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Hi, I am new to this forum but I have been...

Hi, I am new to this forum but I have been checking it out for the last couple of weeks. I just had a TT on Friday the 7th. I did not have muscle repair; I did have a hernia repaired at the same time however. Kudos to all your ladies and your strength for having everything done. I am miserable in only what I had done. And I can't stress how much I hate these drains and this compression garment...when it is not hurting it is making me itch. I am hoping to get the drains out Tuesday when I go back to visit the doc.

So to try and make my history as brief as possible...Prior to having my son, who is now 17 I weighted about 135-140 (I was 22 years old). During my pregnancy I sprained my ankle and then a few weeks later cut the bottom of my foot open and basically spent over a month laying around absolutely doing nothing except packing on the pounds....by the time I had Shae, my son, I weighed in over 200lbs....and I am only 5' 2". After having him I got on the Phen-Fen train and I ended up losing over 70 lbs. and I subsequently lost all my breast tissue along with it and in 2000 had a breast augmentation. I had 480cc each side smooth round low profile. Was really the only choice back in those days. lol. Anyways over the last 12 years I have battled weight gain and again returned to almost 180lbs about 4 years ago. I found out that I was hypothyroid and started Synthroid...Got my thyroid under control and along with it I started a healthy eating plan and rigorous workout routine. I did the Insanity program two times in a row and then started running about 2 years ago and have been loving it ever since. Back in February of 2012 I got another breast augmentation by the same doc that did this tummy tuck. I got 750CC high profile allergan filled to 820. I am very happy with them...oddly enough they are larger than the last but I don't notice it. Anyways to try to pull this story together after all the abuse of the yo-yo dieting gain/lose weight by stomach was a saggy mess. The muscles underneath are tight but now at 41 there is not the elasticity to pull the skin back together. So that is why I chose the Tummy Tuck. Hopefully this is not too scattered and semi-understandable.

Anyways....Just wanted to say hello and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this.

Who else has a problem pooping? OMG....I am dying...

Who else has a problem pooping? OMG....I am dying. I am eating fiber, doing colace and still very very little. Any advice is super appreciated!!!

I swear I feel more swelled today that I did the...

I swear I feel more swelled today that I did the first couple of days. Is this normal? I still have my drains but their output is minimal now and I am not due to get them out til early next week. I have milked the lines so many times...they don't seem clogged. Anyone with same experience? I actually feel bigger than I did before surgery....I know that is ridiculous and I continue to tell my self have patience...it's just frustrating. and I HATE THESE DRAINS!!! UGH....they are irritating the hell out of my hoo-hoo!!!

Oh I so so hated that drain. I mean I understand...

Oh I so so hated that drain. I mean I understand what a good purpose it serves but I simply felt like I couldn't do anything with it. In fact, as I said early that I have had a hell of a time with constipation...well the day after the drain was removed...I pooped three times...Halleluia!!! Anyways I am adding a few update pics from two days ago. Today I went running for the first time since surgery and I am incredibly swelled up at this point now. Has anyone had this occurrance? Everything outside of the swelling seems to be going okay, i had a small part of sutures open which the doc said will heal from below...looks like that is happening. I don't think really anything else is new. Oh when I was running today I kept reaching down to feel my belly jiggling and there was no jiggling....I am sure i looked straight up crazy running down the street with an ear to ear grin and my hands on my belly.

So really my only issue the swelling. I had sex for the first time a few nights ago and several times since and I have also noticed that my muscles in my upper stomach feel kinda tight afterwards....that it takes a minute to stand up straight.. Otherwise I am good..

Pic update day 31. I'm actually 38 days now....

Pic update day 31.

I'm actually 38 days now. These are from last week. I have had some minor pain and swelling and spitting stitches otherwise everything seems good.
Dr. Farzin Kerendian

He is patient and thorough. This is actually my third surgery with him. In February he did a breast Augmentation, In July a crescent lift and now the tummy tuck. I LOVE him and his staff!!

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