Weekly pic update - Two Small Applicators on Abdomen - Bakersfield, CA

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Earlier this month I had my consultation for...

Earlier this month I had my consultation for Coolsculpting, something that just recently came to my town. The medical lady at the day spa used a measuring tool (it is like a stencil, shaped like the applicators) to recommend the applicator and approach based on my goal and needs.

I have had two children, both pregnancies I gained about 40 pounds. I am in good shape, I workout 5-6 days a week, so it is very frustrating I have stubborn pockets of fat, especially in my belly. I told her I wanted to address my belly, and eventually my flanks too. She ended up recommending two small applicators to go from approximately my belly button to my hip on either side.

I decided to call Friday and schedule my appointment, it turns out they had an opening THAT night so I spoke with my husband and decided to go for it!

When I went into the room, I changed into a very unflattering pair of shorts to protect underwear and/or give privacy. The technician (different from the medical staff that did the consultation) pulled out the applicators and double checked what large would cover and what two small would cover. She did not do any markers, she had me go ahead and sit down in an upright position, then applied the gel sheet to the right side of my stomach. She asked if I was ready, I took a calm exhale and she applied the applicator. There was an immediate pull like when I squeezed my stomach tight (to see how much fat I've got there), it didn't hurt at all, and once it was applied I realized how tense my back was, so I relaxed. The cooling started after a few minutes. It started to feel really cool on my hip at 6 minutes to my belly button. The nurse checked in on me a few times during that hour, but for the most part I just sat leaning back slightly, watching a TV show on my iPad.

Around 5 minutes I felt what I thought was suction slowly decreasing, but the tech said it was actually the "massage". It just felt like little pulses on the frozen area. Time really flew! It was time to take it off, she just carefully pressed her fingers under the applicator to break the suction. I took pictures of my "butter block" but it really didn't look as big as the ones you see from the large applicator. It definitely felt frozen and numb, and was strange to touch. She applied a warm wet cloth twice, and rubbed the area. I went to the restroom as she prepared for my second application.

The other side started and felt the same, although my right side seemed to be hang loosely compared to the left during the right side's application (you can see it in the picture).

I had to stop myself from wanting to touch it, because I started to worry myself that I'd break the suction of the left side! It actually started to bother me, so I called the tech and she came in immediately, and said it was all fine. That answer wasn't good enough for my mind :P So I positioned myself so I felt like it was secure (I'm suuuuuure it was!).

I was feeling much more cold at this point. I had a sweater on, this time, but wearing the shorts (and I came in wearing shorts) didn't help. She had a small towel to cover my feet and offered a larger one but I declined, so by the end of it I was cold!

The second hour went by just as quickly, and the same thing: the block lost it's form pretty quickly, she applied heated wet cloths and massaged it. She cleaned up as much of the gel as she could and left me to change.

It felt numb and cold, but no pain... I paid, met my husband and home and then left for a late dinner! I'm really looking forward to seeing the progress, but I know it won't be overnight, so I'll keep this review updated with how I feel and any noticeable changes.

I do want to say that this website was incredibly helpful. I first stumbled across a CoolSculpting review on this site from my Google search on a noninvasive way to deal with the tummy, and I was intrigued. I had been trying to figure out the logistics of visiting a facility out of town, and then a local spa popped up with it!

I also want to say I'm very thankful for all the people that have posted their reviews, replied to their reviews and also the doctors that so actively respond to the Q&A.

Looking forward to my results!

Still numb, no pain

It's been 3 days since my CS and the area is still numb. it was an interesting feeling working out and not feeling my top in that central area!

Also no bruising, no pain.

Mostly numb still

5 days post and the belly is still numb. The night before last I started feeling below the belly, very subtle, maybe on a scale of 1-10 a 1. A little itchy last night. Sometimes I feel a tiny spasm. it's not feeling as bloated, or rather... after the procedure it feels like it's hanging out further from being suctioned for an hour.

I've done my cardio workouts a few times now, so I'm not having any issues getting back in my workouts. in fact, I'm really motivated since I've read doctors theories a higher metabolism will work the dead fat cells out quicker. This morning I probably felt my abdomen felt closest to normal in the mirror. SERIOUSLY getting excited about results showing by month's end!

I was not instructed to do this by the spa, but i have been massaging the area with lotion for 5 mins twice a day per reviews here.

1 Week

Still doing pretty good! Starting to feel an occasion aching pulse from the area, it's a bit itchy and the surface still feels numb.

I'll be posting weekly photos on Fridays, so heresy first one. All "relaxed" belly. You can tell my stomach looks a little bigger and rounder after a week, I'm okay with that since I'm cohtribuying that to "trauma"

No more pain, minimal numbness

At this point, there is no more pain, no more itchiness and the numbness of the area is minimal (I can tell it's still there, but not much).

Swelling appears gone!

Looks like my swelling is down and I do feel better wearing fitted tops! So now I'm at my "start" and I think there's an improvement from the front view already!

3 weeks!

Feels like it has been forever! I drank about 8oz before this pic, I try to take a consistent pic first thing. I have my period right now, do I'm not surprised I see no changes (looks bigger)... which motivates me to reassess my eating and workout harder!

There's more numbness still in my stomach than I thought last update, I realized that a couple days afterwards. Still no pain.

But I'm not discouraged, I know this is a 3 month process.


Weekly update, I see some changes in my lower belly bulge. Slowly...

I noticed the other day really massaging my belly that it is still partly numb. Each night in bed or on rising I try to remember to massage the area. I definitely could drink more water! :)

Over a month... clothes feel better than pics

well, I don't see a big difference in my photos… Part of that is because I have been eating wheat again for too long, which makes me swell up. however I noticed in some pajama pants I wear they are starting to get looser. I think it's important that I clean up my diet to where I was at when I had the procedure done.

area feels pretty normal, I do you think I still feel a number area which tells me there still changes to be had. I can definitely change more water and then I'm drinking to help flush out toxins. I'm still working out regularly.

anyway that's my update for now! I still will not come to a conclusion for two more months at the end of the 90 days that the results should show.


sorry about the odd typos above, I was using dictation and didn't catch them :)

It's been a while...

It's been a month since my last post, so I apologize for the absence. I have not seen changes but I cannot say that's because this doesn't work, part of it just has to do with my lifestyle in the last couple months. I was eating VERY well leading up to my procedure, with the exception following Thanksgiving, I've exercised 5-6 days a week, my eating habits are delaying proper results.

I expect, as my eating is cleaned up and results are rolling in from that, to see an improvement in my stubborn abdomen area.

I don't know if there's an emotional self-sabotaging issue here, but I have noticed in the past after great fitness and nutrition results I tend to "reward" myself with food, the very same psychological reaction may be at play here with CS. Sounds very lame, but this is my analytical side trying to make sense of it. Plus, cold weather tends to be the time I struggle most with eating and hiding in baggy clothes! So anyway, that's my update. I'll start posting pictures again soon.

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