Bodyjet Lipo Today (U/a, L/a, Flanks, Outer Thighs)

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I had bodyjet lipo today on my u/a, l/a/ flanks/,...

I had bodyjet lipo today on my u/a, l/a/ flanks/, outer thighs. I work out 4-6 days per week and have a muscular build. I have tried everything to lose my gut and love handles, but if you look at my dad and brothers you'll see it's genetic. I was tired of working so hard and getting so close only to see nothing. Anyway, I am pretty wet right now and I'm 5 hours out of surgery. I do feel some pain, but I have taken 1 Vicodin from a prior surgery. I'll probably take another before bed. I have walked around a little and it hurts a bit, but not terrible yet. I'll see what tomorrow brings. I have read many posts and it seems to depend totally on the person. the second day will tell the story. he also uses the thermo something laser to tighten the skin, but he told me that he didn't want to unnecessarily go in with a laser if he thought i would have a good outcome without it. in the preop, he also said that if it doesn't tighten up i can come back and he'll touch it up with the laser and do all touchups free of charge. he made it abundandly clear he did not charge for that stuff...that made me feel good.

so i'm here on the couch leaking. i was put in a body suit and then also wrapped with an ab binder. it's like an ace bandage on steroids. i also have a piece of foam in under the binder, but over the body suit. pretty uncomfy, but what can you's manageable. the nurse tole me that the foam is brand new and they have only put it on a few people. there's no way i can wear this to work on tuesday. she said just to take it off, but keep on the ab binder tight.

im nervous for the outcome, but also very excited and have a lot of nervous energy. i've seen pics and blogs of people that have had good outcomes and bad outcomes. i was pretty comfortable with my doctor, even though this is the first time i met him.

i met with the clinic manager initially and asked to meet with the doctor. he was in a surgery so i called to schedule an appt. with him. when i showed up he was in a surgery and i met with another plastic surgeon who went over my options with me. i was a little nervous not meeting the doctor, but i was all over this guy on the net for 2 months before i did it. i watched videos of him, checked his credentials, bought a physician report off literally stalked this guy through google and everything looked really good. By the way, the procedure did hurt a fair amount at certain times. especially upper abs, but there were some times it didn't hurt at all. he was great and stopped. for me it wasn't totally pain free.

Pro's -totally glad I wasn't under sedation
-relatively easy transaction
so far not too much pain (we'll see tomorrow,
-remember, I have vicodin)

Cons- -wished he used the laser, but time will tell
-not totally pain free
-being wet for a day

-that there's still so many unknowns. you have to be can choose to be patient or freak out
so far i choose to be patient.

I'll post pics in the next couple of days.

April 12, 2010today I am 2 days post op and i do...

April 12, 2010

today I am 2 days post op and i do feel some pain.  it isn't totallhy pain free at all.  when i am lying down or standing up i am ok, but it is getting down and getting up that's the issue.  it seems to burn a bit at the incision sites, but i have been taking vicodin.  i am not in that much is manageable, but i figure if i have the pills from a previous surgery...why deal with the pain. 

I stopped leaking pretty much by the 24 hour period.  i go back to see the nurse today and get my banadages off.  i can't wait to take a shower because i am ripe.  i walked for 40 minutes at a slow pace this morning and i will probably do the same this afternoon.  from all that i read i shoudl be much more comfortable in a couple more days.  they say that after the third day it is all down hill...we'll see.  i can't lie, i have been questioning my decision, but i know that if it in deed turns out like the doctor thinks it will i will be happy in a month or two.  i have chosen to keep it a secret, but i am sure that i will have to eventually tell some people because they'll probaby notice.  i am going to try and wait until i am all healed so i don't feel so self conscious about it. 

i have only taken off the ab binder and body suit once to change the bandages yesterday and my stomach looks really flat and i have no love handles.  however, it still looks pretty wierd.  still some swelling that i assume will get a bit worse over the next couple of days.  i would say that today is the most uncomfortable so far, but the vicodin helps.  the swelling has made my hips a bit larger than they were before, i think, but i am sure it will fade over time.  i am still trying to be patient.  i'll keep you all posted on how it is progressing over the next week or so.

i will post pics, just have to get them from the doc.  my wife took before pics, but i can't figure how to get my head out of the shot.

Today is day four, had the surgery on the 10th...

Today is day four, had the surgery on the 10th.  i am back at work today, but a bit uncomfortable.    i am still leaking a little bit from a few incisions, enough to go through my body suit and to my shirt, but not bad.  for me it is a bit painful, but today is much better.  they say that after the 4th day it is all down hill.  i really love the results so far, but i do have some swelling in my  hips still.   i am wearing my compression garment 24/7 (except showering) and also wearing my ab binder the same.  the ab binder is really uncomfortable, but i can deal with it for a few more weeks.  my doctor says to wear the binders for 6 weeks so that's what i intend to do.  my l ove handles are gone and my stomach is flat.  i am waiting for the final result, hoping there are no dimples, ropes etc.  it feels like i did 1000 crunches with some burning sensation as well, but manageable.  my pants are loose on me even with my garment and my ab binder on so that 's a good thing.  i don't have the muffin hanging over my belt anymore!  i'm really excited, but don't want to get too excited until another week or two passes.  but it does get a little better each day.  i'll get some pics up as soon as i can get my wife to snap them for me.  as of now i would recommend getting it done, but i still have a ways to go until i am healed. 

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