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I scheduled my appointment on april 22 2015 and...

i scheduled my appointment on april 22 2015 and put my down payment of 1 k. i was very excited and could not wait to have my telephone interview with the dr. in nov 2015. he was very nice and polite and actualy contacted me at or around the schedule appointment time. i explained to him at this time i have a small heart murmur that has never affected me. i have had 2 children as well as have had 2 other recent procedures a tt (3 years ago and bladder procedure 4.5 years ago. the doctor stated he had no cocerns and everything was fine as long as i got clearance from my dr. as the time got closer i went to have a full physical in january and after the holidays i was a bit discuraged that i had gained some weight but i just got on a schedule and successfully lost 12 pounds in the next few months. as time got closer i recieved an email from jovanny my coordinator saying that my pre-op apt has been scheduled for may 17th for my scheduled apt tue june 17th. i quickly realized there was an error and emailed her back because my appoinment was tuesday june 7th not 17th. she did respond back fairly quickly with a brief.. that was a mistake your date is june 7th. okay so i very patiently waited on may 17th for my preop appointment. i had gone to my pcp and she submitted clearance and i also went to my cardiologist whom also submitted clearance to the appropriate fax number. on may 16th i recieved a call confirming my apt and the next morning i recieved another call confirming my appointment but i never heard from anyone. i waited until later that day and just called the office and explained. they stated it was ok they were just busy that day someone will contact me. the next day i sent jovanna an email which she quickly reposnded to and appologized stating she would attempt to contact me and she did however i missed her call and had to follow up with and email. no worries tho friday i did have a call and she stated everything was good to go although they were missing my medical clearance and bloodwork. i did find it odd since 2 drs had submitted the information and emailed me a copy including confirmation. but this was no problem i just emailed to jovanna since i had copies and she stated i was good to go .on 5/17 and 5/18 i completed my payment in full as i was assured i was good to go. on may 23rd i got an call from tati stating that medical clearance was due and my blood work had not been submitted. i quickly responded and explained i sent it to jovana via email and she stated she recieved it. tati responded with a very unpleasant well i dont have it. please fax it to me. i said no problem and sent it over. she also stated that my bmi was over 32 and i needed to lose weight before the surgery or my appointment would be canceled. really she wouldnt find another way to say that. i explained that on page 11 of the medical clerance paperowrk my last apt i was 31 bmi and she again unpleasantly stated ok then. then i get a call back from tati stating my cardilogist stated on the paperwork that i was going to have a echocardiogram. i explained i had requested it for my own piece of mind however my insurance wasnt covering it so my cardilogist stated it was not neccisary for her and she proceded to sign my clerance since she was very comfortable with the ekg she had just done. tati stated it doesnt matter i still need to compltete the test or my appointment would be canceled. i went ahead and rushed contacting many hospitals who could try to squeeze me in as she gave me a deadline of june 1st by noon. by a miracle i was able to schedule for may 31st and get the results to her via email, as i had aleady had a bad experience via fax. she didnt respond until i contacted her again to ensure she had the information. i paid out of pocket for this test an additional $900 which was fine as long as i was still going to have my surgery it was no big deal. mind you it is now june 1st my apt is suppose to be june 7th 2016on friday june 3rd i get another call from tati in the morning stated she is very sorry but my appointment needed to be canceled as i am over the 32 bmi and although they sometimes make an exception they could not because i have a heart murmur... as upset as i was i politely said ..tati remember we talked about this before on pg 11 of my clearance the dr circled my bmi / weight as 31 and i have also lost another 5lbs since then so i am definately under 32. she double checked it, put me on hold and came back with a disappointed ok then its fine we will weigh u when u get here . really ???as if this wasnt enough i get a another call from her just about 15 minutes later saying the anethesiologist would not sign off and does not feel comfortable doing my surgery. what??? after everything i went through this just seemed ridiculous!she told me she would have him contact me to explain. so i get a call from the goofy anethesiologist stating the same thing. that the dr leaves clearance totally up to him and although dr miami would do my surgery he did not feel comfortable due to my medical history......uuuh what medical history i have been compltetly healthy. i explained i just had a tummy tuck not so long ago with no complications. he then stated they are busy and just did not have time to deal with calling and ambulance in case something were to happen as they are very busy. again what??? oh and a tummy tuck is not as invasive as a bbl. really ??? thats just bs but what could i do or say nothing. i just pleaded my case and repeated i have never had any complications related to my heart and have lived a normal life including sports and child birth. he still would not budge so i accepted it and contacted tati reguarding my refund. she explained that jovanny and rosy needed to be emailed as rosy does the refunds but not to worry i would get a full refund and she is really sorry. (side eye) beleieve it or not i went to miami and came back and still no refund. i contacted jovanny many times via email and although she always responded back in a polite and timely manner and assured me they are not giving me the run around i have yet to get my refund. she even responded on june 16th to my email where i explained that i watched the dr's snapchat on june 7th and he stated he had taken the afternoon off because he thought he had some sort of appoinment on june 7th but the girls in the office had been mistaken and his meeting or appoinment was actually july 7th... yes i had my answer thats why they attempted so relentlessly to cancel my apt.jovanna responded in her email that my refund had been processed for the full amount of $8495 on june 6th 2016 my invoice number was ....ready... 000003 lol really ! she also stated it should hit my account in a few hours. she also assured me that my appoinment was canceled due to my heart condition and not a personal event the dr had.i did not even respond ! she could never tell me before when i was going to get the refund now she knew it would be a couple of hours .. really! guess what i waited 24 hours and had no choice but to submitt a claim of fraud on the cards used to make my payments .i know this was long but if your scheduled for july 7th 2016 and u get canceled at least you know way further in advance than the notice it got.i had already filled my medications, purchased tickets (for me and my caretaker,) hired a nurse and paid $1100 for a condo near bal harbor. lucky for me i just made it a vaction but what if the person didnt have that luxery. this was beyond wrong and unprofessional. i just want people to know. i expected it from his staff obviously i watch snapchat, but unprofessionalism by the anesthesiologist and the dr( who by the way has never contacted me) just left me so heart broken. i waited 14 months for this and was just treated so wrong.Last updated by LYNNIECAKES on June 24, 2016



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