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Finally doing this after many bumps in the road. I...

Finally doing this after many bumps in the road. I am 5'2 143 pounds scheduled for breast augmentation surgery on 11/17/16. I have chosen Sientra moderate silocone smooth round implants. I won't know the size till after procedure, my Dr. uses sizers but we are looking at around 450 ccs. Will post more info.

34 days to go.....

So I have 34 days to go and in that time so much to do. Have appointments to get done. Have my annual girly appointment next week and than the week after my endo Dr. to make sure all my labs aregood for surgery (they should last A1C was 6.2), than halloween, and preop on 11/10, than finally a week later surgery. Seems so fast but still so far way. Would love input on pain and getting usedto them and recover if anyone wants to post. Hoping to return to my secondjob (grocery store ) on 11/23 and my office job the same day more worried about the store.

Losing those last 15ish pounds

So, I am trying to lose about 10-15 pounds before my surgery to get down to 125-130 ideally I would like to be 120 but I'd settle for 125. I do workout, run a few miles in the morning and than toning exercises, stuff just doesn't happen overnight : / but not giving up. Worried about weight gain after surgery and not being about to work out for about 6 sixs but I figure I will still walk fast and use the eliptical with no arm movement and I can still do squats and lunges. Any advise is welcome. Will try to post body pic.

Less than 30 days.

As of today I have 29 more days until surgery. Five weeks from tomorrow. I know it will go by fast but seems like time is standing still. Also I am on my period right now so working out is not as easy and Sticking to set mealplan has its ups and downs. Still hoping that scale reads 130 or less in 29 days. Trying not to stress about all the stuff going on but it's hard. Will post pictures after I am back to my normal self next week.

21 more days....

21 more days. Three weeks from today around this time I hope to be waking up with my new boobies and lipo thighs lol. It still seems so far but so close. I have my endo appt tomorrow than Halloween, that week is going to be crazy fast my boss will be here thrusday and Friday. Than the next week I have preop on thrusday, and that just 7 days later....surgery. I am closer to my goal. Weight this morning was 138 woot!!!! Only eight huge pounds till 130. If I get there I will be so happy. If by chance I exceed my goal and get to my dream weight of 125 (13 pounds to lose) I will freak out between 120 and 125 is where i want to be closet to 120 do if I gain a few be at 125. I will post some pics tomorrow after my weight in and tun. Love

2 weeks

Two weeks from tonight I will be getting for my surgery. It doesn't seem real yet. Don't know when it will. Maybe next. week at preop. Got a call from my gyno Dr. my pap test came back abnormal and now I have to have a biopsy next friday, 7 days before my surgery. So what I might have cancer now????? I am only 34 no stress November not off to the best start. Wish me luck.


10 more days. I'm sick at rhe moment hoping it's gone by Thrusday my preop day, can't believe it's this week.

Any thoughts or feelings?

Does anyone feel bad when you get the money together and you are holding it in your hands to give away to someone? It's just a lot of money I have never spent money on myself like this and I feel so bad.

Preop Done

So I had my preop yesterday. Signed consents, paid balance, went iver all prescriptions. Saw the Dr. for a bit had a few questions about what sizes he was ordering. He said he is ordering 4 sizes from 385 I belive to 500 cc just in case. My doctor uses sizes so I am excited about that. I was advised they are sientra but with stuff that is going on Dont know. I have my fasting labs this morning at 6 am and than register at the hospital today at 1230. Right now my surgery time is 10 am arriving at 8. I am T1D so we will see if the hospital bumps me to an earlier time. 6 more days. :D

4 more sleeps

Good morning all, qeiting this before my run. Trying to get my last days of motivation done. I just want to sleep but want to put forth all effort to lose the weight I can before surgery. I was hoping to clock in at 130 at least, right now I am at 137.6 so hoping running the next 5 days and being strict I can get to 135. Hoapital registration done just waiting till tomorrow to make sure blood work came back ok. So so nervous something might happen. Will post pics tonight.

3 More sleeps

So it's Monday moring, getting ready for a run thinking today I find out if my labs are ok. Also, I started my period yesterday which I am bummed about. so I cant get my true weight prior to surgery :(. It still isn't real yet this ia happening, maybe on wWednesday it will when I get my arrival time.

2 more sleeps

So I called got lab results yesterday morning to see if there were anything I should worry about and no mynblood counts and fasting blood sugar great. I did not rec'd a call from my Dr. so that's good. so it's becoming real. Making sure my work is good. I made a pot of soup last night making jello tonight. Doing my final touches of cleaning. So I have 2 jobs my other job is a clerk at a store and I requested to he off from there starting 11/17 day of surgery till 12/2 returning 12/3, I hope that is good..Today at main job is my boob/Thanksgiving potluck. I feel likw is this teally happening.

Surgery Eve

So here it is thenday before the eve of my surgery. Starting to get real real. Feeling so nervous like what did I do, what am I doing. So scared to go into surgery scared of what I am going to look like, feel, what if I can't handle the pain, or the results are so bad? Than I think what if amy new boobs look amazing, and it's not painful, and my legs look so much better. Yes, very scared but excited none the less I feel like today is my Christmas Eve.

Surgery done

So I am at home been here sinceb4 pm. surgery started a bit after 11 got pain patch and marked. Surgery went well not i pain muscles just sore. Waiting to see what happens.

3 days post op

Today I am 3 days post-op and I'm feeling so fat. I have so much bloat and can't run I feel awful. I know it takes awhile for results but I hate waiting. I had lipo on inner thighs and knees and 450 cc silocone implants. I go in for my second post op appointment tomorrow for which i get taught to massage my boobs and such. I just want result now:/
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