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As long as I can remember I have been self...

As long as I can remember I have been self conscious about my breast size which was practically nothing. I had been considering implants for a few years after saving up enough money I decided to have the procedure done. I was a 32 A before surgery, after I was a 32 DD, 400cc silicone high profile implants were used. I am 2 months post op as of today and can not tell you enough how regretful I am. The left side always hurt more, sat up higher and was just different looking than the right side was, my surgeon assured it would settle and drop and they would even out in time. 3 weeks after my extremely painful surgery my left breast developed a very tiny hole right in the middle of my incision line it was leaking a clear-reddish fluid I immediately notified my surgeon, I was seen the following day my surgeon took a culture of the drainage and started me on Bactrim DS antibiotics in case of infection but stated he didn't not believe their was any infection. I went back a few days later and the culture showed no infection, my surgeon reassured me that the small opening would heal. Well it didnt the hole just continued to increase in size from a small pin point hole to a larger eraser sized hole, I again saw my surgeon who again cultured the wound and said it appeared to be infected as it was red and tender, he told me I needed to allow him to stitch the hole back up and start IV antibiotics so I did. The redness went away and the pain decreased 2 days after starting the IV antibiotics, but then stitch by stitch that small hole opened right back up and another hole started to form also on the incision line. I called my surgeons office immediately when I first noticed it had reopened which was on a monday the medical assistant informed me that the Dr would be out of town until next week and asked me to text her a picture of the wound which I did. She called me about 30 minutes later and says "The dr. says you implanted is exposed it needs to be removed immediately so you will have to see the "on call Dr" and schedule the removal, I will call their office and give them your information, I waited all day for the call and didnt receive one the following day I called back and said I had not received a from the Dr. she tells me ok ill call again, I waited 2 hours called her back and said again I haven't gotten a call she responds " I dont know whos answering the phone but Im going to have my manager call to figure out whats going on." Towards the end of the day she calls me back to tell me " The Dr. is "too busy with his own patients to see you, so you will need to schedule surgery for Monday when your dr is back in town. At this point Im panicking, I ask her why the change in urgency first it was important it be removed now its ok? She assures me it can wait until monday. Im then asked to pay $1,000 and sign consent forms for surgery Im crying im so upset so scared, I ask when will I get to speak with my surgeon I have questions I dont feel comfortable, she tells me he has you scheduled to be his last patient on monday so he can talk to you before taking you to the OR to remove both implants. My goal in sharing my story is to bring awareness please research your surgeon and always get a 2nd opinion if you feel uncomfortable. When I was originally restitched I was not aware that my implant was "exposed" I thought that black hole was dead tissue. It wasnt until it reopened and they said I need it removed immediately that I said hey wait a minute this is the same wound only slightly bigger why did you suture me to start with when the implant was exposed ? I have yet to receive an answer. I could have avoided so much depression pain and false hope for healing if the surgeon would have initially said this isnt able to be healed its exposed and needs to be removed now. overall Ive spent almost $5,000 for the initial surgery, $1000 for the removal and $800 in antibiotcs and the IV, thats almost $7,000 and I havent even received the ER bill yet, my surgeons medical assistant has the nerve to say he will put the implants back at a discounted rate!!! I wanted so badly to scream at her are you kidding me like I have more money to give you people and why after the horrible untimely uncompassioante care I recieved would I want to pay you again to operate on me. This has been a horrible emotional rollercoaster I went from being so excited to finally having breasts to scared there was a problem to hopeful again to scared again, Ive experienced so much pain time off work and now I will be left with a loss of $7,000 still flat chested and with scars I m humiliated, sad and so angry. I honestly feel the whole situation is becoming questionable my implants are not even the right looks great but the left is oddly shaped and just not natural looking compared to the right which healed just fine, I cannot wait to have the implant removed and only hope my body isn't more screwed up after surgery. IF you ever have any opening in your incision please do not accept a dr telling you no to worry it will just heal and if ever you see any black areas please have it looked at I was unaware that without proper lighting the implant will appear black from the shadowing of the tissue and skin on top of it, an incision should never be closed after the implant is exposed because their is always a risk for infection whether the wound heals or not the implant is considered contaminated and should be removed, I will share my pictures below you will see the implant is exposed both before and after stitches the only difference is it is more exposed after stitches and will update with my official outcome and how the situation was handled.


Well Monday I had both implants removed thankfully I stayed asleep throughout the whole procedure and felt no pain during. I am very sore now though. My scars are now even longer than before and my skin is a bit stretched out but not as much as I had anticipated. Now I'm left to decide where to go from here.. I still want implants obviously I didn't want to have no breasts plus now huge scars but now I'm unsure of where to go or who to trust and also have to consider finances as I've already spent $7,000 this is such a nightmare :(

After removal

This is 1 day after removal, skin almost completely went back surprisingly since I had nothing to start with and it's supposed to firm up even more but as you can see they are pretty long scars, eventually I want to have another augmentation but we will see. Just wanna share in case anyone else finds themselves in my situation or has to have a removal.

Day 2

Well it's 2 since the removal. It's been very emotional I've been crying alot and am so embarrassed of my appearance now and I'm I'm so sore. I'm so angry and feel so betrayed by my surgeon. Crazy how boobs can have such an emotional impact on you. I think returning to work is also causing me anxiety because its very obvious now that I am completly flat chested. I went into this wanting to make myself feel better about my appearance feel like a women rather than a 12 year old girl and now I feel even more self conscious :-(. Long healing process ahead. Thank you ladies so much for the support you are all more helpful than the dr who said I'm sorry but it happens and "it's not the end of the world". Ill keep everyone updated on my process.

Day 3

Feeling slightly better today the soreness has eased up somewhat, still taking antibiotics to prevent infection and still trying to absorb all of this. Even though I only had the implants for a short period of time I became used to them I purchased new bras & many new shirts and dresses bathing suits that I was unable to fill in before. So now not only do I not have my implants but a bunch of clothes I can't wear that kind of sucks and I can't even wear a slighty padded bra to give me a little something due to the incisions. I think ill be staying inside for awhile this is all just so depressing I've only told very few people because I feel so ashamed and embarrassed everyone told me how great I looked after surgery and how it really made me glow with confidence so it's not something I wanna openly tell everyone about. Then i fear ill also get judgment from people like if I would have just been happy with the way god made my body I wouldn't be in this position. Again thank you all for your support and well wishes i pray none of you considering an augmentation ever have to go through this and anyone with any questions regarding my experience please feel free to message me.


Thankfully a real plastic surgeon saw my story on this website and offered to evaluate me today free of charge and then offered to continue to see me until my wounds are healed and help me with my situation I just broke down crying in his office I was so relieved to talk to someone who actually cared . I am only now realizing so much of the wrong that has been done. I CANNOT SAY THIS ENOUGH ladies after seeing this PS today I now realize I let a cosmetic surgeon operate on me not a plastic surgeon and the amount of training and schooling is a huge difference but the cost is nearly the same. Cosmetic surgeons have very little training compared to a plastic surgeon and are allowed legally to preform some of the same procedures as a plastic surgeon such as breast augmentation how crazy is that?? ASK ASK ASK are you a board certified plastic surgeon? if they say no but ive preformed over this many procedures and i know what im doing my advice is to get your butt out of that office and go find yourself a plastic surgeon who has been though real schooling!!!!! I hope this advice will save someone the awful experience I have had.

2nd appt

I saw the plastic surgeon who is helping me again yesterday, so far I'm healing well, starting to massage the insicions to prevent hardening, still have a few stitches poking out that he will remove my next visit if they aren't gone. I've had nothing but a wonderful experience with him and his staff they are so compassionate and genuinley concerned about helping me.


I had another appointment with the new PS, they removed my remaining stitches & I am healing well I will be seen again in a month at which time we will discuss a new augmentation. I am so pleased with this doctors beside manner and compassion for his patients. He's also very knowledgable and doesn't give me simple unsure answers he knows how stuff and is confident and it shows. So wish I would have seen him for day 1! Will keep everyone updated!


I was self conscious before my implants but after having them for awhile then having them removed I am more self conscious that ever!!!! It's literally sucking all my self confidence away I don't even want to do normal activities because my appearance is so concerning to me. I feel uncomfortable around other people especially females who aren't flat chested as myself and I also feel so guilty for being so "shallow" and so concerned about my appearance but no matter where I search I just have no confidence I feel like a 12 yr old girl everytime I look in the mirror and to make it worse I still can't wear a bra due to it rubbing and hurting my healed incisions so I can't even fake having a little something!


I had my 2nd Breast implant procedure/ revision! I will be posting a new review for me new doctor with details & pictures soon!! Thank you to everyone for the support!
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