It's Been over 9 Months Since my Reduction and I Waited for Today for a LONG Time! - Bakersfield, CA

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I realize I can't have perfect breasts, but my...

I realize I can't have perfect breasts, but my wish was to come close. I wanted to be smaller (was DD/DDD) and the reduction took away a lot of my neck pain. BUT.. right side 1 cup bigger than left, aerolas did not match, and too much fat on the sides. Today was my correction. The pictures I'm putting up now were taken last night.

2 days post-op corrective reduction

This was definitely a little more painful than the reduction itself mainly because of the liposuction. Dr Shah did lipo to remove the extra fat from both sides (more on the bigger breast) and then cut and spread the smaller areola to match the right side. These pics were taken 2 days after, there is definitely swelling (and insane bruising), but as you can see, the right breast is still bigger. I'm so scared it's going to be the same size as it was.

day before corrective reduction surgery

post-op corrective reduction surgery day 4

The bruising is probably scarier than it looks, but it's the swelling that make my surgical bra cut into me. When I walk and bend, well it hurts. Been trying to ice it. I just now had to unhook the bra for awhile. OUCH! Have my post op appointment in the morning. The cut where the lipo tube went in is really small. So doubt there will be anything noticeable. I'll add more pics as I go along. These were taken today.

post op 1 week

wow that bra is killing me! it just digs into the swelling. That's the worst part of the healing at the moment. I do get a spasm every now and then from where my left aereola was resized. But the bruising is slowly subsiding (compared to a couple of days ago!)

4 weeks correction post-op

So far the only thing I'm happy with is that I tried on one of my new bras (36C) and it fit! Still very swollen. So far, from DDD to C. BUT.. the left aereola is still smaller than the right. So THAT SUCKS! Now I wait to see if they heal the same way. Right now my right side still looks bigger than my left. That side got more lipo. But that's my only gripe as far as pain. That was a LOT of swelling under my arms. Bras are VERY uncomfortable.
Be back in a few wks with an updat!

6 weeks post reduction correction surgery

my hope for this correction was to get rid of the extra fat (I call it boobage) and have my left areola match my right. It was way too noticeable. Also, my right side was a D cup and left was a C cup.
I think I'm safe to say I'm definitely a C cup now (from DDD). The doc tried to stretch my left areola and it didn't work. Although I think it it's less noticeable.
almost all the bruising is gone (note under arm pics) but the hard swelling I'm still working on.

10 weeks post-op reduction-correction

It's funny... I've been so preoccupied with my lipo and the pain, I keep forgetting about my correction surgery! I took a good look at them last night. The reason I got the correction was A) I was a complete cup size bigger on my right, and B) my left nipple (areola) was half the size of my right (and my right should have matched my left because they were huge before and I wanted them small).
So Dr Shah did lipo on both sides taking out more fat on the right side (that was so extremely painful afterward!) and cut and 'stretched' the left areola to try to match the right. I wasn't happy. They didn't match. And the shape of my boobs didn't match each other.
So now I see that the left areola is closer in size to my right. And straight on they look like they match (boob size). I know I must have swelling or liquid left in the right because it jiggles way more than the left, but overall, I'm very happy I did it!

almost 3 months now

still some swelling. Mostly on the right side. Haven't been icing because I've been too focused on healing from the lipo. But DEFINITELY better!

Almost 6 months post-op reduction correction

I have a follow up with my doc in 3 weeks. I'm happy with my boobs. I'm probably a C cup or maybe even a B cup. I can't tell though because I have a LOT of side boob and I can't find bras that fit. I'm going to look into Smart Lipo to see if that can be 'fixed'. I'd be happy if I got rid of half of it. My body looks pretty dang good for 58 but that under arm side boob fat is totally gross! I suppose it's possible that that area is still swollen. Every doc says it could take up to a year for final results.
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