Fingers Crossed; Abdomen, Hips, Back, Thighs - Bahrain, Middle East

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I am day 6 post op. I had body jet to my abdomen ,...

I am day 6 post op. I had body jet to my abdomen , hips , some back roll and inner thighs, quite a lot! I opted for general anaesthesia and stayed in over night . I'm really glad I did as I have some history of hypertension and this allowed very careful monitoring of that. Also I was so sore I couldn't imagine trying to go home, it was scary enough next day. I have to say if I'd known quite how bad the first few days are I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to go through with it.

I had naively expected to leave next day noticeably smaller and wondering how to explain my sudden and amazing weight loss - nO way, I was 2 kilo heavier and struggling to fit into anything especially with the pressure garment to contend with. Much as I hate the horrible thing, it really does feel like a safety blanket and I felt very vulnerable without it. I'm not trying to put anyone off , I just want to prepare people for the first few days, they are pretty horrid and scary. I had an enormous amount of bruising and everything was tender and difficult and you are left wondering if all the bruises and swelling and hard lumps are normal ? And oh god have I made an enormous painful mistake.?

HOWEVER , I am now day 6, much of the bruising has subsided, I am now a bit of a hand at whipping in And out of my pressure garment , the swelling is still a lot and getting more solid, I went to have my stitches removed this morning and the dr assured me that I was making good progress and that the swelling was perfectly normal, after all my body doesn't understand the term cosmetic surgery , it just thinks it has been attacked by a number of sledge hammers.

He showed me pics taken during my surgery which were gruesome but strangely fascinating. I could see from the fat containers he had removed 3500cc - phew! Apparently swelling should really start to subside in about 2-3 weeks, so I'll just have to be patient. but already things are getting easier to deal with. I will keep you updated if anyone interested and I will put some before and after pics when they are available. Good luck to anyone else getting this done, my advice is to go in without immediate expectations, it takes some time and endurance .

Two weeks in and it has been quite a journey! ...

Two weeks in and it has been quite a journey! Avery long two weeks but fianlly starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. A couple of day after my last post all the areas I had done turned rock solid, I don;t mean just a bit hard - I mean solid. It was/is like having steel rods under the skin. Each day that gets harder but the discomfort gets less and it is generally easier to get around and do things. By Day 10 my weight finally started to go down - hurrah - not much but its a start - about 0.2 kg each day at the moment. I've swapped the bulky pressure garment for spanx which are much less obvious and easier to wear. Pretty much all of the bruising has gone, but I'm still quite tender.

Today I started a course of something called LPG which is recommended post lipo, it is a kind of massage machine which works on regenerating the connective tissues, tightening the skin and sculpting it. It is also supposed to help reduce the swelling. I've only had one session and it was slightly uncomfortable at first but then really nice and soothing as I relaxed into it. I'm having a session every other day for the next couple of weeks- so I'll let you know later if it was worth it or not.
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