30 Years Old, 2 Kids, 2 Surgeries and Ready to Have my Body Back. Bakersfield, CA

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I hope to have my body back!! I don't want to go...

I hope to have my body back!! I don't want to go all out crazy. I have been debating this for years now and now it's happening this Friday! I have so much to do and have been preparing for weeks now! My all time high was 261 lbs now under 200 & 5'7. Super excited for Friday and very nervous at the same time! Do I have everything I need ready? will my husband be able to care for me and what I need after surgery? My kids who are 8 and 13 know but do they understand? How do I help them understand? I'm going with the 600cc, is this to big for my body? Should I go with the 550cc instead? There are so many more questions but this is what's going through my head. Thanks in advance for your opinions.

2 days away!!! OMG!!

Went yesterday and got my blood work done. That's the only thing that will stop this surgery for Friday! So nerve racking! The dr gave me a DVD which is great! It explains what to expect the day of surgery , what not to do 6 weeks prior to surgery which sucks for me as I just found out yesterday that surgery was confirmed for Friday! All these things online they tell you to do and what not to do is over whelming ! After watching the DVD it really helped answer most of those questions.

Appointment with PS this Friday hope to get new surgery date!

This Friday I have an apt at 9am to retest and check my BMI. I will pass with flying colors. I just hope they can get me in ASAP for surgery. As I was scheduled for surgery almost 30 days ago and they had to postpone it. I'm not as freaked out as I was last time. My only concern is I want to be able to enjoy Christmas with my kids and family. So I hope they can get me in before. Hoping for the Monday after passing the test. I can hope. Still not sure about the size if the implants I want. The PS suggested 600cc. I see a lot of before and afters that look like me before and what I hope to after, however they don't post the implant sizes. I just don't want to look like dolly. Wish me luck

SICK of my PS office and games!! Looking for another!

I still have my apt on Friday. However now they might not get me in till late Feb! It took them 3 days to call me back, it's a nightmare to reach them with questions. They are so overly nice it's sickening. Need to find a good PS in the Bakersfield Area. Will travel only in CA. Thanks in advance.

Changing Surgeons! Last one a JOKE!

My apt was canceled by the Office Manager. Let me begin with the statement that I WILL NEVER recommend using your right to freedom of speech and voicing your opinion about the office manager on yelp if you want to have any kind of services done at Beautologie!!

Finally after leaving messages for the Office Manager for 3 days and a review on Yelp she finally calls me back, with her fake concern asking why I'd leave her a poor review when she feels she's given me great responses. I'm not sure what business world she lives in but after multiple times not returning your patients calls after three or more days of them contacting you and the front desk leaving messages I feel that this has been justified to be poor customer service.

Now after my review she has a personal conflict! I was never 100% happy with my service from them and they were more interested in taking my money then answering my concerns.

I have a appt today in Beverly Hills with Dr. Kerendian who also has a location in Bakersfield. So far the office has been amazing and very kind and knowledgable. I've never been so excited and comfortable for this apt. I hope that it stays that's way.


Last.time I was.on here I had my surgery date booked and paid for. Due to some of my own issues surgery was cancled. Now I have lost more weight, and have everything and more prepared for Aug 17, 2016.

2 days POST OP, Full Mommy makeover Implants 500cc, Tummy tuck and Lipo

Surgery was on Wed the 3rd of Aug at 9am. Today is the first day I could keep.my eyes focused and watch some TV. Since I'm laying around and cant do anything for some time I thaught I'd add my experience. As it it wasn't for all you ladys I wouldn't of made it through this.

I have an AMAZING caretaker (my mother in law) helping with everything or anything I want or need. My kids, cleaning, all.meals, all my animals, Cools my husband his breakfast and lunch. I can't see anyone doing this whole.produre with out one. This one is one amazing lady.

I have taken off and looked a bit at my new boobies but my tummy is still so bandaged up to much. soon I'll post more pics.Here my before too. also boobs pic 1 started to drop but not the 2nd one yet

4 Days Post Op.

Today is a much better day pain wise. LOTS of swelling. My Boobs feel engorged but from what I have been told and read I imaged it to be much worse.

So far I am happy with my results and can't wait for the swelling to go down more to see more.

Tomarrow I have a doctor's appointment with my surgeon to look over a few problems I am having.

1st my drain tube isn't draining probably or even at all. The problem started on day 2 it slowed way down. day 3 only like 12 cc. Last night we got it working again. Now it's leaking around the hole where the Tube comes out. It looks like the tube is coming out. I see the stitches that was saposed to hold them in. So hopefully that gets fixed.

2nd issue I took a shower and when I was drying off I found some dark blood draining half way through the Insesion and then it poured out. So I cleaned it up and called my PS and he said it's a Hematoma that drained due to surgery.

But going to get it all check out to be safe.

My doctor and his office staff has been great with answering my thousands of questions!

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