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Real self review It's been 2.5 years and I'm...

real self review

It's been 2.5 years and I'm finally happy with my results. Even my significant other noticed how much smaller my nose has finally gotten after the 2 year mark. We were both surprised, because after 6 months went by, and then the first year mark, it was still looking somewhat blobby (to us because we scrutinize my appearance, it may not have been detectable to others). Everyone is different, various individuals carry out different healing timelines. That being said I must be a very very very slow healer. I've heard sensitive skin can contribute to swelling in general, so obviously a pale freckled gray-eyed girl like me would stay swollen for a long time, whether due to surgery or injury.

I’ve lurked realself for a long time and watched it grow. I shyly avoided posting my story until now. Rhinoplasty is a special thing - it advertises the possibility of giving your face a major makeover, however to be blunt and obvious, it’s surgery which penetrates the middle of your face, and it’s written (all over the internet anyway) that rhinoplasty is one of the more difficult cosmetic procedures to carry out.

Post Surgery Timeline [for me]

first 6 months - nose is bigger than it was before surgery, and front view looking wonky!
6 months to 1 year - moved west which kicked up allergies quite a bit for a while, so my nose was seemingly endlessly blobby
year 2 - finally started looking pretty good at the last quarter of year 2
2.5 years (as I’m making this post) - it seems like results are finally more ideal after cutting back on some allergens in my life (moved away from a house containing lots of pets, got used to a new area of the country)

I have spent many hours sadly searching for swelling timelines online and only more recently have some search results revealed articles addressing long term swelling (2+ years) for this procedure. Now that I finally know my results I wanted to contribute my timeline, as it is very different from the healing duration of others. It’s lucky I didn’t resort to a revision prior to 2 years out. Apparently some doctors will say to wait a year before considering that option. Perhaps this number fluctuates more drastically than expected from one patient to the next. When in doubt please wait.

Found my projected surgery outcome photos (now it's 5 years later)

The nose ended up being extremely close to his projection. The chin, not so much, it came out more rounded in reality. It ended up that he wanted to insert a large chin implant, which he did, but soon after my body rejected it and he realized my small jaw could only handle a small implant which he replaced right away free of charge.

My family (including sig other) helped me thoroughly research my area (south florida at that time) to find the right doctor. I was very happy with the doctor I chose and he showed great patience towards me throughout the process. He said rhinoplasty was the procedure he enjoyed doing the most.

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