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Bad decision

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14 Nov 2016

Updated, 1 day ago

Bad decision - Lilla Nyckelviken, SE

I had kenalog injected 2 times may and June 2016 I finde know that kenalog could take fat I had it injected under my eyes trying to help the bellafill I had under my eyes and tear troughs with a different doctor. Now 4 months since the last injection and I see the dent under my right eye is getting worse (fat atrophy) i wish I knew about this before . I asked him if it's normal he said that he use a very low dosage so idk what to think he injected under the eyes but not in a specific place because he said he didn't feel the bellafill much. He injected the left side once and the right under eye twice and. That where I see the dent I see like a hollow puffiness it looks so bad. I thought 4 months after I would see a better result but it's bad