new boobs and round 2 bbl - Tijuana, MX

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Hi, Ladies. I'm not new to real self. This will...

Hi, Ladies. I'm not new to real self. This will become a 2nd Review for me. Actually I started the 2nd Review TWICE now and Clicked "DONE" instead of "SUBMIT" so they never posted!!!!! OMG, so I figured THIRD Time, has to work. A little about me, I went to Dr. Pantoja back in March 2013 for Lipo and BBL. I think at that Time I had 600cc in each cheek, if I recall correct. You guys can read my First Review. Anywho I was EXTREMELY happy. I had all these things and Wish pics of what I would show Dr Pantoja. However when I arrived I never showed him a wish pic or told him how many CC'S to I wanted. Nerves, being a Nurse not wanting to think I know everything. I just Trusted my Doctor and I was very pleased. Fast Forward to 2016. Booty Greed started Kicking In. So here we are! I'm 8 Days Away from my New Boobs and 2nd BBL. I'll make a list and post pics. Leave tips of things I've learned from Round 1 BBL, etc. I hope it helps. Being a Nurse Truly Helped. And I'll be glad to offer advice and tips based on my knowledge of the things I know and have learned. *Take my stated OPINIONS at your Own Risk* Just trying to help. I WILL OFFER THEM. : FYI: Don't wanna be sued. LOL. I will be posting pics of my Pre-Op Boobs and Booty. Thanks for all the Support and Prayers, Truly a Great Community. This time I will be staying @ ClubMed MX or BKA "Our Friends Recovery House" I will also be doing a Review based on my Stay there as Well. I'm excited about that as Well.


It's getting close, ladies. So happy.

Item List/ Pic of Bra I ordered.

My List: 2-Sundresses?? 1-Velour Suits?? 2-Camisoles ?? 1-Jacket?? Vitamins-Vitamin Shoppe: Arnica, Arnica Muscle Rub, Probiotic, Vitamin C, Iron, Bromelain and Quercetin Pain Meds- ?? Heating Pad:?? Peas Ice Pack:?? Silicone dressing and Scar Sheets?? Pillow?? 1-Compression Bra:?? Compression Stockings?? Arm Compression Sleeves?? also got some for my thigh, but I'll wear those at home. 1 -pair of Slide in flat shoes?? 1-Compression Garment ?? Lipofoam?? Waist Trainer?? Steri Strips :?? Silicone Tape:?? Female Urinal:?? Feminine Pads( Thin):?? Flushable Wipes: 1 Pack ?? Antibiotic Spray?? Antibacterial Non-Stick Gauze?? Hibiclens Antibacterial Soap?? So this last week before surgery, NO ALCOHOL, NO NSAIDS(ASA& IBUPROPEN,EXCEDRIN ETC) STARTED BROMELIAN & QUERCETIN, ARNICA MONTANA. I've already been on IRON , B-12 AND VITAMIN C & PROBIOTIC FOR THE LAST 2 MONTHS.

Folic Acid: Don't Forget. I forgot to list this.

I chose dissolvable ones this time around, for better absorption. Easily to take.

Countdown Comtinues

5 Days I can't believe this! Lol. Super Excited. Packed and Ready..........

I think I know what I want. Boob wise

Thinking 450-500cc. Gonna try Sizers on. But one of the Two sizes. Hoping for 1,000cc for bbl

Countdown continues

Yayyyyy, spending this weekend with my family then I'm catching my Flight on Monday.

3 Days To Go

Almost there! Looking forward to my new me. Making me happy and feeling confident.


Tomm I'll be in Mx. I will update Tomm. Once I get to the recovery house. I also have MY sundress( Maxi Dress) from Round 1 . So I'll do comparison photos in that dress. Ok Ladies, until Tomm. Please keep me in your prayers. Praying for safe travels. I'm not bringing oral laxatives just my sun sweet prunes . I hope the recovery house has pineapple juice. Lol


Hi, Ladies my Connecting Flight landed in Vegas. 24hrs LADIES.........Super Excited

Made it

Hi, Ladies I'm at the recovery house. Gonna take a nap. After I shower, I will post pre-op pics. After Tomm I'll be on the other SIDE.

BBL Pillow

My own homemade Boppy Pillow. I put everything in my carry on!


It's real ladies, just got my mark up! Waiting on lab results, then off to my room. Once I get there I'll post my mark up photos. BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Dr Pantoja, told me I don't have much FAT as I think. Lol . I'm 178lbs. I've gained 15lbs since October WTH. Lol, I'll be getting 500cc Gummy Bear Implants to become a Small D. I tried on 500/550 Sizers. I originally wanted 450, but I'm getting 500.


Lol, Ladies let me tell you when I woke up, my PAIN WAS A ZERO! I'm touching around like did they do it! Lol THEN I FELT BOOBSZZZZZZ. And I FELT A**!! " Lol I did have a emesis( Vomit) small. Nothing much, just from the anthesthia. I will post my boob card when I'm up, waiting to staff now to assist me. I believe I have Nagor, 500cc High Profile. I made thank GOD, and thank you for praying for me! Somebody definitely was, cause I feel great.

Some pics , guys I'm a little dizzy so forgive me

Here first pics ! My A** is huge, I'll post that once I feel a little better and have the RH take pics

Bbl pic

Still swollen best I could do for now lol

Just a pic


1 Week Post-Op

My boobs feel great, they are softening. The left has started to drop and the right not much as the Left. They are covered with soft silicone tape. I spray the DERMOPLAST a couple times a day . I don't wet them, just wipe them with a warm washcloth and Hibcleins.

Just more Boob Pics

Here is another photo ladies.

2 Week Update

My boobs feel great, Right still a little more red. No pain or drainage. A Stitch came out of my Left Boob, didn't hurt at all. I'm so ready to take them out! At least around the nipple because they're starting to itch. Dr Pantoja said remove them in 3 Weeks.


This Tuesday I will be 4 weeks Post-Op.

I'm baccccckkkkkk

Hi, Ladies. Hope you all are well. I'm here for questions.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Great Doctor, knowledgeable staff. My Goodness Nadia is excellent, her and Hannia. I think Nadia is Dr Pantoja's RIGHT HAND! Lol. Good people, who made me feel comfortable and took care of me and made my time in Mexico easy. I'll always Love and Respect them for that. They made me feel safe and Welcome. So Thank you Dr Pantoja and Staff. That's exactly why I'm returning and have recommended People to him and ONLY him.

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