My Consult Experiences and How I Chose my Surgeon - Bal Harbor, FL

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I want to thank all the women that have dedicated...

I want to thank all the women that have dedicated so much of their time to share their experiences and have helped so many women along the way. I can't even express how grateful I am for all of you.

I've been interested in enhancing my booty for years and have decided I'm more than ready to take the BBL plunge. I've been researching this for the past 5 months (when I say researching I mean every free second of every single day until the wee hours of most mornings). I'm very obsessive about making the right decisions when it comes to my health. I'm interested in getting a BBL with lipo to the upper/lower abdomen, lower back and bra roll area, arms, inner things and inner knees. With as much fat as possible transferred to my booty. I want the upside down heart shape with lots of projection, the nice scoop at the lower back and nice round hips. With that said I know there is no magic wand that is going to bless me with a Nicki Minaj or KK ass. :) I want the best results my body will allow (as I'm sure we all do).

I'm 31 years old, 5'3", 128 lbs, I've given birth to two beautiful boys (the last was about a year ago). I'm going to start by giving the details of the 6 docs I've consulted with. I'm going to try to keep it as short as possible while still highlighting the important details in case there is anyone out there considering one of the docs I consulted with. I want to give a special thank you to RS member Mesan for her thorough reviews. She gave me some great info to get started with. Thank you! AND YOU LOOK AMAZING! Wheet wheeeeew (that's supposed to be a whistle sound...hehehe). :)

***I also was to make a quick disclaimer before I get started. I am in no way trying to put down or bash any other women's choices or doctors. I am only giving my experiences and my feelings. I'm not trying to have any drama on this site like sadly I've seen far too many times. We are here to help and support one another. Not to bring each other down. I don't have facebook or instagram or any other social networking accounts. I'm a private person but have been given so much from the other women on this site that I want to give back.

With that out the way, I'm going to give a list of the doctors I've either consulted with or tried to consult with and a few details about each one. If you want to know in more detail why I did not choose them please feel free to message me.

-Dr. Dennis Dass- He responded to my to my consult request right away. I spoke to Leslie his coordinator and she was a doll. Very sweet and took her time with me. My consult with him was via phone and I really really liked him. So kind and thorough, he said he didn't recommend I gain any weight and actually said if any doctor suggested that I do I should reconsider that surgeon. he said the fat isn't gonna go just to the places you can harvest it from. It's gonna go to your muscles and organs and it's just not healthy. He quoted me $10,900 (not including arms, I hadn't decided on that yet).

-Dr. William Bruno- They responded within a day. I spoke to Mary at his office and she gave me lots of info about the surgery etc. I consulted via email and he suggested I gain 15 lbs. I really didn't want to gain 15 lbs but if that's what I have to do to get the result I'm dreaming of then so be it. He quoted me $8500 (this also did not include arms, knees or inner thighs).

-Dr. Kenneth Hughes- He personally responded by email AND phone within the hour. He left a message on my VM and then we did a consult via email. He seemed very nice and really on top of stuff. Very professional and I loved how he made the personal contact. Impressed! He suggested I gain no more than 5 lbs and his price was "$8000 or so". Lol exact words in email. :) That was for BBL only no arms, thighs knees or bra roll. I decided on all that when I got to Jimmerson.

-Dr. Jimmerson- While he was my top choice (the BEST before and after pics, OMG) I decided not to go with him. He was the most expensive but that is not why I decided against him. I have no problem paying for the best if that's what I'm getting. The procedures I want done were going to be about $13k and if you are going to finance any part of it you can't even get on the schedule until 2015. The email correspondence from his office wasn't the friendliest and I've read quite a few bad reviews on him. I know there are going to be bad reviews on all doctors but one review in particular really concerned me and the way this woman was treated from him and his staff after her treatment was disturbing. This woman showed me all the proof I need not to chose him. I know there are lots of women out there that think he's the ish and that may very well be true but again this is just my feelings and my choice.

-Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad- Well, well.... I had to contact his office 4 times before I actually got to speak with someone. I sent a consult request thru RS website, 2 emails directly to his office and finally a phone call and Daria (office manager and surgery consultatnt) answered. She said she got my emails and was going to call me (this was a period of about 2 and a half weeks I had waited to speak to someone). She gave me a very rushed and unfriendly consult over the phone and said "Dr. J NEVER puts fat in the hips because it doesn't last and it just doesn't work" her exact words. That is an important part of this surgery if you ask me. She said she would get my quote together and email it to me the next day. That was FOUR weeks ago and I still haven't heard back. A complaint I've seen quite a bit about his office. He needs to do some housekeeping of his "office manager" if you ask me. Moving on!

-Last but not least Dr. Michael Salzhauer- I emailed his office and set up my phone consult within a 24 hour period. When Dr. S called me I was blown away by him. Talk about a genuinely kind, down to earth man. He took the time to get to know me (as best you can over the phone) before we even started discussing the surgery. He took his time answering all my questions and going over the surgery and recovery in detail. He said he does between 300-350 BBL's per year!! Wow! There was just something about him that said this is the man for the job. He told me not to gain more than 5 lbs. He said "look at the photos on my website. There are women on there that were 100 lbs before the surgery and they had great results". I sent him my photos and my wish pic (of course) to see if my expectations are realistic. He said he will get me as close to my wish pic as my body will allow. He said he is confidant we can reach the goal the only thing he didn't know (because it was hard to tell from my photos) was the condition and elasticity of my skin (the girl in my wish pic has AH-MAZING skin and is most likely photo shopped) and that can make a difference in the appearance of the final results. I told him I was blessed and didn't get any stretch marks from pregnancy and I still have a good amount of elasticity to my skin (I'm not 21 anymore but I try to take care of my skin). He said I'm a perfect candidate for a BBL and I will have beautiful results and he would love to do my surgery. He said his surgery coordinator Arianny would get in touch with me to give me a quote. I didn't even have a quote and I'd decided on him. No question. I was looking for condos in Miami that day!

This was the day before Thanksgiving and I didn't expect any word from Ari until after the holiday. She did email me to let me know she was working on it and to email her anytime if I had any questions. While I was waiting for the quote I got an automated email from Bal Harbor Plastic Surgery (Dr. Salzhauer's office) with a "Black Friday Deal". "It said to make them an offer on the surgical procedure I'm interested in and they just might accept it". The deal was if they accepted it I had to make my $1000 deposit before the end of the day on Black Friday. I decided to make them an offer. I'm terrible at this kind of stuff I hate dickering on prices but I was brave and went for it. The worst they could do was say no. I offered them $7500 for everything I want done, and they took it! I'm so excited I feel like I am in great hands and I'm paying way less than I was prepared to. Wahoo! :)

My surgery is scheduled for March and my plane tickets are bought. I will upload my before pics tomorrow. I'm so sorry this was SOOOO long.

Before pics

I have to express my feelings about posting my pre op pics. It makes me VERY uncomfortable. I feel so vulnerable but I know this is part of the process and it's necessary to help others. It might have taken me 2 days to get the nerve to actually post them but here they are! :)

Condo booked!

Hello my beautiful sistas! I'm SO happy to finally be able to say I have my condo booked while I'm in Miami! That was more stressful for me than picking my surgeon! Crazy! I'm going during spring break and that left me with slim pickins. It was either fork over wayyyyy too much moolah (which I did) or stay someplace not so great. My hubby is coming with me and I know I won't be doing any "vacationing" but, I want hubs to enjoy himself as much as he can. So, it was really important to us that we were on the beach with a balcony (balcony so I can kinda enjoy the beach! Ha!). There ya go... that's why it cost an arm and a leg. As much as I didn't want to spend 3k for 8 nights (yes... I know... ughhh...) on a ROOM, it's a huge relief to not have that constant worry of a place to stay looming over my head.

So, now on to the next few things to check off the list. I don't need to worry about garments yet (Dr. Salz provides the first couple that I'll need) but I do need to start taking vitamins. I haven't been taking any. I have always taken pre-natals but fell off the wagon for the last 6 months. Any suggestions on a vitamin regimen for me to start? I was looking at the Viatmedica. Kinda pricey but I'll get those if necessary. Suggestions would be much appreciated. :)

The other thing is I need to get is a lighter robe and some maxi dresses. Any of you fabulous ladies know any good sites to check out????

Congrats to my sis Azzmatazz who, made it to the land of booty a couple days ago! Another Salz doll has been born! Please keep her in your thoughts. :)

Thank you for all the love and support I've had from so many of you. This site is such a blessing to so many of us. A special shout out to ebonymichele and Cinna-bunz. You ladies bring a smile to my face on the daily! xoxo

Update to my treatment.

I was reading through my review last night and noticed I somehow failed to mention I'm getting my arms lipo'd too. So, I'm doing upper/lower abs, upper/lower back, flanks, bra line area, inner thighs, inner knees, arms and of course FAT TRANSFER TO BUTT AND HIPS. SHEESH! That's A LOT when I look at it typed out. I'm gonna be one hurtin unit but it will be oh so worth it! ;) I want to give a some love to my Salzhauer sis Azteca305 who just had her surgery today (well technically yesterday because it's after midnight). You're in my thoughts and prayers hun!

Weight gain

Hey ladies! I just wanted to post a quick update because I have really been struggling to gain weight. My goal weight for surgery is 140 (142 would be even better). I've been steady staying at 128-129. I went out and bought the milk chocolate Ensure PLUS a few days ago and I've gained 2 lbs in 2 days! I'm so happy! I LOVE the taste of them too! I usually despise the taste of meal replacement drinks but these "pluses" are SOOOO delish! I mean I actually crave them! They have 350 calories, 13 grams of protein and 11 grams of fat per bottle! Not to mention they have tons of vitamins and minerals. Each bottle has 25% of the recommended daily amount of iron! Big plus! I've also been wanting to start taking probiotics because we are prescribed some CRAZY amounts of antibiotics post surgery and I want to get all my flora and "good bugs" right so I got a great suggestion from my Salz sis Azzmatazz to drink the little DanActives smoothie drinks once a day. I also started this two days ago. Now theses I don't love but I know it's important so I've been sucking them down. Plus it's added calories! :) They really aren't that bad, I think it's more a mental thing... I picture all the beneficial BACTERIA I'm swallowing and it really turns me off. Lol... I've also been taking vitamin C. Gonna start the Vitamedica surgery vits 2 weeks before . Still haven't got much of my supplies yet. I'll post a list as I get closer.

I want to give love to all the sisters going through their recovery, those who are up and coming and those that are just going through the emotional roller coaster that this journey can bring. It will all be worth it ladies. Keep your beautiful chins up and be proud of this leap of faith you have or are going to take.

Updated pics

Posting pics of my 4 pound weight gain. Dr. Salz suggested I only gain 5 lbs. Just wondering what my beautiful sister's think? Is this enough or do you think I need to pack on some more. I don't wanna be stuck with a bunch of weight to lose afterwards but I also want a BIG OL BOOTY! ;) I'm thinking about emailing the office and asking them to run this by Dr Salzhauer. I'm nervous that I won't have enough fat to give me my desired size (GRANDE). :) Your input would be greatly appreciated. When I compare my pics from Dec and now it doesn't look like a big difference (not that 4 pounds would) but it feels like a HUGE diff! Thanks dolls!

Medical Clearance

Hello my beauties! Just a quick little update. I had my medical clearance appointment last Thursday and I was really worried about my iron. I have been anemic so many times during my life. I had been taking iron for 12 days prior to my appointment but was still really concerned. I got my results back and everything looks GREAT! My HGB is 14.1!! Wahoooo! So happy about this! I've been taking iron, vitamin C, B12, multi vitamin, fiber gummies, stool softeners (trying to prepared.... lol) and probiotics everyday. I've been doing this for about 2 weeks now. I swear my Esure Pluses are a big part of my good hemoglobin. They have 25% of your recommended daily amount of iron (along with many other vitamins). When you drink like 4 of these bad boys a day you can load up on healthy stuff (along with calories!). MY WEIGHT IS UP TO 136!! Yes yes ya'll! I'm packing them on. That's a total of 8 pounds I've gained (thanks to my new Ensure obsession). Have I mentioned how much I LOVE MY ENSURES!?!? Hahaha! JK! :) Oh! I bought a boppy pillow a few days ago. I've spent the $50 too many times in my life on those babies so this time I went to a baby consignment shop and bought a used one for $14.99. I decided it's not like Ima be putting my newborns lil face on it just my newborn booty so a used one was just fine with me. It came with a cute cover and it didn't have any stains or anything. I actually bought the Mumbo one because it's a little bit thicker and firmer. It gives more support. It also has a vibrating option! Mmm hmmm!! Hahahaha!!!! My hubby was giving me a hard time about that. He says I picked that one so I can have a little extra fun while sittin on it! Sicko! :) You can pull the vibrating part out of it (which I will do). Promise! ;)

Ok, I need to give some love to some REAL ladies that have been so supportive and who bring a little extra love and laughter to my days. Cinna_bunz, MzPhatBooty, Dukes217, ebonymichele and Azzmatazz. You sis's are the definition of "real friends". You all so special and mean the world to me. Love you gals! There are many more women that have given me a tremendous amount of love and support. Thank you all!

Please, please send love and prayers to Dukes who had surgery Saturday and Afterlife83 who has surgery today! My Salz dolls Bootywanted, Miami_Miss_Thalia and Cortes doll SaraElle who had surgery last week. Praying for a fast recovery for all of you.


I forgot to give some love to my gurl Nelly Jelly (sorry boo!)! I was laying in bed this morning and it popped into my head that I left you off my last post and you have been such a doll answering all my questions WHILE you are trying to recover. I must add, you look so damn beautiful! BOOTAY!! Thank you for all you love and support.

I wanted to add one more little detail about my pre op lab work... I guess my PCP forgot to give me the damn pregnancy test. Grrrrrr.... I know without a doubt 100% positive in not pregnant. I think Dr. Salz office might make me go back to my doc (40 mins each direction) to have them test me. It was a pain in the butt to get into see my doc in the first place. I get the importance of it don't get me wrong but ughhhhh... I just hope they let me take an at home test and send them a pic of the negative result. :) I already bought the test. I'm taking it in the am. Pain in the butt.

Goodnight. :*

Pre-op done and surgery paid in full!

Yesterday Arianny called me and we did my pre-op phone appointment. She is such a doll. Always so kind and answers all my questions and goes above and beyond (without getting irritated...). She told me to stop taking the iron supplement since my iron is good and to stop my B12 supplement. I will get everything I need in my multivitamin. They will be mailing me all my prescriptions shortly. Ari told me to keep gaining weight and to put on as much as I can in the next 2 weeks. She said it's not like I can gain 20-30 pounds in 2 weeks so I will still be at a healthy BMI. I'm still at 136. I'm gonna keep drinking my Ensures and start eating lots of rice and beans. :)

I ordered a few things off Victoria Secret last night. A cute maxi dress, zip up hoodie and sweat pants (good outfit to wear after surgery, however I may sweat my new buns off), a super cute pair of wedge sandals, a little cover-up for my maxi dresses and a comfy pair of cotton PJ's that have a button front top. Oh and some little Ugg's slippers that I've wanted forever. That is about all the clothes I'm gonna bring with me maybe a pair of leggings and one other maxi dress and a couple tanks. That's more than enough..

I will be ordering my ab board, triangle board, lipo foam and adhesive remover tonight.

Getting close!! :)

3 days til this body is Salz-exxxxy!

My 4 yr old baby boy put his little hand on my belly and said "mama, I think you're gonna have another baby cuz your tummy is getting so big and your shirt doesn't fit anymore". Bahahahaha!!!!!!!! There's honesty at it's finest! I couldn't stop laughing! I'm at 138lbs and all this belly is gonna be booty in 3 days! I just wrote this LOOOONNNGGG review and then I hit the wrong button and erased it all. So.... I'll update you all tomorrow.

At the airport!!!!!

Sitting here at the airport about to board my flight to MIAMI! It's getting REALLLLLLLL!!!!! I miss my babies more than words can say but I'm thankful to have my very special husband here to support me. He has been amazing and is just as excited as me. :) Thank you to all my sisters who have given me encouragement, support and prayers. It means the world to me. Keep it coming. ;) I will keep you all posted on my journey. Hugs and smooched all my beauties!

I'm here!!

I made it to Miami! YAAAAYYYYY!!! I have some stories to tell you about from my trip here but I just spent and hour typing about it and it disappeared and. I almost cried... Seriously.... I got this new surface computer and if you double tap the backspace twice it goes back a page on the internet and erases anything you type. Yeah this is like the 4th time it's happened to me. I gotta try to find a way to fix that. It almost caused a breakdown... For real... Lol... NERVES! Oh my gosh if I started balling over that my husband would never let me live that down. Hahaha! I'm headed out to meet Dr. Salzhauer and the team! So excited! I'll touch base with you ladies tonight.

7:15 tomorrow morning!!

I met the infamous Doctor Michael Salzhauer!!! The minute he walked in the room I felt better. He just has a way of easing my nerves. I felt the same way when I spoke to him on the phone for my initial consult. I just feel really good about him. I do have to say that I am REALLY uncomfortable with my body right now. I'm at 140!!!!! I weighed 138 lbs when I gave birth to both my sons... So this is the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I actually felt a little shy to take my robe off. That is NOT me! I even hesitated. Hahaha... Like he doesn't look at naked bodies all day and I'm sure he forgot about how yuk mine is the minute he walked out the door. There was absolutely no reason to feel so insecure but I did. Just for a split second. I met Yenni (don't know if I spelled that right) and she is a sweetie. We only spoke a few words but she is just one of the girls. I didn't get to meet Ari. I think I might have seen her leave the office (if she is the SUUUPER HOTTT doll with the ginormous perfect boobies then that was her. If it wasn't her then I just got see a really beautiful gal. Ha!) I will post my measurements before tomorrow. It seemed like all the girls I saw that work for Salz had BBL's cuz they had super round squishy booties. The girl that greets you at the front (forgot her name too... I'm usually so good with names but I'm on hour 30 of no sleep) is pregnant with a baby girl and is due in 3 weeks and she's so beautiful with a big round perfect prego belly to match her booty. Hahaha... Cuteness! So THE MAN says he is gonna stuff my butt and hips full of as much fat as they can possibly take. He says he's gonna hook me up. I said I want it as big as he can possibly make it and he said he will be REALLY aggressive with the lipo and make it as big as it will get. He said the most cc's he has ever done was like 2000 per cheek and this week he hooked someone up with 1800 cc's per cheek. I said "Oh! I already knew that!!!" Lots of love to my girl IwannaBigButt. She is a Salz doll and a member of RS but she hasn't made a review YET. I'm sure she will soon. 1800 cc's PER CHEEK! That's like my baby girl and ray of sunshine Cinna_Bunz! The 1800 cc club! My surgery will be about 2.5-3 hours and then I'll be in recovery for a few more hours. I will update you all as soon as possible. Please keep the prayers coming. It really means a lot to me. More than anything in this world I want to go home to my boys. I'm too tired to post about my crazy trip here to Miami but I will give all the details soon. Much love to all my sisters out there!


Abdomen (at the smallest part) - 31.75"
Waist (belly button) - 35"
Hips/Booty- 40"
Left Arm - 12"
Right Arm - 12"
Right Thigh - 24.75"
Left Thigh -24.25"
Right Knee - 16"
Left Knee - 16"

Pre op pics. 9 hours before surgery

These are really difficult for me to look at. It's crazy how much weight I gained so quickly! Tomorrow I will look like a new woman!

Check in on 5 mins.

Pray for me my sister's. Xo


I made it! I am is the most unbearable pain. When I woke up I couldn't stop crying because my ARMS hurt beyond words. If I has it do do over again there is no question I would not do arms. I shoulda listened to my sister Azzmataz. I will update more tomorrow when hopefully I feel beeter.Wanna hear the greatest news EVER!!! 1700 cc's per cheek and 3oo+ in each hip. My ads is so HUGE! It's a terrible shape right now (flat and long) but it's supposed to be that way until the skin stretches. I promise to get back to each of you and post pics. I will go over entire day too. I will go into more detail about Miriam (the nurse that cares for you after surgery). She is the most unbelievable person I have has the pleasure to. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Every little piece f her is so kind and so patient. This is a serious statement I'm about to make, she made me feel like she loved me as much as my mama. It makes me wanna cry thinking about what special lady she. I have never met a nurse as loving as her (except my baby dukes of course). Love you all. xo

Here's pics!

I love my results. Not stressing about the flat shape where my projection will be. Salz warned me about that. It will stretch like a balloon and fill out that part. Ladies I am in so much pain. Getting up and down is the worst part. Arms are terribly painful. Just being real. Not everyone Jens pain like this. I'm not a wimp but this is worse than labor. :( Yeni came today and helped me shower. That felt good. That all I can do for now.Thank you for all your prayers. Xo


A little bit better today but still in a ton of pain. When do those hot sharp pains start to go away? They feel like a stitch is tearing out. I'm so swollen everywhere. My hands and feet are huge. My Vjay is HORRID! OMG guys! One side of it is BLACK and it swelled up so much it actually split! Yes! Split! Miriam bless her heart gave me a catheter I drank all 3 bottles of Gatorade and peed so much. I can't imagine having to get up and pee when I was in so much pain. Getting up out of bed is so hard. It would be impossible if it weren't for my husband. It takes like 20 mins every time I have to get up. Thank you for all the love and prayers. I still need it. :(

Gatorade or H2o

Should I be drinking water or Gatorade? Yen said Gatorade but everyone on here has been saying water?

3 days past op with pics

I want to thank everyone for all your love and support. I'm trying to read all my comments but I still don't feel up to responding quite yet. I LOVE MY RESULTS! It's hard to see the final outcome at thus stage but I see the vision. There is some unevenness in my hips, some ripples on my flanks from the Faja and the bottom of my booty near the crack had two little bubbles but that is also from the opening in the Faja. My arms that hurt me so terribly bad right after surgery have done down a WHOLE INCH EACH! I can see such a difference! I will post my measurements in a min. I haven't even checked my pm's so I apologize if you are waiting for a response from me.


Abdomen (at smallest part) - 32"
Hips/booty - 43.5" (increased 3.5") pray it doesn't go down to much, but I know it will. Whaaaa!
Both arms - 11"
Waist at belly button - 30"


I haven't measured thighs or knees because I'm crazy crazy crazy swollen. Today is so much better than the previous days. It's true, each day gets better. I've been drinking lots of water and taking all my pills including iron but I still have the headaches. :( Oh! Btw! I had my first and second BM today!! It was pretty easy but I have diahrhea. Not explosive (thank god) but once I went the first time it feels like I need to go often. I put a chair in front of the toilet facing me, loaded it up with baby wipes did my biz (which takes forever. It's like nothing quite works right down there from the SWELLING and catheter. I put most of my weight on my thighs and then leaned forward and put my hands on the front of the toilet seat (I had my legs spread pretty wide) that way I could take any pressure off the booty. Wiping was hard but I was able to do it. I took a shower afterwards and it felt good.


At this moment I keep wondering how the heck I'm gonna fly home... We paid extra $ to have 6" more leg room. First class was $1000 extra each! Not doing that. I'm praying it will work out. I can't believe my waist went down 5"!!!! I didn't even realize it until bootywanted pointed it out to me. I'm so swollen too! The cellulite look on the back of my thighs has gone down a lot. I feel like I have to sit all the time but I refuse to take this damn garment off every 10 mins. So that is pretty irritating. I just got up out of bed by mysel! I'm so happy about that. That's a huge mile stone for me. I think part of the reason I s in so much pain (not think, I know!) is because I haven't had much appetite so I've been drinking Campbell's tomato soup and chicken soup. Worst decision ever! I thought I'd I didn't drink a lot I would be OK because of all the water and Gatorade I was drinking. Hell no! So wrong. I haven't hardly any sodium since this morning and I see a huge improvement. Good ask my sister's are well. Please pray for iwannabigbutt. She had surgery a coupledays before me. I can't get over how strong that woman is! :) xo


I keep forgetting to tell you that I got the mumbo pillow instead of the booty because it was a little bit firmer and u thought it would support my thighs better but my love Miriam wouldn't even let me leave with that thing. My hubs had to go scrambling around Miami on the hunt for one, and it took forever (of course I wanted to get out of there so bad). SO BOPPY'S ONLY LADIES! ;)

One more thing...

The headaches are so bad for me. I can't sleep because my heart beat is so loud in my head. The office told me I can't take water pills (bummer) but any suggestions would be so appreciated. I'm drinking tons of water and a Gatorade here and there and taking my iron like I'm supposed to (3 times a day).


Soooooo... I made a little typo on my measurements... :'( I was 32" on my waist pre op not 35". I just found the paper I wrote it down on and I was like "hey something's not right". So I only lost 3" on my waist but that's ok. I'm still really swollen and that will drop many more inches. I hate that you can't edit your reviews... Now it will always have the wrong number up there. Ugh! Have a beautiful day ladies. Mine is getting better and better. Still very hard and there is no way I could care for my children. I'm feeling like Friday is too soon to go home but hopefully the good Lord will hold my hand and help me feel better, faster.

TYPO (again)

I meant I lost 2"... OMG.... :) It's hard to type with swollen fingers,

I think I'm over the worst of it...

Today is post op day 5. I'm feeling a lot better (not even close to good but better). The swelling is starting to subside and therefore I'm able to move easier. I have to keep a wash cloth rolled up in between my legs or the VJ is NOT happy. It swells up and turns purple and red and hurts! Those of you put there that say this surgery feels like you worked out real hard are freakin soldiers. I'm not trying to scare anyone but as I promised from the get, I'm gonna give the good bad and the ugly. I probably said this a hundred times but if I knew how much pain I was gonna be in I never would have done this. NO WAY! I know everyone is different and done people really do just feel like it so hard work out and then there's me! You don't know how your body will react until you've been through it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY RESULTS!!!!! I can't believe what Dr Salzhauer did to my bod. I don't want to get attached to all this ass so I've barely looked at my body I haven't even hardly looked at my pics I posted on here. I feel really weird right now. I don't know if it's all the drugs I've been taking for the past 5 days or what but I feel like I'm in another world. Lol.... That sounds crazy but I stand out in my balcony and see everyone enjoying their everyday life and I'm just stuck in this condo dealing with pain swelling and headaches. It's weird. I'm sure there are other vets that will know what I'm talking about (so cray! I'm a vet now!) Tomorrow is my bday so I'm determined to get myself together and try to walk on the beach! Smooches!

I'm home.

I made it home late last night. The 6 HOUR FIGHT was a #! :$@!!!!! I know I killed at least 500 cc's of previous fat cells. I still feel really weak, light headed and nauseous. I don't have the energy to update right now. Sorry guys. I just feel like crazy. My pain is so much better. No pain meds today so far. I want everyone to know I have been keeping notes of everything that happened each day and what I want to tell you guys. So don't fret, you will get a full and detailed review. Dr. Salzhauer told me yesterday I could so the antibiotics because I look so great and have no signs of infection. That was the best news of my life! The cipro was making me throw up and diahrhea non stop. So I stopped them all. I need to get my iron up and I will feel so much better. Love to you all.

Hi sister's!

Hi sisters! I feel off the face of the earth for a fee. I really didn't want to do that but it did sorry. I have been taking note and pics along the way and I will give a good update. I don't have a computer right now (it died) and I really don't want to do my review on my phone. It will take forever. My booty is shrinking so much. I think I killed a lot of fat cells on the plane ride. I have not one ounce if fat on my tummy, flanks and back. Dr Salzhauer sucked me dry! My hips are still a little uneven and the booty is still a funny shape but it's changing every day. I know it will end up being a beauty. It just takes time. I have to apologize for all my typos while I was recovering. I just read what I posted that week. Hopefully all of you could understand what I was saying. I want in a very good place. Post op day 10 was when I really felt a ton better. I felt me like myself and the swelling went down a lot. I guess I was depressed before that. I cried everyday. The swelling was the worst part. My legs and feet hurt so bad. I still have selling in my legs especially inner knees. But it's a lot better. I will post pics tonight when my husband is home. I have read all my comments on my page and will work on responding. I can't tell you how much all the support has meant to me. When I would get really sad I would check my page and all the love would bring my spirits up. Thanks for the patience ladies. Xo

Pictures at 13 days post op.

There are still things that need to soften and drop and match up. But I'm getting there.


I haven't posted any updates for a couple reasons. I am going in tomorrow for a revision with Dr. Salzhauer. As, I promised from the beginning I will do a full review and post the GOOD, BAD AND UGLY. I haven't been able to give an accurate review yet but it's coming I promise. I have a whole lot to say. Pics will be included.
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