Erbium Fractionated Laser Resurfacing. Got a Package of 3 Treatments for $1600 (recommended)

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I'm 58. My face has sun damage, some...

I'm 58. My face has sun damage, some discoloration, rosacea, red veins, age spots, wrinkles, and jowls. I look younger than my age, so everyone says, but you know it's always about what makes us happy. The worse part of my face is the big pimple like bumps all over my chin (rosacea acne). everything else would be the ultimate BONUS!
*it can tighten your skin, erase some wrinkles, renew collagen, and turn your large pores into small pores*
2 weeks prior to your treatment, you have to get two different types of cream to 'prep' your face for better results. That is prescription strength bleaching cream and Retin-A. My skin is already starting to peel. I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to these results! I'll post before and after pics after the redness and peeling are gone.

day #2 post laser

The laser treatment I received is called the Erbium Fractionated Laser Resurfacing'. The treatment wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I do suggest maybe popping a pain pill prior, or some kind of Valium. I took 50 mg of Trazodone (which is part of my sleeping concoction) and it wasn't enough.
Anyway, they put numbing lotion all over your face and let it set about 20 minutes. The treatment is only around 15 minutes. Some areas hurt like hell. The forehead where the hairline is, under the eyes, and the sides of the face. They give you a tube that blows ice cold air to help with the burn. I was not a fan of the smell of burning flesh however, lol. I stayed with that tube after it was done because the burning had set in. They goop up your face with Aquaphor, which is a key to the healing process. My hair got stuck in it, and when I took a pain pill, I missed, and was looking all over the floor and looked in the mirror and it was ON MY FREAKIN CHIN! That made me laugh. Anyway, easy care. And my face was not beet red like a tomato. It's red in the areas of where my skin problems are it seems. When the peeling starts, it takes 2-3 days to complete. the whole process is 6-7 days to heal. I won't go anywhere today, but maybe tomorrow. I posted my 'before' picture. I know that I will DEFINITELY need the other 2 treatments. But I'm sooooo looking forward to my first peeling of flesh. haha

8 days after Erbium Frac Laser treatment #1

I look at my face in that magnified mirror so much picking everything apart. Did it really work? I know a couple of age spots just peeled off.. (lol. gross) and it looks like one cheek is swelled... So I took a picture just now in my office and printed both of them out, and wow. My skin looks really healthy! My 2nd treatment is scheduled for Feb 9 and was told it will be a little stronger.

second laser treatment (fractional laser) - Jan 25th

So again I'm not happy with my results. I guess I've been too hopeful thru all my procedures. But the brown (age) spots are mostly all gone. my jaw line is a little tighter, and my face definitely looks healthier. My after pic shows some swelling. The first laser was at a setting of 300. This laser was set at 400. My third and last laser is supposed to be at 600. Let me tell you... the 400 was SO PAINFUL! yet, weirdly, the next day was better than the first time. No hotness, no burning. But can I withstand the 600 setting? they'll be giving me TWO valiums this time and I will double up on pain pills. My doc said he could do the underarm Kybella injections at the same time as the laser. WHAT?? ARE YOU CRAZY?? I can be knocked out, but I'd have to pay for the surgical room. So we'll see.
Dr. Shah

I've been going to the Shah brothers for face and body for 9 years. I don't think I could trust anyone else.

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