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I've always wanted a tummy tuck. I finally said...

I've always wanted a tummy tuck. I finally said it's time for me. For the last few years I attend the gym a few days a week, run around with my kids at sports, and do everything for everyone else. I looked around and went for a consult at Long Island plastic surgery group. The doctor and office staff is great and I'm excited to move forward. I am scheduled to get a tummy tuck with suction assisted Liposuction to my abdomen and flanks.

Pre-op visit

I just went for my pre-op visit and received my vitamin pack. I will start tomorrow (2 weeks away) with taking an AM and PM formula. Then there is something to start when I am 3 days out. These are suppose to enhance recovery, minimize swelling and bruising etc. They took before pictures, had me sign some consents and answer some questions. 15 days to go!

Started my vitamins

I started my vitamins today. Going to the store for some ugly comfy undies, colace and maybe a few more pillows. I've been looking at websites of suggested things to have on hand. The office said they send me home with gauze. I went to chill by the pool for a bit and took a few more ugly belly pics! 2 weeks and counting!

Medical clearance

I had my medical clearance yesterday and all is good just waiting on the blood work. I'm going to miss working out for a few weeks so I'm trying to get it all in. Took another picture today to realize how much I hate the overhang of my stomach. 12 days and counting.


Tomorrow is the big day! Feeling so nervous right now! I am driving home from vacation right now. Tomorrow morning I want to clean, do laundry and go grocery shopping all before 11:45 am.

Today is the day!

I've been up since 6 am and I don't have to be there until 12:15. I feel like I am at the nesting stage of pregnancy. Trying to get so much done - plus it keeps my mind off of the fact that I can't eat or drink!

Good but tired

So I got there at 12:15 but didn't go in until about 2 (they were running behind). The staff was amazing! I left right before7 to go home. In the car I had pretzels, ginger ale, my pain killer and colace waiting. A little sore not horrible at all. Very very tired. I keep falls big asleep. I have a zero gravity chair that I'm sleeping in tonight. My hubby got me chicken soup from the diner because my throat is really sore. I added two more "before" pics and my current drain pic.

First night down

I slept in my zero gravity chair and continued my pain pills every 4 hours. Overall I'm good - a little sore but manageable. At one point I got a sharp pain that woke me up but it went away. My throat hurts from being intimated. I waited for my cereal to get soft before eating it because swallowing my pill hurt.

First night down

I slept in my zero gravity chair and continued my pain pills every 4 hours. Overall I'm good - a little sore but manageable. At one point I got a sharp pain that woke me up but it went away. My throat hurts from being intimated. I waited for my cereal to get soft before eating it because swallowing my pill hurt. I decided to take a sneak peak this afternoon. Pretty excited on what I saw!

2 days PO

I slept most of today away. I feel like the pain pills caught up. This afternoon I took extra strength Tylenol instead of the oxycodone. I will take the oxycodone at night. I've been taking colace and just purchased plum smart to help move things along. My skin was itching so I took the compression off for a few minutes.

3 days PO

I took a pain pill about midnight and then have gone the rest of the day so far with just Tylenol. Earlier today my mom picked me up and I went to staples to get the kids their school supplies and a grocery store. After I got a much needed mani but by the time that was gone I was exhausted. I went home and napped for about 3 hours. I made dinner tonight with find help from the kids and hubby. It's about 7:15 pm right now and I'm chilling in my zero gravity chair while the hubby is playing outside with the kids. I haven't taken any Tylenol since noon. I definitely plan on taking a pain pill before bed to help sleep.

Dressed like a human!

Going out tonight for dinner and the movies. I wanted to dress in normal clothes so this is my attempt at hiding the drains. I feel good only Tylenol this morning.

5 days Out

No meds at all all day! Feeling great! Tomorrow is my follow up!

8 days PO

Went for my first follow up today. He removed my left drain, which wasn't really draining much. I have to go back either Friday or Monday to get the other drain removed. He also took the gauze out of my new belly button (I didn't get to keep mine). When I get home I can't wait to take a look and a picture. I don't have to wear the foam under the binder anymore, so I don't feel so bulky! I can also sleep in my bed but he wants me elevated still. All together I feel amazing!

10 days PO

I am feeling amazing! I'm back to sleeping in my bed. I have to keep my legs elevated slightly and I have one drain in. The drain should come out on Monday. The bruising has gone away.

13 days PO

My right drain is still in. My daily count is 40-45. The dr gave me the choice to leave it in of take it out, but warned of the possibility to have to aspirate any liquid through a needle in my stomach. NO THANKS!! I am able to do light house work but no lifting over 10 pounds or gym. I bought "New Gel" in my doctors med dos office based on his recommendation. He said put it on the scar twice a day and massage the scar. I go back on Wednesday if the draining slows, if not Friday.

15 days PO and the last drain is out!

Yesterday the right drain finally came out! I asked about going in the pool or ocean since I am going away in two weeks and he said as soon as my last drain hole closes I'm good to go. Here are some updated pics from this morning.

19 days PO

I'm getting tired and hot of wearing the white stretch binder that you pull around you. However, I feel so much more comfortable with something on. I went to the store and picked up two of these maidenform firm control brief. They are really comfy and I can wear slimmer clothes.

Before vs 6 weeks

Loving everything so far!
New York Plastic Surgeon

The consult put me at ease. The doctor was very nice as well as the nurse and the office manager. After my consult with the doctor I went to the office manager to discuss pricing and procedure. I didn't book immediately because I wanted to think about it. I emailed the office manager back-and-forth quite a few times with some last minute questions. She answered all of them very quickly. I decided to book for August 2, 2016.

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