B-Liftx Great For Ethnic Skin!!

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I have become a true believer of the B-Liftx...

I have become a true believer of the B-Liftx chemical peel system! As a light-skinned African-American woman, I didn't think that chemical peels would be right for me, but I was totally wrong. I suffered from cystic adult acne and had some dark spots and scarring from previous flare-ups. However, after only two treatments with the B-Liftx peels, my skin looks brand new! I felt absolutely no pain during or after the procedure, and my skin had a beautiful glow immediately afterward. I also only had very mild peeling after the next few days, but it's nothing that a gentle scrub didn't fix right away. The texture of my skin is smooth as silk, my skin tone has evened out, and I have no more break outs. I get the peels done regularly about every six weeks and use Cetaphil and Retin-A daily. Now my skin looks better at age 30 than it did at 20! If you're a woman of color and didn't think this kind of stuff was for you, try it... you'll LOVE it!!
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