Mother of 5 Adults, 51 next month, It's Time for Me to Do Something Just for Me. - Bakersfield, CA

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Two of my co-workers recommended my PS for TT....

Two of my co-workers recommended my PS for TT. They are both very pleased with their results and say the recovery was smooth. I'm hoping for the same. So far, I've ironed out my FMLA, prepared the house, animals, and Christmas gifts. My PS office has been super helpful. I think I'm ready for this !

Getting ready

Day after tomorrow! !

I think I love my PS

He visited me in preop was really honest about the results, explained to me why the scar sometimes ends up wiggly instead of the straight line he starts off with and then he drew on the belly.

Day 2 PO

Took a shower with the help of hubby. Put on a tank under the binder. Not happy with the swelling. I hope it disappears!

7 days post op

I was able to sleep on my side last night with one drain out and one dream to go. The swelling has gone down a little bit but as you can see there is still a lot of healing to do.

2 weeks PO today

Still a little puffy down below and the incision tape is itchy!!!

18 day po

A little more tired than usual today.

3 weeks ago today

I can hardly believe that 3 weeks ago I was checking in for a TT! I know I have a ways to go but happy with the tummy but now I really see how big my thighs are. Looking into coolsculpting them big girls!

21 days

I forgot to add this photo collage

Back to work

Feeling a few sharp belly twinges but my energy is back. Still wearing the binder but I must sinch it up tighter now because there is a lot less swelling. Love the way my scrubs look and fit now!

6 weeks PO today

I think I looked better at the 3 week mark. My incision has a stitch coming out on one side and is oozing and warm on the other side (one tiny spot) Still, glad I did it. Just want the scar to fade and no complications.

Almost at 8 weeks po

I broke a plateau this morning. Finally under 150! Tummy feels bruised inside. I probably over did it this weekend. I wear the binder at work because it feels good and supports me. Scar is getting better too. :-)

10 weeks post op

Finally got cleared to work out. Took measurements. Found out the flap weighed 3.5 pounds! Only!?! I still feel pulling sensation and find myself hunching over now and then. Scar is flat and healed. Next po visit in May. Then lipo all over! Lol

6 months

As of May 11th, I'm 6 months post op. Not happy with the results so going in for full body liposuction. (Hopefully soon. )

4 months post lipo 9 months post TT

From the looks of things it seems that my fat has redistributed. I now have an H figure instead of the hourglass one I was hoping for.
Dr. Michael Freeman

Very friendly down to earth who answered all my questions. Office staff are so helpful too.

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