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Finally doing this after many bumps in the road. I...

Finally doing this after many bumps in the road. I am 5'2 143 pounds scheduled for breast augmentation surgery on 11/17/16. I have chosen Sientra moderate silocone smooth round implants. I won't know the size till after procedure, my Dr. uses sizers but we are looking at around 450 ccs. Will post more info.

34 days to go.....

So I have 34 days to go and in that time so much to do. Have appointments to get done. Have my annual girly appointment next week and than the week after my endo Dr. to make sure all my labs aregood for surgery (they should last A1C was 6.2), than halloween, and preop on 11/10, than finally a week later surgery. Seems so fast but still so far way. Would love input on pain and getting usedto them and recover if anyone wants to post. Hoping to return to my secondjob (grocery store ) on 11/23 and my office job the same day more worried about the store.

Losing those last 15ish pounds

So, I am trying to lose about 10-15 pounds before my surgery to get down to 125-130 ideally I would like to be 120 but I'd settle for 125. I do workout, run a few miles in the morning and than toning exercises, stuff just doesn't happen overnight : / but not giving up. Worried about weight gain after surgery and not being about to work out for about 6 sixs but I figure I will still walk fast and use the eliptical with no arm movement and I can still do squats and lunges. Any advise is welcome. Will try to post body pic.

Less than 30 days.

As of today I have 29 more days until surgery. Five weeks from tomorrow. I know it will go by fast but seems like time is standing still. Also I am on my period right now so working out is not as easy and Sticking to set mealplan has its ups and downs. Still hoping that scale reads 130 or less in 29 days. Trying not to stress about all the stuff going on but it's hard. Will post pictures after I am back to my normal self next week.
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