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So this is totally weird for me, posting to a...

So this is totally weird for me, posting to a public arena is so unlike me. I barely update status' on Facebook, but here goes nothing. If my life and experiences help someone that would be great if I only gain therapeutic benefits (as i use this as an outlet) I can live with that too. Whew okay that wasn't so bad! I will be back, gatta crap load on my mind.

Getting closer

I am officially pre op! In 11 days I will have boobs finally, I'm really excited. I'm also a bit nervous I really want them to look good and suit me.
My stats
165 lbs
6-8 dress size
Small-medium top size
25 years old
I have 2 young kids 23 months apart.

That's all for now, if no one reads this that's fine. I want to be able to come back months later and reflect on where i was and what things were like for me.

Oh I just recently got Damon braces and I got a power chain right now. I also have IBS and suffer from migraines. I'm really worried about how I will bear all the pain at one time. Hopefully something will resolve itself in time.

I appreciate this site I've recommended it to a few people.

I'm Getting Closer! Whoo Hoo

Blogging is not my area of expertise, but I'm looking for new things to enjoy. I appreciate all of the reviews and photos, they have helped a great deal.
Well here goes, today was my preop appointment. I was so nervous and could barely sleep last night. I got in at about 9:30am and was met by one of the patient coordinators who is so down to earth. She had told me before about her personal experience with having her breast done and how it was the best thing she had ever done. She calmed my nerves about the preop and in I went. My surgeon wasn't there just me, my post surgery caretaker and a doctor. She explained all the general guidelines, do's and dont's that kinda stuff. My surgeon stuck his head in a few times making silly jokes, he is really a great guy. I was explaining to the doctor what I had seen on YouTube about the massages and the surgeon walked in and said he thought I was talking about the war in the Middle East lol.

They confirmed:
I won't be needing or wearing a bra post op
I can't bathe until 3-4 days post op
No deodorant

I will be getting saline, transaxillary incision, completely under the muscle.
I'm hoping to get 430-450 cc's to get a full D. But I will trust my surgeons opinion.
I will be tilling my scripts and picking up a few supplies this weekend. And I will pick up drinks, fruits and snack foods next weekend. I have made my hair appointment and scheduled time off from work already. I don't want to make this too lying of a read. I will be back soon to add whatever I missed.

Omg! I'm Almost There!

For the last few days I'm been prepping and cleaning, making lists and checking the 10 times. All this to try and keep my nerves in check.
2 kids under 4
Caribbean- black

I'm from The a Bahamas and having the surgery right at home with the ever so sweet Dr. Gregory Neil. Dr. Neil is a darling and his staff is great. They have made me so comfortable thru this process so far. Up to this point my experiences have been great.
I have read and researched for almost a year actively. I have not read anything new in months. Just reading different perspectives but it's all so similar. I have been doing a lot recently to improve myself in various ways. I work out, take lots of supplements, eating better, dressing more polished, working extremely hard for a promotion those sorts of things. This augmentation is the largest part of developing who I am.
So the supplements (I am NO expert) this is just what I find beneficial for myself
Emergenc Vitamin C
Multi Vit
I plan to add omega 3-6-9 when I get clearance. I would love some feedback on these and others I can try.

I don't want to make this long so I will end here. I have a list to make lol!
Happy healing, happy surgery, happy researching.

I'm in boobie land. 8 days post op

Surgery day was easy peasy lol. I was calm cool and collected. My doc ran a little behind but he made up for it none the less. My nurse checked my vitals, I changed up in my gown and stockings. Doc marked me up, I got my I and was out in a minute literally. I woke up which felt like time had blew by and first thing I did was look down my gown lol.
I must admit I was disappointed from my view they looked the same.
My mom came in a looked at them and said they were big and that I definitely did not come to the hospital with those.
I got dressed in my pjs and socks and was wheeled to the door and I was able to walk to the truck and hope right up.
I enjoyed some seafood pizza on the drive home and when I got there I got comfy in my recliner and went to sleep. I was pain free and very comfy. I am a week post but I will post my day to day.

I'm not comfy posting pics yet but I hope to soon. I am impressed and the doctor was impressed by himself lol. He is a hoot.

See you guys later.
Happy healing, happy surgery, happy reading.
Pennsylvania Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Neil is one of the top plastic surgeons in the Bahamas and notably in the Caribbean. He is greatly experienced, skilled and has a very pleasant disposition. Every time I have come into contact with him from the initial consultation he has been kind, well spoken, gentle and comedic to say the least. His name circulates in many circles as he is highly recommended for many different procedures

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