Bad Blepharoplasty Leads to Depression

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I’m three months post-op from a very...

I’m three months post-op from a very depressing upper and lower blepharoplasty. My eyes look uneven, I have wrinkles and excess skin where my bags used to be, and I have dealt with depression over how I look.

For the first month and a half after the operation, I noticed all of these issues intermittently but I didn’t panic because I was still recovering. A friend of mine chalked up my baggy eyelids to water retention after the operation too. But by the two-month mark when I went for my follow-up, I wasn’t getting better and my doctor knew it. He didn’t seem pleased with things either but nonetheless he kept telling me to wait for it to get better. He also said that, if things didn’t improve, I could always have the issues fixed with a laser or another bleph. I didn’t want this! I already paid for a blepharoplasty (the monthly payments are still coming out of my bank)!

I got depressed then and am still today dealing with the way I look. Some days I start to think I am getting better, my eyes are evening out, but more often than not I can notice the difference between my baggy left eye and my wide-open right eye. It’s obvious to everybody and this makes me feel sick.

If I had known a bleph could leave me this asymmetrical and odd-looking, I never would have had it done. But I was warned of none of these things! It was all about how great I would look; nobody bothered to mention I might look worse than before the operation

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