Tummy Tuck After Gastric Bypass & 3 Csections - Bakersfield, CA

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I had gastric bypass 9 years ago and have been...

I had gastric bypass 9 years ago and have been thinking about a tummy tuck for the last 5 years. I kept putting it off until I lost all the weight I planned to lose. Well that hasn't happened I am still 20 pounds from goal. After much research my insurance would only cover a pananectomy and since I need a full tummy tuck and then some we decided to pay for the procedure on our own.
I had my consultation in early July and was scheduled immediately for July 31st. I am now only 4 short days away and am extremely nervous.

One more day until surgery

I am in the process of nesting. Went grocery shopping today and also picked up a few pairs of pjs. Today is my son's birthday so I will eat a final dinner with him before I begin my new life on the flat side. I am extremely nervous but I am trying my best not to dwell on it. I don't feel any excitement at all and I think that bothers my husband. This surgery is costing us quite a bit and there are other things we could do with the money. He has never said that and I hope he doesn't feel that but my emotions are everywhere today.

6 1/2 hours till surgery

So the surgery center called me yesterday morning to let me know my surgery had been scheduled for 7:15 am
No food or drinks after 7:00 pm. Darn that put a big damper on my son's birthday dinner at the ball park. I wasn't too hungry before 7 but I swear come 7:01 I was starving. Had a very busy day so I didn't have time to stress but now here I am instead of sleeping looking at profiles and updating mine. Praying or a safe and quick recovery for all those having surgery today (everyday)

My evil arch enemy

So here it is my evil arch enemy. I took this picture yesterday but was reluctant to post. I am now on my way to the surgery center and thinking about all the profiles I viewed to prepare myself for surgery. If I hadn't seen all the amazing transformations there is no way you would ever catch me on the table. So here it is the ugly truth my before picture.

Day 3

Well today is it not as bad as yesterday. I am able to get up easier and now have a small appetite. I haven't peeked at my tummy yet but will do tonight when I shower. My mom says I look.smaller so that is a good thing.

5 days post op

Wow what a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was filled with regret and frustration. I hate having to be dependent on someone. My poor husband has been yelled at more times in the last few days than our entire 16 year marriage.
Today was the first time I was able to get up on the first try, yesterday we needed a crane to get me up.
The swelling is getting much better today too.
I was very happy to report that I got up with not much help, brushed my teeth and semi combed my hair all in one session. Let me tell you after that I felt like I had ran a marathon. I haven't had the energy to take any post op pictures but hope to take some on my next potty trip.

Post op pictures

Day 6

Well today has been a major improvement from yesterday. I am way more mobile and it no longer takes me 10 mins to get out of bed. I took another shower today and later in the day I flat ironed it. I have an early appt with my PS so I needed to get my crazy hair in order.
I spend hours a day looking at other profiles and can immediately see a difference in their post op photos. As for me I don't see much difference and I do not have that tight feeling that others talk about. I know I am only six days out and still swollen. I know I will look way better than before but that doesn't make me feel any better today. On the upside I got on the scale against my husband's wishes and I am down 8 pounds. I am going to ask if they removed 8 pounds of yuck from me.

Over a week post op

Well yesterday I had my 1st post op visit
The Dr said I was healing nicely and he expects to see good results because he removed a lot of skin. I weighed in 10 pounds less at the office! Probably cause he removed 10 pounds of yuck from me but I'll take that as a good thing.
After the dr we....ok I decided we should go to Target. I suggested we go cause in fact I did need to get some Tylenol. I made a quick stop at the dollar bins, who goes to Target with out stopping there? Then I couldn't leave with out looking at the girl's clothes, heaven forbid I miss a cute top or dress for myself or my daughter. As we strolled passed the food isles I remembered we needed bread and cereal. Somehow now our cart is full of clothing and groceries! So now we are in the check out lane and I am scanning all the properly placed last minute items they pegged to the end caps and there I see a trial sized bottle of Tylenol. I grabbed a few bottles and threw them on the counter before the hubby noticed.
After Target I was hungry so we stopped for lunch cause there was no way I could ever make the twenty min drive home with out dieing of starvation.
After lunch as we are on the freeway I see my favorite store 99cent only so I asked in my sweetest voice if we could stop in real quick.
Boy my body paid for my little adventure.

The drain

Boy time is moving sooooooo sloooooow
My second drain was removed today. Twenty two days with that horrible drain! I can honestly say the drain was the worst part of this entire procedure.
I returned to work two weeks post op and after the second hour there I knew I had made a bad decision.
My tummy swelled so bad the first night. The second day as I arrived to work I climbed out my car and felt this wet sensation on my feet. I looked down to see bodily fluids everywhere (tmi) my drain popped open and was running down my legs. That day I drove to my ps office and demanded they remove my drain (day19)
My poor nurse couldn't do it due to fluid out put but I still warned her that if it wasn't out by Friday (day22) I would be removing it myself. Thankfully she took me seriously and it is gone....best day ever

7 weeks post op

I haven't updated in awhile I have been busy planning a superhero & villains party for my husband. It seems like the weeks have just flown by I am now 8 weeks post op.

My incision has closed with the exception of the holes from my drains. They look like two eyes....kinda creepy. They itch like crazy too. My stomach muscles are still sore. When I wake up in the morning sometimes I forget and stretch out a bit too much and my oh my it does not feel nice.

On the bright side my clothes feel so much better. I had to donate all my "fluffy" clothes they are all too big. I had some clothes from way back when that I can fit into with room to spare. I love shopping for clothes now .
I saw my ps last week because I am concerned about the flabbiness of my stomach. He says I am still swollen and to give it time. I don't know I think I am doomed to a life of jiggly belly. We shall see.....
My skin has lots of stretch marks so now it is very thin and irritates easily. I had a band aid over my belly button and when I removed it my skin tore....no fun at all.
Well that pretty much sums up my 8 weeks

Jiggly belly not cool at all

So I am just over two months post op and my stomach is still flabby. My ps told me it was just swelling but I think not. I read other profiles and compare theirs to mine and I know I shouldn't . I know we all heal differently and some have better skin elasticity and less fat under the skin but.....but....but! I want to look like them!
I am 10 pounds less than surgery date but guilty of eating salty snacks. These pictures were taken at the end of the day my morning tummy is a bit better but not much.
I am thinking more lipo in a few months.
On another note sneezing and coughing are still painful but getting a bit better. My belly button still leaks once in awhile and my incision above the pubic area bleeds every once in awhile.
Let's hope month 3 is the magical month and all this "swelling" goes away.

Almost 3 months out

Not much has changed my stomach is still jiggly and will never be tight. I can hide it in my clothes but that isn't the point. I feel defeated. I know I look and feel way better but I can't help but feel that my dr could have removed more skin to make my stomach tighter. I have a follow up next week and I m going to ask what can be done.
I am pretty much back to normal activities with still a few muscle spasms here and there. Other than that pretty much smooth sailing. Happy healing ladies!
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