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Hi Beauties , Allow me to introduce myself a...

Hi Beauties ,

Allow me to introduce myself a little ( especially since I'm on here lol) I am a 36 year old mother of 3 ranging in age . I had my first child at 16 which as any women who's had a baby very young may understand my pain ... At 15 pregnant with breast size no bigger than a 36C and a body that was still morphing in to what a young womans body would be my breast grew to a 36 D with each child they grew another cup ( smh !!!) Never going down as many say after ( Insert tears lol) .My body changed so many times thru out the past 20 years ... Not that its disgusting or ugly in my mind , But Id like to truly create my eyes beauty of a body for my self .
Enough about breast for now LoL .... Now my stomach was a whole nother BS having my angels put me through ... Hell was ruined by 3 8-9 lb full term births . It still amaze s me what the womans body can handle ... Can you even imagine men today going thru half of what we all may have experienced in life . With all the changes , Babies , Mentsrual , Dealing with them lol WOW !!!! Ladies take a moment of silence for all of us 'Spartans of life " and how gracious we all have dealt with it .
So I decided to go on a selfish journey of adjusting my insecurities that was hunting me .So in 2012 , I found out my husband was cheating on me and like anyone whom is hurt deeply , you start to elvatuate every aspect of yourself .... and as women we often go back to the lil mental insecurity troll that resides deep in the maze of our brains ... screaming in ones mine ...." Is she prettier , Better body ( of course at the time ) , smarter , More successful etc ". Instead of beating myself down or even blaming me I decided to in my passive aggressive manner do something about it . By Gods grace I started my research one late night and googled butt shots ( since the kids my bum went south , east , west , but was in the present lmao ) with a broken heart , bruised ego and in spiritual turmoil ... I was strapped with determination to get me right... I found Dr . Jaime Campos while tripping up on MMH AKA MAKE ME HEAL ( great site , before finding RS ) . I virtually found a new world of women just like me .. with their own " mental insecurity trolls" attacking them as well ... It floored me to know and discover it couldn't be me if So many women in every roam of life felt exactly the same about their bodies . I commited to my my change that August with placing my first deposit for surgery . In what I thought would be just some Lipo and BBL turned into me needing a little more construction .... I received a evaluation and quote from Campos for extended tummy tuck , lipo ( flanks , waist &lower back ) 1000cc bbl in 2013, which I'm forever grateful to his blessed hands and scalpel for retoring me .... I am happy with my results but realize to obtain my vision of self beauty draws me back to the drawing board in search of my Round 2 surgeon ( breast lift / reduction, Possibile tt revision ( due to a remaining Pouch / Fupa , Full lipo esculture and sm amoun of BBL to the lower portion of my BUM .
Cabral and Duran have always been my top picks for round two ,,, But I am open to suggestions as my main concern is breast work and aggressive lipo .

Til later my sweets ..... Stay focused not only on the course but embrace your journey of a new you not only in the physical ,, but mental , spiritual & soulfully .

1 st Quote ......

Ok Ladies , So by the grace of surgery gods ... I woke up to Dra . Duran's he quote ..Not bad at all . Her assistant Laura informed me she recommended Full Lipoespulture and BBL and states she rather evaluate my breasts in person . Shall I say EXCITED !!! UMMM HELL YEAH LOL ... Now to wait on a few others to make my decision .
Thus far Ive requested quotes from Duran , Almonte , Cabral , Sabala, Lima and Yily ...and thinking maybe even Colombia .

well til later beauties ... Hope you all have a blessed and positive day !!!!
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