First Fraxel Laser Treatment at 51 for Sun Damaged Skin and Large Pores-Fraxel Dual

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I will be going for my first Fraxel Treatment, I...

I will be going for my first Fraxel Treatment, I believe it is the Fraxel Restore as it is listed as a non-ablative. I have had some issues with pre-cancerous sun damage spots and have numerous spots on my legs, arms and back, plus some on my face. The doctor froze the spots on my arms, legs and back but it leaves scabs for weeks and I don't want scabs on my face. While discussing options, the fraxel laser was the quickest recovery time but also expensive and would not be covered by my insurance. I had a vacation from work coming up so I chose to go with the fraxel laser as I should be fully recovered by the time I have to go back to work. I also asked about cosmetic issues such as my large pores, under eye bags, and drooping skin on the sides of my mouth and I was told the laser would help all of these issues. So, since the laser should take care of the sun damage, it will give me the added bonus of all of these other cosmetic issues! :) I will try to take pics and let you know my experience...very nervous today and looking forward to getting it over with.

Day of Fraxel

Had the Fraxel done this morning...actually fell asleep after she applied the numbing cream and I took the valium and Tylenol with codeine and waited for everything to kick in. I was very relaxed and really had no issues with the procedure except when she did around the eyes...that was a bit painful. It is now 4 hours after I let the office and I washed my face for the first time, which caused it to start burning. I applied the cream and Vaseline she gave me but it is still burning so I might take some more pain meds if it gets any worse. I really have very little redness and swelling at this point. My face does feel very tight and rough to the touch. Took pics and will upload here, not much difference than yesterday's pics...hopefully I won't have much redness and swelling. :) I am also taking the Bromelain with Quercetin which is supposed to help swelling.

Day After

Today my face is pretty swollen despite trying to keep that from happening. No need for pain meds although I am such a lightweight, I am so sleepy still from the meds yesterday. Keeping my face clean with CeraVu cleanser, Peroxide/Water solution, and keeping it moist with Biafine and Vaseline. Taking it easy still, playing on the computer and watching TV. :) Uploading pictures from today.

2 Days After

Well, nothing has changed...except maybe even a little more swollen today than yesterday. Keeping the Biafine on with Vaseline, which is getting tiring having this goop on my face...but will continue using it until at least my face has healed enough for the swelling to subside. So...I am not going to post pics today since there really isn't much difference...going to do some things around the house today...I feel fine, just the goop is starting to drive me crazy. :)


If anyone is reading this who has had the Fraxel Restore previously, did you use Biafine and Vaseline? If so, how long did you use it? My doctor instructed me to use it until I feel I don't need it any longer...I guess I should have asked what my first clue would be? I want to heal quickly and with the most benefit, so I don't want to stop using it too soon, but I also can't wait to not have this stuff on my face. Thanks for any advice! :)

Still 2 days after...

My face is starting to get real itchy...and rougher to the touch. Also developing a bunch of little white pimples, but have read about these and know they are common. I would think it is from keeping my face covered in goop, don't really know that, just guessing. So, I Just thought I would throw this in as I go through it.

3 Days After

Well, the swelling has definitely improved, yay! But now I am very blotchy and very dry and pain, but very itchy. At least now I see improvement which has given me a little motivation to get some things done around the house. Still using the Biafine and lots of CeraVe moisturizer.

One thing that stands out in all this, is that so many reviews I have read about recovery times. If I had done this on a Friday, there would be absolutely no way that I could go back to work on Monday, which would be today (having done this on a Wednesday and today is Saturday). I am not even sure I would be able to go back this actual Monday, thank goodness I took 2 weeks off. If I were to decide to have a 2nd treatment in a month or so, I will be facing a huge obstacle with work time. Fraxel Restore definitely takes way more time to recover from than most doctor posts that I have read, so be sure to take enough time off if you are working and decide to do this.

Posting some pics today since there is a definite change in my skin.

4 Days After

Still improving, but slowly. As I washed my face yesterday, which I am doing 3 times per day with CeraVe cleanser, and then using a 50/50 solution of water and peroxide to wipe down my face with a gauze square...I noticed a lot of skin coming off...well what I consider a lot. But, definite improvement from yesterday, still blotchy but getting there! :) Hoping I don't have to cancel a date I have on Tuesday night for dinner...but I think I will be able to put on some makeup by then and go! :) Very excited and happy knowing that the results are ongoing for 6 months. I am noticing one specific thing that has improved already, but not sure if there is still some swelling giving me the illusion of false I won't way what I see...but I think from the pics it is pretty obvious. Very happy, and can't wait to get out of the house! :) Posting pics although not much difference when looking at yesterday's and today's but thought it might be helpful for anyone who is thinking of doing this to see the slow improvements.

Day 5

Well...I guess I could go to work if I had to today...but still a lot of peeling, especially on one area of my face. Blotchy red all over...geez, when does this end. I looked on the internet today and I am thinking that I did not have the Fraxel Restore, but rather the Fraxel recovery seems to be much more in line with the Dual than the Restore. I put on some make up this morning just to see if I could wear it with the peeling and I could...but am still thankful that I don't have to go in today. No pics today...I am keeping the Biafine on and lots of CeraVe moisturizer, but I think my skin looks worse today than yesterday...will be sure to post pics tomorrow.

Day 5 Pics

I decided to go ahead and do pics for yesterday, just didn't get them uploaded so here they are...glad I did cause today looks worse...but I will talk more about that in a here are Day 5 pics.

Day 6

So...yesterday I had this horrible dry area on the side of my mouth which is still dry today but better. Without it being completely healed, it looks as though the droopy jowls on that side was removed? But not on the other side??? I don't know, I guess it is hard to tell with out being completely healed. But, if that is gone she must have been more aggressive on that side than the other because the other side is still there? I go in for my checkup tomorrow and have lots of questions. :) But today, that is better although I do have some pimples which I am sure are a result of all the moisturizing I am doing. Today I have places to go and people to see so I am venturing out of the house for the first time and will put make up on...and then have a date tonight, so I am really hoping my skin won't look horrid by that time.

All in all, I am happy so far...I realize that this is taking more time than I had expected but then I thought I was having the Restore done and not the Dual. I will of course ask tomorrow which one she used...but with my healing time I am sure it was the Dual. But, I honestly think my under eye bags have improved! I know that the spots on my face that were concerning have improved and possibly even disappeared completely. I also know that the pores on my nose are smaller, and that was my main cosmetic hope. But again, I am still healing so these things could change for the better or worse still and I realize that. Posting pics, and will continue to update hoping it helps someone out there when making this choice. :)

I month

I'm sorry I stopped so abruptly! Back to work and being busy! I am very very happy with my results and I still see constant improvement. I would have to say the most disappointing part of the treatment was that one side of my jowels tightened up and the other didint. But I go in for another fraxel tomorrow so hopefully she can correct that. Otherwise I am very very happy with the results! I will try to post more pics and info later...just doing a quick update now by phone.

2nd Fraxel Postponed

Well, went in today, they gave me my drugs, numbed my face and chest, she came into do the treatment and the machine gave an error that they couldn't correct. So...they have to call for a technician to come out to fix the machine. :( Only good thing that is coming out of this, is that she said she is going to give me a 3rd fraxel for free. :) Can't complain about that! She will call me to reschedule depending on when the tech can get there...
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