I want to start off by thanking each and every...

I want to start off by thanking each and every individual that has posted their questions and answers, experiences, and photos. Without this community, I would never have had the courage to actually make my dream a reality.

I am scheduled for Dec 20, 2011 in BalHarbour, FL. I am sooo excited!

Correction: TT and BBL scheduled for 12/15/2011...

Correction: TT and BBL scheduled for 12/15/2011.

I am having my procedures done by Dr. Salzhauer. I have been working with Barbie and Arianny in the office. They have both been amazing and wonderful to communicate with via e-mail and by phone. I can't wait to meet them in person.

I would LOVE to hear from
*** those of you who have already had their procedure done by Dr. S
*** those of you like myself who are anxiously awaiting for Dr. S to work his magic on your fatty areas and non-existent behinds! :)
*** those of you who had your procedure about a year ago or more ... I'm not really sure of what to expect of my results, etc, a year later?!?!?
*** those of you from the Windy City who like myself searched high and low in Chicago for a good PS who did BBLs but couldn't find one remotely close by (I know that you have felt my frustration!)

Some questions that I have: 1. Many of you talk...

Some questions that I have:

1. Many of you talk about Stage 1 and 2 ... Please explain. Many of you have mentioned it when you're talking about the surgical garments.

2. Surgical garments: WHEN should I purchase additional one/s? Please advise on sizing, pricing, WHERE to purchase, and the best companies.

3. I want a bootie as big as Texas! I want to be the new hot, big bootie video vixen! LOL! I would love to have an hour glass shape w/ an upside down protruding heart shaped butt. When you all went to your PS, did u take pics of real people or celebrities? I'm scared to take a pic of a celebrity and have doctor look at me all crazy! Some of you have talked about achieving an S- shape...please explain or whose pic can I look at to know what that looks like exactly?

4. Family &/or Friend support: A few girl friends are excited for me, others say don't do it. As for my family, it's a major issue. So, I truly appreciate all of the support, wisdom, and advice from this community. For those of you who already have had the BBL, what have you told people when they noticed something "different" about you?

Ok ladies...I really need your help...I can't...

Ok ladies...I really need your help...I can't decide on this whole TT thing n about getting lipo of the hips or not if I'm trying to get an hour glass figure....what are your thoughts on FG to the hips? What about going for a Round 2? How long do you have to wait in between rounds?

Please give me some pros and cons ladies ... gracias

Ok so I tried doing the HCG diet n was doing well....

Ok so I tried doing the HCG diet n was doing well. However, I didn't end phase 2 properly not did I do phase 3, instead I have gained weight.

Does any1 know of a good fat burner? I was thinking about trying fruta planta...any1 try this?
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