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I had gastric bypass in 2002 and was in despirate...

I had gastric bypass in 2002 and was in despirate need of assistance. I had a lot of skin and close to no breast tissue. One of my best friends filed insurance for the doctor and she suggested that I see him. He was pleasant prior tot he surgery but a totally different person afterwards.

I expressed my concerns with having large implants because I personally associate that with being overweight. The doctor told me that it wasn't just up to him, that they sit you up in the OR and everyone's advice from the room is taken into consideration. I am a very private person adn it was terribly embarrassing but I was paying 5,000 dollars and wanted to get this right. I talked to each person who would be in the room and told them of my issue. Even the anesthesiologist . When they wheeled me into the OR I saw some other male I had not had a chance to meet. So you bet ya, I told him too. I am sure they were like hurry up and put the gas on that girl so she will hush!

Anyway I ended up a size D almost a DD, I am 5'2" and have had guys staring at my chest all my life and HATE IT! I am extreamely displeased. I continued to go to my check ups and asked about the size, I was told they will go down, and they did but not to a small C which is what I was hoping for.

Shorthly after the surgery my left implant began to fall to the side when I was laying down. It was the most strange feeling ever. Like jello going through a funnel. Then the right one began to do the same thing. All the way to the side. I have a completely flat chest, every rib shows and to the side laying right there with me on the bed are my implants.

All along the incision line I have small holes that were where knots from the stitched came through. Thr right implant is disformed on the side, now the left one is starting to do the same thing.

I told my friend who works for the surgeon and he told me to come back he wanted for me to be happy. I went back with my husband and the Dr. yelled at me, I was crying so hard I couldn't even talk. The Dr. said that the I had so much skin that is why the implants fell. He told the nurse to schedule me for surgery to take the implants out because obviously some people can't handle implants. As I was walking out he told me that he only made the implants so big to match my hips. (I had just had my first child six months prior to this visit - hey thanks a lot for that compliment - as if I wasn't already devastated) Oh wait his finance girl told me I would have to pay $4,000 to get them fixed. He said he could tighten the pocket but they would just keep falling because of the excess skin.

I am terribly embarrassed to go to another Dr. to even ask about what can be done.

What causes displaced implants? I have Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline under the muscle. Is excess skin from weightloss a contributing factor? When I flex my muscles one implant goes upward and one goes to the side. When I lay down the implants slowly (2-3 seconds) seep down to the bed as well. I am left with looking down at a completely flat boney chest. Is this displaced implants? It was a horrible experience going back to speak with my surgeon to say the least. What should I do?

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Very Rude, in recent years I have read a lot of reviews and feel better that it is not just me. He was like this to a lot of other patients as well. I wouldn't wish that type of treatment on anyone.

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