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So I decide last year to get breast augmentation....

So I decide last year to get breast augmentation. I've wanted it for a long time and I guess you can say that it would be a boost to my confidence. I have distressed about the size of my breast from a teen, always stuffing my bra with something. I guess if person knew they would say "no not her she has enough confidence for everyone". I do, but just not when it comes to my breast. If I had just a small amount I would never go through with the surgery but the fact is that I have none.

I've been on and off each day about going through with it and it has been an emotional roller coaster, thinking about the financial cost, my health, my son and if this would bring me some form of relief to something that has bother me most of my life. I've paid for about 95% of my surgery as of today's date but I'm still unsure.

I've found myself looking in the mirror at my breast wondering if I can just accept the fact that this is who I am nothing else is needed. I think of person faced with cancer, lost limbs, sight etc and sometimes see how grateful they are. So many questions running through my head. Hmmm, I didn't think that this would be so difficult 21.

Oh by the way, I'm getting saline under the muscle 250-270cc, 5'6 118 lbs.....very very flat 32a, 27 yrs of age.

2days pre op

So I'm 2days pre op and I still can invision myself with Breast implants. I'm still hoping that magically they would grown even just a tiny bit. I'm afraid of everything (my faith, health, life time cost, my son) and most recently something that never concerned my but now does the rejection. It's taboo where I live and probably about less than 1 percent get augmentation. My family is unaware as I stated that I'm going on a two week Vacay. I just wish to be a full b and nothing more. Posted a pic below it took me a lot to place it there. This is me after yrs of Breast feeding????.

Big day!!

I'm up far to early lol it's 3:30am. Surgery was moved up yesterday from 9am to 6:30am. It's still all surreal to me. Still haven't told any family members but I have 3 good friends that support me. I'll update you ladies. Wish me luck!



Ladies thanks for all the support! I'm done. One boob is bigger that the other. The saggy one as you can see in the pic. I hope they even out. Other than that Iove them. I have pain but it's not that bad. I'll post the cc later. Got my friend to take a pic

2days post opp

Surprisingly minimal to no pain. I think that they are a little big tho. I hope most it is just swelling

3days post. The look soo uneven!!

So the doctor said that the massage would help with them being uneven. I hope so????. My left is higher than the right. Lft 350 cc right is 330 saline


So I'm feeling kind of depress. They look fine but I can already feel the implant from under the skin. I'm only 116 and no Breast tissue from the being but I guess this is expected (sighs). My surgeon did go far bigger than we discussed. He stated that on the table the 250 over filled to 290 was to small for my chest size and that the gap was to far. I'm just really depressed and wondered if I made the right decision. My thoughts are if I can feel the implants now I can only imagine what it will be like when the swelling goes down. Plus to me the look so fake lying down. I feel more self conscious.

Incision update

So my under arms are dark but the incision is beautiful.

Forgot pic


Feels like I have two different implants

I'm so upset and obsessed over my implants and don't feel like massage with help. No is wide and soft and perfect. The other seems like. A smaller implants that overfilled to be like the other. It felt like that from day one (sighs)
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