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I'm 27 years old and have 4 beautiful kids!!! My...

I'm 27 years old and have 4 beautiful kids!!! My butt used to be nice before but seems like gravity took over and I'm looking to fill my backside. I choose Dr. Pantoja for my procedure and I absolutely love his honesty. I'm ready to become more confident and have all the booty!!! I originally when in for a consult for a BBL but he told me I don't I have enough fat, and even if I gained weight I wouldn't be good fat and it could absorb. I'm super excited for my journey!!!

Pre op pictures!!!

1 day post op

everything went well I got 450cc oval butt implants intramuscular, I have a little pain but the meds help Dr. Pantoja is the best I absolutely love him!

5 days post op

so these pictures were from yesterday, overall I'm feeling great a little sore but drinking my arnica tea religiously!!! And it's helping with my swelling

2 weeks post op

Today I'm 2 weeks post op and recovery is a pain in the ass!!! I'm so tired of sleeping on my stomach and my neck hurts. I still have not sat on my booty and I still have my drains in. I have no pain whatsoever but still wobble like a penguin. I have a follow up with Dr Pantoja on Monday, might get drains removed but as of today still draining at 50ml every 24 hrs. So I might have to leave them another week. Today I woke up and freaked I had a little discharge from my incision no foul smell and it's a small amount, but I called the clinic and they said its normal cause the site is healing. So now I feel better. My mom looked at my incision and said it looks great!!! Every day gets better!!!

Post op appt today!!!

so unfortunately my drains have to stay in another week ugghh I was hoping to get them out but I'm still draining and he looked at my incision and said that it opened up a tiny bit and not to worry but to continue to rest. He also put me on antibiotics just as a back up, I go back in a week to get my drains removed( I hope). I'm able to walk a little better but my back and neck hurt like crazy. I'm also staring to get itchy so I bought some benedryl and hope that it helps!!!

5 weeks post op

im happy to say that my incision has fully closed!!! I applied manuka honey twice a day recommend by my IG dolls. I still can't for another week but I'm just being patient. I absolutely love my results, my implants are still hard but with time I know they will soften up. Still have 3 more weeks off of work so I'm just going to rest up so I can be good to go back to work!!!

2 month post op

so I'm 2 months and 1 week post op and I'm very lucky to still be off work. At my check up last Monday with Dr Pantoja he noticed that my incision opened up a tiny bit. I was doing too much to soon cause I felt good, I have to continue to baby this booty lol. I feel great though and I started to apply the honey again. I love the way my implants look and Dr Pantoja and his staff is great. I am able to sit but only with a boppy pillow and go back to work in 3 weeks!!!

Almost 3 months

I'm feeling so much better, finally go back to work on Monday. I'm still a lil sore when I sit but other than that I'm feeling myself again. This was a long recovery which is still not over, my implants still have some softening to do. But I'm absolutely in love with how it looks, dr Pantoja did a great job I highly recommend him!!!
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