15 Years of Longing for That Time Before my Body Betrayed Me... - Bal Harbor, FL

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Like many of you on this site, I want to have...

Like many of you on this site, I want to have elective surgery. I am a mother of 4 girls, with my youngest being 10 months and my oldest being 14. My motivation is what my body has become since I first became a mom at 19 years of age. I am now 33 and I don't feel that my body represents the woman that I feel like on the inside. If anything, my outside robs a bit of what I feel on the inside and I'd like to change that.

Now, I know that I want to have a tt, a bbl, lipo and a breast lift and the bonus, a labia augmentation. Yes, I want to be my own fantasy. Because like Drake says, men don't notice. And when they do, how much can an outsider appreciate what I had to go through to have gotten to that point. So, this is all for me. But, I'm baffled by the fact that I haven't had anything done yet. I think there's a bit of fear and intimidation on my part. I want to have the surgery. I have been to Bal Harbor to see Dr. Salzhauer and absolutely loved him and his staff. He quoted me a very good price and I was intrigued. But I just am such a fan of Dr. Duran. However, going oversees to DR is a big risk and I've got 4 children to think about. Now, I can't say that I'm ready. There are monies that I need to set aside for this to happen and it's gonna take me some time. But, I look at this site nearly daily since I've subscribed and before this I would look at least every week to 2 weeks. So, realself is a real part of my life.

I want to thank all of the brave souls that have pursued their dreams and have shared the journey with us. It's because of women like you that women like me are still holding on, holding out and keeping things prayerful and in perspective. For better or for worst. Thank you.

Starting a blog like this makes this feel like this is part of my journey and will eventually go down for all to see. Thanks for taking a few to read. Until next time. -gr
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