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Hello ladies! Thank you, thank you, thank...

Hello ladies!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After looking through your stories for months…I’ve finally decided to take the plunge! I’m jumping on the BBL train…Choo-Choo!

After careful research and stalking…err…I mean visiting (lol) all of your pages forever, I’ve decided on Dr. Daniel Azurin. Dr. Azurin doesn’t seem to be that popular here…but those countless photos on his site speak for themselves! I must admit that I considered jumping on the Yily train…but I think Dr. Azurin is the best fit for me!

I appreciate all of you that have documented your stories, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows… and everything in between! Looking at all of your before and after photos, and reading information on what materials to gather, as well as what to expect after the surgery has been very beneficial! Thank you!

I traveled down to Coral Springs this week to meet with my patient coordinator – Yashira! She is so sweet, helpful, and definitely beautiful! I made my deposit while at Dr. Azurin’s office and also scheduled my pre-op testing dates. I plan to finance the rest with CareCredit and was recently approved. SURGERY DATE: JULY 3rd!!!!! I am so excited.

I plan to journal here as an outlet for my BBL journey prior to and after surgery. Initially when the negativity on RealSelf began to increase I was hesitant about creating a page…but now that I’ve made my deposit…it’s the least I can do to give back to those that come after me since so many of you that came before me have helped me along the way.

Any ladies traveling to South Florida around July 3rd for surgery? Don’t be a stranger!


I’ve postponed my surgery…uhhh! I have a...

I’ve postponed my surgery…uhhh! I have a major exam that I MUST take in July that requires me to SIT for six hours…no exceptions. Based on the reports of pain from the other ladies that have already been through the BBL, I think it was best to postpone the surgery instead of trying to study while drugged up and then sit through the exam in pain. Plus, I don’t want to mess up my results!

So the new date is August 26! That was the first date available…smh, nearly 2 months after my original surgery date of July 3rd.

I’m trying to look at the bright side:

1. I have more time to try to lose some weight
2. I have more time to save some money to make my balance that I’m financing a bit less (and hopefully avoid any interest charges)

Good luck to all the ladies with their upcoming surgeries! I’ve now moved from team July to team August!

Starting my weight-loss journey tomorrow. Plan to go hardcore for the 3 months I have until my surgery date. I'm more focused on the the contouring of the waist than I am with the size of my butt, so I think I'll have to lose a large amount of weight to achieve the "look" I'm going for. Don't get me wrong, I want a beautiful, heart-shaped, nicely projected, AZZ by AZURIN! I'm pretty confident he can get me where I need to be, I just gotta do my part by losing the weight (even though Dr. Azurin said I didn't need to gain nor lose.)

Anyone else trying to LOSE major weight pre-op?

Mother's Day I realized things were getting really out of hand...I weighed in at a whopping 212.0lbs...smh.

I'm hoping to get within 10-15 lbs of my goal weight of 155-160...so at least down to 165-175 lbs. My new surgery date is August 26...I'd really like to lose anywhere from 35-45 lbs by my surgery date...I'm 5'6" so...It's gonna be a struggle...but I rather struggle now than later!

Before you go judging me, lol...I know that's a lot of weight to lose in a short period of time! But I'm focused...and dedicated! I lost 8lbs last week! And all I did was cut out the fast food and go to the gym twice!

My plan is to go to the gym 4-5 days a week and calorie cycle while counting calories.

I don’t want to go through a Round 2, and I don’t want to end up with big arms and a small waist. And as crazy as it may sound, I don’t want to get the BBL, and then watch my results dwindle as I lose weight to achieve my goal weight.

So the goal is 10 lbs each month (June, July, August, and however more I can add to these last few weeks in May) which breaks down to 2.5 lbs a week...anything more I'll just consider bonus!

I plan to keep track of my weight-loss journey here weekly...anybody else want to join in?

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs
May 19, 2013: 204.0 lbs

Added New Wish Pics...More Realistic Due to Thickness of Thighs!

So...as my surgery date nears, I realized that I really need to decide exactly what SHAPE of Azz I'm trying to achieve. Based on many results of the other lovely ladies here on RS, it seems that how your butt is shaped now will generally be the same shape after the BBL, just a larger and better defined version? Meaning: Wide butts will still be wide, butt creases don't seem to change much, etc.

But projection definitely seems to be achievable! And that's what I'm mainly concerned with: PROJECTION, PROJECTION, PROJECTION!

I have extremely thick thighs...that are pretty toned even though I'm overweight (but not overweight for long...haha). I don't want lipo to my thighs, so I figured it's best to find wish pics that reflect similar thighs so that I can have an idea of what to expect... I also don't want hips added...with my thick thighs I think hips will just make me look bottom heavy and awkward...and I don't want arm lipo...even though my upper arms probably could use it...I just plan to work out and tone them as much as possible pre-op!

Also, I plan to show my surgeon a PORTFOLIO of wish pics, lol, so he will know EXACTLY what I desire. And if he can't...I'm sure he'll let me know!

Meanwhile...I'm still working out like crazy for the second week in a row *pat on the back* and eating properly so that my results after surgery will look similar to some of the toned women with thick thighs in my wish pics!

Weight-loss journey...down a total of 12.8 lbs in 2 weeks!

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs
May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs

Down 4.8 lbs this week! I have a long way to go...but I'm still pushing to lose as much weight as possible by August 26 - surgery date!

Weight-loss journey...down total of 14.4 lbs so far...

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs
May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs

Weight loss slowed down...but luckily I'm down another 1.6 lbs this week (goal was 2.5lbs :-( ...total of 14.4 lbs)....something is better than nothing!

Weight-loss journey...down a total of 17.2 lbs so far...

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs
May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs

Met my goal of 2.5 lbs for the week...2.8 lbs! I'm still pushing hard...last week I only made it to the gym 3 times...I'm trying to get there 5-6 days a week, my eating was pretty good, but I had a few slip ups. So for this week I plan to make it to the gym 6 days, and eat properly - counting calories and calorie cycling. So my goal for next week is 3 lbs! We'll see how it goes!

Weight-loss journey...down a total of 20.8 lbs so far...

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs

May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs
June 17, 2013: No Weigh-In
June 24, 2013: 191.2 lbs

The week before last was rough...didn't really work out the way I planned and ate some junk (fast food, cake, etc) due to a traveling schedule...so I didn't even bother to weigh-in...I'm sure I gained but whatever. Last week I was able to semi-get back on track...My eating was decent, I made it to the gym 3 days, went swimming (laps) and even went to my first spinning class (Thanks LolaJae!)

So my goal is to make this week as close to perfect as possible with my eating and working out! I'm down a few more pounds (3.6 to be exact) and hope to be in the 180's sometime this week (fingers crossed). I'm only 2 months pre-op...so let's see what I can do in these 2 months! I've already lost 20 lbs in about 5 weeks so I'm sure I can lose 20 more in the the next 8 weeks!

I wish everyone trying to lose weigh pre-op (and gain) success!

Weight-loss journey...down a total of 22.8 lbs so far...

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs

May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs
June 17, 2013: No Weigh-In
June 24, 2013: 191.2 lbs
July 1, 2013: 189.2 lbs

TOTAL: -22.8 lbs in 7 weeks

Okay ladies...I lost exactly 2 lbs for the week...I'm not complaining because I'm still losing but I want more! This week I plan to go H.A.M!!! I want to see a big drop in weight this week. I'm going for 4 lbs by next Monday. My goal is usually about 2.5 lbs a week...but it's not happening for me because I think I'm not being disciplined enough!

The plan:
-Gym: 6 Days with Cardio and Strength Training
-Classes: 2 Spinning Classes
-Pool: Swim laps at least once this week
-Diet: Calorie Cycling while counting EVERY Calorie!
-Water: Up the water intake drastically!

Let's see how it goes...I'm a little less than 2 months pre-op and I want to be the BEST ME I CAN BE by my surgery date. Which means I still have another 15-25lbs to lose before August 26. If I follow my plan, I should definitely lose 4 lbs this week! But I'll also gauge how my body feels to make sure I'm not overdoing it...

Good luck to all those trying to lose weight (and gain too...:-)!

Weight-loss journey...down a total of 25 lbs so far...

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs

May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs
June 17, 2013: No Weigh-In
June 24, 2013: 191.2 lbs
July 1, 2013: 189.2 lbs
July 8, 2013: 187.0 lbs

TOTAL: -25.0 lbs in 8 weeks

Slow and steady wins the race I guess...I'm down 2.2 lbs this week. Was hoping for more...but I really didn't go as HARD as I originally planned. Had a little set back with wings and booze with my girlfriends, lol! Let's just say the hangover kept me out of the gym for a few days...

This week I'm going to try my best to tighten up though...I will be traveling for a few days and for me, staying focused on diet and exercise when traveling is always a difficult task!

I have my pre-op with Dr. Azurin in just over 1 month (2 weeks prior to my surgery date)...so I have a goal of getting to 169 by my pre-op and 165 by my pre-surgery weigh-in. This journey won't be easy...but with some discipline, will power, cardio, strength-training, and calorie counting...I think I can make it!

I've already told myself that as long as I get to 172 (40 lbs down total and 15 more pounds from this point) by my day of surgery I will be satisfied with my efforts. My ultimate weight goal post op is somewhere between 155-165. 150 would be good but I generally find that weight too hard to maintain.

The only thing I'm slightly concerned about is loose skin from rapid weight-loss. Anyone have any tips for avoiding that (besides losing weight more slowly of course)? I'm also considering how my body will react after consistently working out for 3 months then suddenly having no activity for a month or so post-op. Hope I don't pack on the pounds...I digress.

Wish me luck on my journey! And good luck to those that are losing weight and gaining weight for our BBL's!

Exactly 1 Month from Pre-Op Appointment/Consultation! Still losing weight...calorie cycling is working!

Ok ladies, I'm exactly 1 Month from my Pre-Op Appointment/Consultation appointment with Dr. Azurin! This is a very exciting time and also a reminder to kick my diet and exercise into high gear!

I've lost almost 2 more pounds since my Monday weigh-in...and I'm hoping to get down to 182 (started a 212 lbs less than 9 weeks ago) by my Monday weigh-in...that's pushing it...but it will mean I'm down 30 lbs! In 9 weeks! I'm going to try my best to hit that milestone.

More good news: Since I've been consistently going to the gym the last month or so I've been wearing my size large Squeem (waist binder, not the vest) underneath my tank tops....and guess what? I moved it to the second row of hooks 2 weeks ago and now it's too big! Yeah!!! I have a medium, small, and extra small Squeem I anticipated using post-op, but I guess I'll be moving into the medium early! I'm going to try to squeeze into it on Monday! Lol.

I've had a few people PM me and ask about calorie cycling...I promise I will provide a detailed post on what exactly I've done with the calorie cycling in the near future. But here are the basics:

Bottom Line: You lower calories one day and have regular amount of calories the next day. Essentially, you diet every other day, or however your decide to tailor this lifestyle to fit you personally.

The calorie cycling can be modified to meet your scheduling needs. I first read a book called the Alternate Day Diet, and modified the concept to my schedule. Like I stated before - Technically, you diet every OTHER day! This works for me, because I'm a foodie and it's hard for me to maintain a diet that deprives me of whatever for long periods of time.

The idea behind calorie cycling is that your body never goes into starvation mode, and you lose weight because you still eat. Thus, you don't have any issues with metabolism, and it actually helps your body re-learn what true hunger is. If you can just tell yourself "No, I CAN'T have this piece of red velvet cake today (my favorite) but I can enjoy a slice tomorrow" you've already won the battle.

On this diet nothing is off limits - everything in moderation. And it can become a lifestyle that you can adjust to your situation. For instance, if you have a party or function on a Friday and that's a "low calorie" day, you simply eat for the occasion and then make Saturday your low calorie day and then get back to your normal schedule.

Here is how I generally structure my week:

Monday: Medium Calories
Tuesday: Regular Calories
Wednesday: Low Calories
Thursday: Regular Calories
Friday: Low Calories
Saturday: High Calories
Sunday: Low Calories

So I eat regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, lower my calories on Wednesdays, Friday's and Sunday's, eat a high amount of calories on Saturdays (my cheat day) and a moderate/medium amount of calories on Mondays.

**** Please NOTE: I do this IN ADDITION to working out because the combination of diet and exercise work for me! Also, this I plan to make this "diet" my lifestyle when I achieve and work on maintaining my goal weight. Also note, this lifestyle is not for everyone! Check with your doctor first..

************************** For more info you can google: Calorie Cycling; Alternate Day Diet; Up Day Down Day Diet; Alternate Day Fasting; Intermittent Fasting, Paleo Diet, Eat Stop Eat Diet...

Good luck with any goals you may have...and I hope at least one person has found this helpful...

More info on Calorie Cycling to come...feel free to PM with any question you may have.

Weight-loss journey...down a total of 28 lbs so far...

Well ladies...I didn't hit the 30 lbs mark I was going for this week, but I'm down 28 lbs in 9 weeks and I don't think that's too shabby! Lol. Down 3 lbs for the week. Especially considering that I ate out at Bahama Breeze (had some fried empanadas and sweet curry chicken and rice!) for dinner and enjoyed some alcoholic beverages...I won't complain about the 3 lb loss!

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs

WEEK #1: May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
WEEK #2: May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
WEEK #3: June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
WEEK #4: June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs
WEEK #5: June 17, 2013: No Weigh-In
WEEK #6: June 24, 2013: 191.2 lbs
WEEK #7: July 1, 2013: 189.2 lbs
WEEK #8: July 8, 2013: 187.0 lbs
WEEK #9: July 15, 2013: 184.0 lbs

TOTAL -28 lbs

I am a month away from my pre-op labs so it's time to kick things into high gear! I want this weight loss to continue and need to lose at least 9 more lbs to make it to my goal of 175 lbs. Of course I'd love to get to 165 pre-op...so I have 6 weeks to work on 19 lbs...smh...

But hey, you MUST shoot for the stars right? Isn't that the point of setting goals? I have to push myself and if I fall short, I find comfort in knowing that falling short still exceeds what I would have acheived had I not have set ANY goals in the first place. I'm proud of myself for what I have accomplished thus far!


Monday: 1200-1500 calories (1500-1800+ if you are working out)
Tuesday: 500-900 calories (700-1000+ if you are working out)
Wednesday: 1200-1500 calories (1500-1800+ if you are working out)
Thursday: 500-900 calories (700-1000+ if you are working out)
Friday: 1200-1500 calories (1500-1800+ if you are working out)
Saturday: 2500-3500 calories (cheat day)
Sunday: 500-900 calories (700-1000+ if you are working out)

When I finally hit the maintenance phase after reaching my weight-loss goal, I will modify my regular calorie days by increasing the caloric intake. But I'm currently still in the losing phase so the above caloric guide is what I try to maintain...do I fall short? Yes! Some days I overeat...and I go over my allotted calorie amount. But that's OKAY...that's the difference between a diet and a lifestyle...when life happens you have to keep it moving and make adjustments!

Good luck to all those having surgery this week! And good luck to those in the process of losing and gaining weight!


Monday's are my MEDIUM CALORIE DAYS so it should read:

Monday: 800-1200 calories (1100-1500+ if you are working out)
Tuesday: 500-900 calories (700-1000+ if you are working out)
Wednesday: 1200-1500 calories (1500-1800+ if you are working out)
Thursday: 500-900 calories (700-1000+ if you are working out)
Friday: 1200-1500 calories (1500-1800+ if you are working out)
Saturday: 2500-3500 calories (cheat day)
Sunday: 500-900 calories (700-1000+ if you are working out)


****I apologize in advance but this is a long post!

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs

WEEK #1: May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
WEEK #2: May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
WEEK #3: June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
WEEK #4: June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs
WEEK #5: June 17, 2013: No Weigh-In
WEEK #6: June 24, 2013: 191.2 lbs
WEEK #7: July 1, 2013: 189.2 lbs
WEEK #8: July 8, 2013: 187.0 lbs
WEEK #9: July 15, 2013: 184.0 lbs
WEEK #10: July 22, 2013: 184.0 lbs

TOTAL -28 lbs


Calorie Cycling…it works…but only if you actually do it! This week, I deviated substantially from my planned course of action, ate a bunch of crap (enjoyed eating out a bit too much), skipped out on the gym a few times, and enjoyed a few glasses of wine almost every night last week…and as a result? You guessed it! The scale wasn’t too kind this week. I stayed the same weight this week. But guess what? *Lil Wayne Voice* “I ain’t got no worries!”


So, I figured this is the best possible time to hit my RESET button, and put my tips here so that anyone that wants to start from scratch will be able to start with me…or refer back to this post in the future whenever they are ready.

I really wanted to hit the 30lbs down mark today…but instead…the scale didn’t budge! But hey, 28 lbs down in 10 weeks is still not too shabby!

Even though I didn’t lose ANY weight this week, I’m still keeping my eyes on the prize and want to focus on getting these final 10-15 lbs off prior to my surgery date at the end of August. I want to avoid hitting any plateaus and staying at the same weight two weeks in a row is the first sign I may be starting to plateau. I KNOW continued weight-loss is possible through dedication!

Let’s do this!


1. Calculate your calorie count for your low calorie and high calorie days based on your level of physical activity, desired level of restriction, age, height and weight.

Find out your caloric needs based on the calorie calculator found at the bottom of the page here:


* Please Note: Desired level of restriction is based on the amount of calories you plan to reduce every other day. For instance, I entered 20% weight loss mode, that means cutting your normal caloric intake down to 20% every OTHER day. If you prefer not to be as drastic, the calculator will go up to a 60% reduction – but that is more of a maintenance phase. I tend to try to go HAM…so I’ll use 20% for my calculations.

*Also, be honest with your level of activity! If you PLAN to go to the gym 3 times a week but currently work out ZERO times a week, put sedentary/no exercise/no activity! You’ll only hurt yourself in the long run…the more activity you put, the more calories it will allow you to eat. You can change the stats in the caloric calculator later when you actually do start a work out regimen.

*There is a lot of helpful information on the “Up Day Down Day Diet” on the above website. However, I follow principles I’ve learned from reading the book, The Alternate Day Diet, combined with principles I’ve learned from calorie cycling literature. Research is key. The “Up Day Down Day Diet” is VERY similar to the Alternate Day diet but these “diets” are NOT to be confused with calorie cycling…you can probably consider these diets “extreme calorie cycling.”

2. Plan out your meals on your low calorie days! For me, I will be sticking to protein shakes and green smoothies THIS WEEK on my low calorie days. Essentially, just liquids. Why? It is just easier at least initially to keep count of your calories and take the guess work out of what you’ll eat. The first week or two is like an “induction phase.” Can you eat instead of drinking shakes and smoothies? Of course! Do what’s best for you! Just make sure that on your normal calorie days you don’t overeat! Follow the calorie guidelines to the best of your ability.

3. Commit yourself to trying it out completely for at least a week. Weigh yourself initially, and then weigh in again at the same time 7 days later. Will there be temptations along the way? Of course! Last week was a perfect example for me! Like I stated earlier, I virtually did not calorie cycle or count calories at all! Eating out, mixed adult beverages, eating fried foods, and having several glasses of wine almost every night. And on top of that, I went over my normal calories EVERY SINGLE DAY! What’s a girl to do? Pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back on the wagon!

* Know yourself and what your strengths and weaknesses are. This lifestyle allows me to eat whatever I want…EVERY OTHER DAY. Consider that having such low calories every other day may not be your thing. My first week starting this lifestyle after Mother’s Day, I had headaches and was freaking hungry! No lie! My body was going through severe withdrawals! I went from having fast food a few times a day for EVERY MEAL to eating fruits, veggies, grilled fish, and green smoothies. My body was like WTF? Where is the McDonalds and Burger King? I swear I could hear my body talking to me sometimes saying, “B*&%$, are you crazy? You really tried me with this healthy s&*^!” But guess what? My body eventually adjusted. The key was sticking to it.

* REFORMED DIETER: I’ve dieted a lot over the years but all my past diets have forced me to restrict myself from one thing or another…this lifestyle does have restrictions, but it’s just EVERY OTHER DAY! Nothing is off limits.

For instance, my bestie lost LOTS of weight on Atkins…but I’m simply not a meat lover…I generally don’t eat eggs. And every time we would go somewhere, it would make me GAG to see her take the bread off of her hamburger and just eat the meat…or eat tons of bacon and sausage and butter, but no fruits and no veggies…yuck…but that’s just me! And no condiments? WTH? I had to recognize that I’m a CARB LOVER, and giving up CARBS for me would be equal to giving up LIFE! Lol! Also, she couldn’t maintain that lifestyle for more than a few months, eventually the weight crept back on. I needed to find a lifestyle that allows me to eat Red Velvet cake, shrimp alfredo, garlic bread, tons of ketchup, chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, etc. (Not all at the same time of course!) And for me…this is it! Know yourself.

I’ve entered my stats below as I’ve entered on the calorie calculator to give you an idea.

HEIGHT: 5’6” (66 inches)
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Moderate Exercise 3-5 days per week
RESTRICTION LEVEL: 20% Weight Loss Mode
AGE: *cough, cough*

So technically my week should look something like this:

MONDAY: 500 Calories
TUESDAY: 2500 Calories
WEDNESDAY: 500 Calories
THURSDAY: 2500 Calories
FRIDAY: 500 Calories
SATURDAY: 2500 Calories
SUNDAY: 500 Calories

However, I play with my calories a bit, due to the calorie cycling principles I’ve learned, so I have slightly more calories on my low calorie days and slightly less on my normal days, allowing myself room for a “high” calorie day which adds to more body confusion, which allows for more weight loss. I also have a medium calorie day (more calories than a “low calorie” day, but less than a “normal calorie” day).

*So my typical week actually looks something like this with NO working out:

Monday: 800-1200 calories-MEDIUM CALORIE DAY

Tuesday: 500-900 calories -LOW CALORIE DAY

Wednesday: 1200-1500 calories -REGULAR CALORIE DAY

Thursday: 500-900 calories -LOW CALORIE DAY

Friday: 1200-1500 calories -REGULAR CALORIE DAY

Saturday: 2500-3500 calories -HIGH CALORIE DAY

Sunday: 500-900 calories -LOW CALORIE DAY

*****My week typically looks like this when I AM working out:

Monday: 1100-1500 calories -MEDIUM CALORIE DAY

Tuesday: 700-1000+ calories -LOW CALORIE DAY

Wednesday: 1500-1800+ calories - NORMAL CALORIE DAY

Thursday: 700-1000+ calories -LOW CALORIE DAY

Friday: 1500-1800+ calories - NORMAL CALORIE DAY

Saturday: 2500-3500 calories (Cheat Day!)-HIGH CALORIE DAY

Sunday: 700-1000+ calories -LOW CALORIE DAY

I hope I’m making sense? I hope I’m not making it sound more complicated than it really is because it’s NOT COMPLICATED! So instead of looking a calories you are allowed per day, I look at calories for the WEEK, and manipulate my calories accordingly as you see from my previous post. At the end of the day, the key to ANY method of dieting or lifestyle changes to lose weight is the same: CALORIES IN vs. CALORIES OUT. You must have a deficit in calories either via less calories eaten or more calories burned through exercise. Preferably, it will be a combination of the two – diet and exercise. To keep things simple, I advise to just start out having a normal calorie day and a low calorie day. So - 2500/500 (or whatever your specific calculation is).


Remember, I’m hitting RESET this week, so I’m going to try to have liquids only on my low calorie days this week because I’m starting over (and I want to shake up my body a bit - body caloric confusion). I’ll still eat what I want on my normal calorie days (within reason).

So this is what I’ll be having this week on low calorie days:

1. Vitamins
2. Protein Shake mixed w/ ½ banana
3. Crystal Lite mixed with Amino Acids
4. White Wine and Herb Chicken Broth (1 cup)
5. Protein Shake
6. Coconut Curry Chicken Broth (2 cups)
7. Crystal Lite mixed with Amino Acids
8. Protein Shake
9. Optional: 2 cups Sugar free jello, 2 sticks of chewing gum

TOTAL CALORIES: 525 Calories

I’m sure that seems extreme to most people, but it’s just for this week, which really means I’ll just do it for 3 (maybe 4) days out of the week! (Every other day, remember? Lol) It is just to kickstart things and give me a jumpstart out of this plateau I’ve entered and it is definitely not to maintain long term! Remember, this lifestyle is not for everyone! Discipline is key!

Here’s an idea of what I would normally EAT on one of my LOW CALORIE days AFTER the induction phase:

-Cup of Coffee with Splenda and Creamy Chocolate Creamer?(30 calories)??
-Celery Sticks w/ 1 wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese?(40 calories)??
-2 Sticks of Chewing Gum (at times when I get a bit hungry I try that first after water)?(20 calories)??
-Spinach Salad (2 Cups) with 2 TBSP of Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard Dressing?(65 calories)??
-1 cup sugar free jello?(10 calories)??
-I pkg of baby carrot sticks?(35 calories)??
-1 Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Shake ?(130 calories)??
-1 Black Bean Burger with TBSP of sugar free Heinz Ketchup?(125 calories)??
-1 Tangerine?(35 calories)??
-1 small apple?(60 calories)??
-2 Bottles of Crystal Light?(20 calories)??
-1/2 small banana?(65 calories)??
-1 cup sugar free jello?(10 calories)??
-Cucumber salad with lime juice and salsa?(25 calories)??
-Cup of Chicken Broth (20 calories)

TOTAL: 655 calories ?

*Note: When I have my low calories days I rarely have an actual “meal.” Instead I have a series of snacks and eat one thing every hour or two during the day. That’s my attempt of keeping my metabolism active despite the low amount of calories. Additionally, it helps with my hunger level because I’m always eating something small every hour or two and have plenty of water each time I eat something. I guess it’s kind of mental for me. I never want to actually “feel” hungry.

Here’s an example:

6:00 am Coffee

8:00 am Protein Shake

10:00 am Apple

11:00 am Sugar Free Jello

12:00 pm Black Bean Burger & Cucumber Salad

2:00 pm Tangerine

3:00 pm Celery Sticks, Laughing Cow Cheese & Crystal Lite with Amino Acids

5:00 pm Spinach Salad

6:00 pm ½ Banana

7:00 pm Baby Carrots & Jello

8:00 pm Chicken Broth

9:00 pm Crystal Lite with Amino Acids

Is this low calorie day a day full of delicious food? Absolutely NOT! But you are only sacrificing EVERY OTHER DAY! The next day you eat what you want! Remember that!

You should also consider a principle I employ called VOLUMETRICS. If you are a foodie like me, having a serving size of ½ a cup of cereal instead of 1 cup is NO BUENO! Under the volumetrics principle, you can add lower calorie food to things you like. So instead of having one cup of Raisin Bran and one cup of whole milk at 190 Calories, you have ½ a cup of Raisin Bran at 95 Calories and add 1/2 cup of blueberries which will give you a sense of satisfaction because your eyes tell your brain that you are eating the same amount as usual, but in reality you are substantially cutting calories without cutting out the amount of food you actually put in your mouth. You focus on the calorie density of your foods.

1 Cup of Raisin Bran = 190 Calories
1 Cup of Whole Milk = 146 Calories

½ Cup of Raisin Bran = 95 Calories
½ Cup of Blueberries = 42 Calories
1 Cup of Light Soy Milk = 60 Calories
TOTAL = 197 Calories

You are eating the same volume of food but saving over 125 calories! And because of the calorie density in blueberries, it will even appear as if you are eating MORE in your bowl than when it’s just raisin bran alone even though it’s still two cups total for both. And that’s just one meal! Every little bit counts!

If you need help with calorie counting try CALORIEKING.COM…

Also, I’m not a vegetarian, but I eat very little meat. I refer to myself as a “flexitarian.” I’m not opposed to eating meat, but I usually only have meat for two or three meals a week. For example, in place of the black bean burger above, I often substitute it for seasoned tuna (Starkist Sweet & Spicy Tuna in the pouch is one of my favorites because you can eat it without adding any extras to it), salmon, cod fish, tilapia, grilled chicken breast, etc. All baked of course, never fried! (Fried foods are for normal calorie days and in moderation.) Also I tend to eat my “starchier” foods, i.e. potatoes, corn, bread, cereals, pasta, etc on my normal calorie days as much as possible. Adjust your calories, accordingly…if you love meat and can’t go without it every other day, find a way to add it to your low calorie day…it’s possible!

Also, I do work out 3-5 days a week. This includes strength training AND cardio. And I won’t blow smoke up anyone’s azz and say that I barely work out…for the past month or so I’ve been going SUPER HARD in the gym! No “foo-foo” work outs here. Just for a visual…I look like I just jumped in the pool with all my clothes on EVERYTIME I leave the gym.

So let’s be clear: I attribute my weight-loss success to the combination of diet (calorie cycling and counting calories) AND exercise (intense cardio and heavy strength training).

As promised, I hope this helps explain CALORIE CYCLING in more DETAIL. PM me if you have any specific questions, ask any general questions you may have here.

This week I’m expecting a big number on the scale! Maybe it will make up for last week’s mishap!

I have a goal of 179.9 lbs by next week’s weigh-in! Is that even possible? That means I have to lose 4.1 lbs in a week! But I desperately want to see the “170’s!” We shall see!

Wish me luck! And good luck to you ladies out there trying to gain and of course trying to lose weight pre-op!!!

Sorry for such a long post but I’m hoping this helps at least one of you ladies…


DOWN 30 LBS in LESS THAN 11 WEEKS! 1 Month Pre-Op; Countdown begins…AZZ BY AZURIN!

Down 30 lbs in less than 11 weeks and officially 30 days pre-op!

So today I’m officially one month pre-op! I’m super excited! And I’ve officially lost 30 LBS (actually 29.8lbs) in a little over 10 weeks…can you believe it? I’m definitely proud of myself.

In preparation for surgery, I’ve started taking iron supplements a few days ago…one iron pill per day (65mg).

For the next month I’m going to go hard and give myself a month of “LAST CHANCE WORKOUTS!” I still want to lose at least 2 - 2.5lbs per week for the next 4 weeks which will put me somewhere around 175 which was my original goal (165-175lb).

I plan to continue calorie cycling and calorie counting until surgery. Post-op, my plan is definitely to eat healthy, but I will only try to maintain my weight and not lose any weight - to help with healing…so I’ll be abandoning calorie cycling for the month of September.

I’m pretty sure that maintaining is a good idea for me mentally, because the reality is that I won’t be able to hit the gym hard for a while post-op and I refuse to starve myself so losing weight will probably be difficult initially. I must watch my food intake and make sure I don’t gain!!! I will probably still count calories, but no calorie cycling. Also, I know that due to post-op swelling ,weight tends to fluctuate for the first few weeks.

But I’ll DEFINITELY be back on calorie cycling in October and after I’m cleared to work out again I hope to get down to somewhere between 155-165 lbs by the end of the year! At least that’s my current plan.

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs

WEEK #1: May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
WEEK #2: May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
WEEK #3: June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
WEEK #4: June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs
WEEK #5: June 17, 2013: No Weigh-In
WEEK #6: June 24, 2013: 191.2 lbs
WEEK #7: July 1, 2013: 189.2 lbs
WEEK #8: July 8, 2013: 187.0 lbs
WEEK #9: July 15, 2013: 184.0 lbs
WEEK #10: July 22, 2013: 184.0 lbs

MID-WEEK WEIGH IN - 1 MONTH PRE-OP: July 26, 2013 - 182.2 lbs

SURGERY DATE: August 26, 2013 – Goal: 175.0 lbs
4 MONTH POST-OP: December 26, 2013 – Goal: 155.0 lbs

Only 7 more pounds to hit my pre-op goal! Any additional weight loss will be bonus! (And if I can get down 13lbs by then I’ll be doing back flips because that will put me at 169lbs, but I won’t push my luck!) My pre-op consult with Dr. Azurin is on August 12, so I’m definitely hoping to be somewhere in the 170’s by then… I still hope to hit 179.9 by Monday’s weigh in…but that will be a stretch (2 lbs in 3 days, smh) but stay tuned!


Weight-loss has it's down sides too...

Not one to complain about losing 30 lbs in 11 weeks but a few areas on my body have definitely succumb to some loose skin! Ugghhh!!! Maybe the weight-loss has been too quickly? IDK, it averages to a little over 2.5 lbs loss per week so I don't think that's too bad? Anyhow, for the next month I plan to focus on a few problem areas daily (before I go to bed each night) for some extra toning.


1. Between upper thighs
SOLUTION: Thigh Master Squeezes (100 per night)

2. Arm/Armpit area (Bat Wings)
SOLUTION: Small Arm Circles (200 per night, per arm)

3. Lower Stomach; Right Above Public Area
SOLUTION: Crunches, Scissor Kicks, and Butt Raises

Additionally, I've started Mederma Stretch Mark Cream in the areas (not sure if that helps with tightening but it's worth a try) and I exfoliate the above areas at least twice per day with sugar scrub to encourage production of collagen to tighten the skin. I desperately want to avoid lipo to the thighs and arms and want to make sure that my lower abs are tight post-lipo. I've been lifting weights in the gym for the past few months so my muscle tone should continue to improve this month. I'm still in my 30's so I'm guessing that my skin still has a good chance of retracting well over time...we shall see!

Weight Loss Woes... + Pre-Op Consult and Lab Work Scheduled Today!

Hello ladies! Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few weeks. Stress had truly taken over, but I’m back on track now!

How has the weight-loss been coming you may be wondering? Well, it hasn’t! Did I mention I’m a stress-eater? I had a major exam at the end of July and starting a few days before the exam I went HAM on all the no-no foods:

McDonalds (multiple times), Pollo Tropical, Sonic, KFC, Subway, Burger King, mac and cheese, Taco Bell, Starbucks ,donuts, and Blue Bell Red Velvet Ice-Cream, LOADS of chocolate…and all kinds of other crap. Gross, right? What was I thinking? I really threw calorie cycling out the window for a good 2 weeks and as a result I gained 7 lbs! Ugh. I went from 182 to 189, WTH? But fast food and no exercise will do it to me EVERYTIME, so really I shouldn’t be surprised.

Also, preparation is key! I knew I was going to be out of town for the exam and ended up spending time with friends for a few days after the exam…so when in Rome do as the Romans do? I ate whatever they ate, and it was not healthy stuff! I didn’t see a fruit OR vegetable the whole time I was there! (Wait…do French fries count? Lol.) Bottom line: I did not prepare for my eating while away for over a week and as a result my weight suffered.

When you fail to plan – you plan to fail!

So I’ve been spending the past few days trying to get back on track and re-implementing my calorie cycling regime. I’ve really got to get my stress eating under control! And it didn’t help that I was already in a plateau zone when I decided to go on a junk food and fast food RAMPAGE! Not smart! I’m essentially where I was 5 weeks ago, smh.

I’m just trying to get to 179.9 by my surgery date in two weeks. AND I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday while squatting! No fun! So I probably won’t be able to work out the next few days.

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs

WEEK #1: May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
WEEK #2: May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
WEEK #3: June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
WEEK #4: June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs
WEEK #5: June 17, 2013: No Weigh-In
WEEK #6: June 24, 2013: 191.2 lbs
WEEK #7: July 1, 2013: 189.2 lbs
WEEK #8: July 8, 2013: 187.0 lbs
WEEK #9: July 15, 2013: 184.0 lbs
WEEK #10: July 22, 2013: 184.0 lbs
WEEK #11: July 29, 2013: 186.4 lbs
WEEK #12: August 5, 2013: 189.6 lbs
WEEK #13: August 12, 2013: 184.4 lbs

Not the weight I was hoping for, but it is what it is. I’ll look on the bright side…more fat for my bbl, lol. I also have to remind myself that this is a lifestyle and not a diet, so there will be times where I slip up and fall off the wagon. I’m trying not to be so hard on myself, because I’ve achieved decent weight-loss in a short period of time but I can’t help but feeling like I wasted those few weeks where I could have been losing weight on gaining weight…now I’m scrambling to get it together.

IN OTHER NEWS: I go in for my pre-op consultation and lab work today! (2 weeks away from surgery!) So I’ll be able to discuss with Dr. Azurin what exactly I’m looking for, show him my wish-pic portfolio (on my iPAD) and ask all my questions (already printed them out). I pray my labs come back okay! I’ll update later with how the consult goes! SEND POSITIVE VIBES MY WAY!

I hope all you ladies have been well.


Met with Dr. Azurin today for my pre-op consult and lab work!

Had my pre-op consult with Dr. Azurin today! I had my labs/bloodwork done today and will get the results tomorrow (fingers crossed). PAID IN FULL! (Well, technically only paid him in full…financed the procedure with CareCredit.) I went over all my surgery information and consent paperwork with my patient coordinator Yashira who is both beautiful and extremely helpful.

Meeting with Dr. Azurin was great! He was very personable and greeted me with a huge smile and hug! He was super nice and very honest about what I should expect post-op. Basically, he didn’t blow smoke up my azz. He agreed that I am indeed boxy and will benefit from the procedure but because I’m not “hippy” and he doesn’t add hips (due to possible unevenness) I may not end up with the dramatic hourglass I desire…boo! But, I’m so glad he was honest. I already knew in advance that he doesn’t add hips. It definitely didn’t change my mind about my decision to go to him. Here are some other things I focused on during my consult:

After Dr. Azurin took a look at my skin quality, he agreed to CONSERVATIVELY lipo my abdomen! Whoo-hooo! I’m super happy about that! For those of you that don’t know, Dr. Azurin only agrees to lipo the tummy on a case by case basis after assessing your skin elasticity/quality. I can now say he is definitely a perfectionist (as many cosmetic surgeons are) and does not want to produce abdomens associated with his practice that are uneven, wrinkled, or have lots of loose skin. It’s an additional $600 for the extra area, but $600 well spent! So my original total was $5650 and now with the stomach lipo my total is $6250.

That means that all my working out paid off! I’m sure that 30 lbs ago he definitely would have said no to stomach lipo because of the possibility of loose skin. When I mentioned a possible need for a TT, he scoffed at the idea and said I’d be crazy to even consider one and he definitely wouldn’t do one for me. That made me feel good, especially considering that I hear of other surgeons that say to get a TT, even when it isn’t needed.

The incisions for the stomach lipo will be completely through the navel as to camouflage the visibility and minimize scars. There will likely be 2 to 4 incisions and that will be for upper and lower abs. Obviously, I won’t be able to keep my navel ring in.

I asked him about lipo to my arms as well. He said that I could add them if I like but I am one of those people that naturally have very large arms with substantial muscle (underneath the fat) so the difference after lipo would be very subtle so it was completely my choice whether I wanted to have them done or not. He said I really didn’t need the arm lipo. so I opted not to get them done. Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue my quest to tone them up once I’m cleared to work out again.

Dr. Azurin lipo’s the ENTIRE back as part of the surgery fee. Upper back, middle back, lower back/sacrum and flanks. This includes BRA ROLLS. My bra rolls are a problem area for me. When I wear my sports bras with tank tops at the gym I’m always conscious of the jiggle from the rolls. I call them my back boobs. Naked there is nothing there, but once I put on a tight sports bra to accommodate my breasts from flopping around the ole’ back boobs appear…yuck! Dr. Azurin told me that even with the maximum back lipo he will provide, that area on me has a great deal of skin so I will likely not be able to achieve the tight, flat results I’m looking for. Basically, I may end up with smaller back boobs, lol. Dr. Azurin sculpts the HELL out of the back and flanks and lipo’s those areas TO THE MAX! And I have a fat back, so I’m pretty sure I’ll see an improvement!

The incisions on the back will be staggered as opposed to symmetrical so that the telltale “lipo” scars will not be as noticeable and will not catch the eye as

I also expressed that I wanted the fat pouch above my butt crack removed. It’s gross and definitely adds to the flatness of my butt. He said that he will take out as much fat from that area as possible, but because he is removing all the possible fat from my entire back, that area may end up settling due to gravity and genetics with a small pouch. Basically, that “triangle” above the crack that I desire may or may not happen. Disappointing, but definitely not a dealbreaker. Again, I’m glad he was honest.

I am most concerned about projection. I expressed to Dr. Azurin that I wanted maximum projection and I’m not very concerned about the width/wideness. I also showed him several wish pics and he also had wish pics in my file that I sent. I told him I want his signature heart shape and maximum outward projection. He is confident that he can round things out for me and provide me with the projection I desire – as much as my body can handle. He injects the fat close to the muscle. Also, I can expect the majority of the fat to remain (about 80%) after the transfer, but this does not include the swelling. The way it was explained to me is that the swelling gives a false perception of the actual results. Once the swelling goes down, that is what you will likely be left with and may lose up to 20%. All percentages are rough estimates because everyone’s body reacts differently.

I’ve hired a nurse for transportation that is associated with Dr. Azurin’s office (Suzie). I met her today and she is very sweet. The first hour or so of post-op care is covered by Dr. Azurin and I’ll pay her separately for transportation to and from surgery.

Also, I’ll be using Nadege to care for me post-op for the first few days, she’s pretty popular here on Realself, especially with Perry Dolls.

Today I got measured for my custom garment at Tara’s Girdles in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (http://tarasmiraclespa.com). She makes custom garments/girdles for BBL’s as well as for other surgeries or just daily wear. The garment I ordered will be made with a built in bra and is a “butt in” garment. Dr. Azurin does not like butt out garments for his patients for shaping reasons.

When Tara took my measurements she said, “WOW, your torso is very long!” I always knew that I had a long torso, but she confirmed it. She said that getting a standard garment would definitely be an issue for me because garments for my height are not usually well equipped for long torsos so I would either end up with the garment too tight on the va-jay-jay or too tight on the shoulders. Great info to have, the only issue is that I ordered several other garments as back ups. This might mean that these garments will not fit properly because of my long torso. So I’ll have to play it by ear. I ordered:

VEDETTE 118: - EXTRA LARGE – Not sure about the “panty style” butt part of this one, may use it only when I wash my garment.

VEDETTE 322: LARGE - Thong garment; Will probably use if I go anywhere for a short period of time and don’t want people to see all the lumps and bumps in the garment.
VEDETTE 124: – MEDIUM – has the bra included(it should be in tomorrow but I’m thinking it will be too small initially, if not I’ll use it when I wash my custom garment or possibly for working out)




The office provides a standard white binder that you are supposed to wear 24/7 for 8 weeks over your garment so I’ll ask if it’s okay to change out for the squeem (I forgot bring a squeem in at today’s consult). The office will provide a garment post op (for a fee) but for a bit more money, they recommend getting the custom garment if at all possible.

*My patient coordinator suggested wearing the custom garment a few days pre-op to “stretch” it out because it will be extremely tight…she said to trust her, I’d be greatful post-op. My custom garment will be ready at the end of this week.

The office provides the foams and said that an ab board is optional but I should wait 10 days to 2 weeks before adding it to my garment and binder regimen. I definitely will be adopting BigBootyTinyWaist’s regimen to get my waist as small as possible!

If there is anything I forgot I’ll add in a future update! Countdown…less than 14 days!

Prescriptions Filled & Lab-work is in...this 'ish' is getting real!

Good news! I'm happy to report that I've filled my prescriptions and the total cost was less than $35!!!! For a chick currently without health insurance I was definitely doing the happy dance right at the Costco pharmacy! Actually, I filled some at Costco and some at Publix to take advantage of Publix's free antibiotics program!

Also, because of the nature of the amount of pain meds Costco flagged the prescription and would only fill a limited amount of the hard core stuff. The rest I took to Publix.

I also decided not to fill a prescription for an anti-nausea suppository because it was over $70, gonna check with my patient coordinator to make sure it okay but Im hoping my pills will be sufficient.

My lab work came back okay and I'm officially cleared! My hemoglobin is a 13.0...still taking my iron supplements but other than that I've ceased all other supplements including my daily multivitamins, including vitamin C and calcium, because that's what I was instructed to do during my pre-op consult.

Time is ticking...and I'm getting closer!

Long Torso?

I have an unusually long torso and huge thighs. Got my vedette 124 in the mail (medium) and that was a JOKE!!!!

My thighs literally laughed and said, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" My thighs are so rude...LMBO. They fight with each other on a daily basis - seriously, they do! Needless to say, that vedette couldn't get over the very bottom of my thighs. So who knows what the stomach would fit like.

So I'm faced with a dilemma. I have a custom garment made that I will pick up today or tomorrow, but I want a back up for when I get that one altered or was it. I could opt for a second custom garment but they are pretty pricey. I'm thinking a thong garment may be my only option to avoid the thighs...but will I need the support for my butt cheeks? I ordered a vedette 109 for back-up. We'll see how that works when it comes in. I also have a vedette 322, and vedette 118 that I got SUPER CHEAP on eBay, but I think they may be too big post-op (XL and L).

VETS: Any suggestions for a chick with a long torso and extremely thick thighs?

All Supplies Purchased: Mission Accomplished!

9 days: 8 hours: 26 minutes until SHOW-TIME!!! But who's counting? Lol!

I officially completed purchasing/gathering everything on my supply list! I'll upload pics soon.

Still trying my best to get to 179.9 lbs by my surgery date...this plateau is SO REAL! But I'm still working out, and probably will until the day before surgery.

1 Week Pre-Op! Butterflies...

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs

WEEK #1: May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
WEEK #2: May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
WEEK #3: June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
WEEK #4: June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs
WEEK #5: June 17, 2013: No Weigh-In
WEEK #6: June 24, 2013: 191.2 lbs
WEEK #7: July 1, 2013: 189.2 lbs
WEEK #8: July 8, 2013: 187.0 lbs
WEEK #9: July 15, 2013: 184.0 lbs
WEEK #10: July 22, 2013: 184.0 lbs
WEEK #11: July 29, 2013: 186.4 lbs
WEEK #12: August 5, 2013: 189.6 lbs
WEEK #13: August 12, 2013: 184.4 lbs
WEEK #14: August 19, 2013: 182.2 lbs

I haven't been calorie cycling as consistently which probably adds to the plateau I'm in. But I am scheduled for surgery exactly 1 week from TODAY! Whoo-hoo! I'm super excited and can't wait!

I'm going to start back calorie cycling 2-4 weeks post op...I still would like to lose another 10-20 lbs post op! I'll give myself until December to hit my ultimate goal of between 160-169 lbs.

Today I'll be going to pick up/try on my custom made garment that I will take to surgery for Dr. Azurin to place on me post-op.

Less than a week to go! GARMENT IS SUPER TIGHT!

I went to pick up my custom garment from Tara's yesterday. Boy, oh boy, was that thing TIGHT! So much so that I had to have assistance to close that bad boy. I couldn't help but thinking, "Even after lipo, how am I going to fit in this, plus foams, and ab board? Seems impossible!"

But the good news is that the leg portion fit these thunder thighs perfectly. That was my biggest concern - whether I would be able to deal with a garment that was too tight around the legs...luckily for me, that's no longer a concern. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely snug around the thigh, but not unbearable...actually it reminds me of the shorts I wear to the gym anyway.

But there are a few concerns that I have with the garment:

First, the "butt-in" portion seems to fit my current flat butt perfectly...so what does that mean for my butt after Dr. Azurin gives me a bit of butt?

I already decided that I definitely don't want a DONK, but geesh, the little bit of butt that I requested might be smooshed down by the garment. What's a girl to do? They insisted that the garment will stretch in that area and not to worry. Guess I'll cross that bridge if and when I get there.

They also mentioned that after a month or two they could remove the mesh from the the butt-in portion to create an open butt garment, but that Dr. Azurin won't allow open butt garments for the first month.

Secondly, the opening is a bit confusing. It is definitely big enough to go #1, and the young lady that assisted me in getting in the garment says its even large enough to go #2? WTF?

Have any of you ladies been able to go #2 without taking off your garment? Seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Okay? The last thing I want to do is 'ish' on myself in a garment, lol. But maybe I'll give it a try this week, better to make a mistake now then when I'm trying to recover. She said I will just have to sit on the toliet Sumo Wrestler style and it will be fine.

However, the opening just seems TOO big to me. So much so that my inner thigh fat/extra skin kind of bubbles up to the top by my va-jay-jay. And I'm not getting thigh lipo, so that fat will still be there post-op.

She suggested that I wear it a few hours everyday to stretch it out and wash & dry it the day before surgery.

Lastly, the leg part seems a bit long. I specifically requested that the leg be a bit shorter ( I live in Florida and with the heat I wear short dresses often), but they stated that if they make it shorter the leg will likely roll up. Hmmm...

The plus sides:

The garment has a built in bra which is obviously custom to my current measurements. This is an added bonus for me because:

1.) I don't want to have to find a bra to properly fit (I'm already struggling in that department due to the 30lb weight-loss)

2.) I think it will ensure that my back is smooth since it is one continuous garment. (I'll try to add pics soon).

Additionally, the post-op instructions from Dr. Azurin say that I will have to wear the garment 24/7 for the first 4 days post-op with no shower! Hopefully, the adult disposable washcloths will be enough to ward off the stench of not showering for 4 effin days.

All in all, the garment was pricey, but definitely seems worth it. Will I order a second one? Probably not, I plan to wear my back up garments when I wash this one, once I get them altered. Plus I don't see myself wearing this garment past 2-3 months. It's like a suit of armor, lol. Anybody know of any alteration places in South Florida that specialize in altering Vedette type garments or that did a great job on yours? (Tara's won't alter any garments they didn't make).

Anyhow ladies, good luck to those that have upcoming surgeries and happy healing to those already in the recovery process!

Plateau Broken?

Maybe my plateau is broken? Well, I sure hope so. This morning I weighed in at 181.0 lbs! I have a personal goal of having a pre-op weight of 179.9! That means that I'm 1.1 lbs away from hitting my goal and I have 4 days left to make that 1.1. lbs happen! I WILL do this!

It's a big deal for me because my lowest weight on this journey was 182.2 lbs and that was a little less than a month ago (July 26) and I haven't been lower than that since. So for the past month I've been struggling between 182 and 187 (even got up to 189 once).

Up and down with the same 5 lbs was killing me! I was starting to wonder what was going wrong! I know plateaus happen, but this goes to show all you ladies out there trying to lose not to give up!

Here are some tips:

1. If you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off and hop back on! (I had a complete week of fast food early this month)

2. This is a lifestyle, not a diet - somedays will be better than others. Perfection is not the goal, finding balance and something that YOU can maintain is.

3. Push through the plateau, even when you've been the same weight for a month - if you are doing the right things and sticking to your plan, your body will HAVE TO give in eventually.

4. Don't be a slave to the scale - hard to do sometimes, but despite not seeing much weight-loss over the past month, my muscle tone is definitely improving.

5. Focus on the positives! I tried to remind myself that my strength was improving, my ability to do cardio at higher intensity was improving, muscle tone was improving, and the way I was fitting in my clothes was a lot better! (*Take THAT scale, hmph*)

Only 4 days left from my transformation!

Countdown Countinues...3 more days!

3 more days until transform into the NEW ME! I am very excited!

Unfortunately, "Aunt Flo" decided to pay me a visit so I'm hoping it doesn't EFF up my iron levels too badly...and I also hope she goes away by my surgery...even if she doesn't she definitely will be on her way out...

I plan to post pre-op pics the day before surgery! I'm undecided about when I will post the follow up pics...I want to give myself at least 2 weeks to get through the swelling, "flat stages" and "weird shape stages" and also give myself time to get back home. Please be patient with me...pics are coming!

I'll be traveling about 4 hours via car and due to a wedding I'm attending the day before surgery, I will pack all my supplies up in my car and take the trip down to South Florida for my 2+ week stay. I will only have a few hours to sleep before my surgery - I'm the first one of the day and have to get to the surgery center by 6:15 am and surgery will start around 7:15 am...as long as all goes well, I should be released by noon I'm guessing.

I have a TON of supplies (maybe even some extra/unnecessary stuff) but since I'm driving instead of flying - no worries!

I'm just concerned about the drive back post-op! Wondering if I will be able to drive 4 hours after 2 weeks post-op? I plan to take many breaks so the 4 hour drive will probably turn into a 6 hour drive...yikes! I'll play that part by ear...

Pray for me!!! Whoo-hoo! Here we GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patient Coordinator Called to Confirm...

My beautiful patient coordinator Yashira, just called to confirm my surgery on Monday! I'll have to be at the office around 6:15 am. She reminded me to start my stool softener tomorrow, start my antibiotics combined with Zantac on Sunday, no food or liquids after midnight on Sunday, and bring my anti-nausea prescription to surgery on Monday!

Okay ladies...pray, pray, pray, I need prayer! This is really it! No more SPONGEBOB- SQUAREPANTS!

No turning back now!

One day left...

As my girl Mz Phat Booty just reminded me: This is it!

This is my last weekend as Spongebob Squarepants! I am claiming a successful surgery that EXCEEDS my expectations right now in Jesus' name! Glory!

I bind the spirit of fear and claim peace...right now. No worries, I am HIS child so I know he's got me!

I will DEFINITELY see you ladies on the other side!

Today I just did a few things for "me". I took a jog around the neighborhood and cleared my mind...it's peaceful running outside alone with your thoughts...

I also got my nails and toes done. Why? No one is gonna see me during recovery! Well, just because i wanted to! Eyebrows are threaded and a got a Brazilian wax too...I'm READY!

Going to wash my hair and do a bentonite clay body mask...bentonite clay is known for pulling impurities out of the skin. I'll also bathe with the Hibiclens tonight as well as tomorrow night and the morning of surgery.

Tomorrow I have a wedding to go to in the afternoon and I'll be heading to South Florida sometime tomorrow night!

My nurse Suzie called to confirm...and she'll be picking me up at 5:30am for my 6:15am scheduled surgery appointment! Wow! This is really happening!

I've layed out all my supplies and now just need to pack them up in my car which I'll likely do after the wedding.

I'm about to cut my beach chair bottom out to sit post op. I will alao cut out my foam piece that I ordered to be able to lay on my back post-op. My last "project" tonight will be cutting and taping the pool noodles to provide me with a lift to ensure that I don't put too much pressure on my derrière while driving! I'll post pics of my projects soon.

Decided to do a colon cleanse tonight...so I expect to be on the toilet for a good portion of the evening. I know, lol, TMI!

I plan to post pre-op pics and measurements tomorrow!

Take care dolls!

As Promised...Zulu FINALLY post pre-op pics!

Well, I took a 2-mile run this morning...prayed about this surgery...and have now left it all in God's hands.

Added a few pics pre-op so you guys have some idea of what I'm working with and what I'm lacking!

More to come...

Maybe not...

Tried to post some photos but is seems that Realself is having issues...unless of course its user-error...trying again...if it doesn't work this time, I'll post them later tonight!

Today is the day!!!

I weighed in at 182 today...

I plan to take my measurements in a few minutes, but I gotta get ready to be picked up by the nurse in about 30 minutes!

Hope the pics post this time! This body is a mess and in serious need!

Thanks for all the prayers....

I will update as soon as I can!

Well...I made it through to the other side! Surgery: Check! Recovery: Let's Go!

Hello ladies!

Surgery today was complication free! Praise God! I thank all you lovely ladies for your prayer, support, and love you have shown me!

I am in discomfort for sure...mainly my lower back and sides of my butt! They are a mess, even with my pain meds! I feel like several bricks were strapped to eachi side.

I really can't tell you anything about my results! I have on a moo-moo and from what I can see I super swollen...I've been joking with my bestie saying that she punched me in the eyes while I was vulnerable! Lol, my face is extremely swollen, especially around my eye area.

I knew there would be pain, but what I didn't prepare for was the walking aspect of this surgery! I am super surprised that I can only take baby step and shuffle slowly to where I need to go...I'm winded after only about a few shuffles!

Imagine I was just running yesterday!

My bestie has truly been a God-send. I was unable to use the P-EZ funnel today because I simply just couldn't bend down that far.

My bestie help me spread my legs while standing and held a bucket while I peed. I can't even fathom going #2 right now. I'll revisit the P-Ez once I get a bit more mobile.

I definitely feel discomfort...it's borderline pain, but somewhat tolerable with the meds The side o. The issue for me is my lack of mobility. My bestie has a high bed and she had a step stool to assist me in getting in and out but apparently I'm too thick these days, my foot went straight through! Darn.

My bestie also decided to take off work tomorrow based on being my condition being worse off than she originallly imagined.

Anyhow, I've been working on this post for 3 hours now...I keep falling asleep. Thanks Valium!

I hope to update sometime soon. I have my first post op visit schedule with Dr. Azurin tomorrow.

First Day Post-Op!

Hello ladies! I'm a lot more mobile today . Still stiff and my lipo'ed areas are sore. My butt is the thing that's the most painful! The outside of my cheeks are seriously tender.

Today my bestie forced me to urinate on my own...I was a bit nervous, but under her careful watch a few minutes later the trickle began to come...and it was bliss! I hold a plastic pitcher between my thighs and dump it when I'm done.

My bestie also gave me an enema this evening and I had a small bowel movement. And get this..I did it IN MY GARMENT! No mess, no fuss! I sat backwards on the toilet and spread my legs far apart and just did my business through the opening! I'm so relieved because the last thing I wanted to do was 'ish' on myself!

I rode in the back seat laying down while the bestie ran a few errands...I was happy to get out of the house!

I tried my beach chair today...it worked like a charm! Perfect dimensions! The only issue was getting back up from the chair...that was a bit of a struggle, but I made it.

I may try laying on my back with the cut-out foam within the next few days..

I try to stretch as much as possible.

I had my initial post-op follow up at Dr. Azurin's office. They just looked me over and took down the top half of the garment...it was essentially pain free. Sutures will be removed next week.

My appetite is up and down. I eat whatever I can stomach, and small portions is all I can handle.

Thank God for my workouts because my upper body strength has been a lifesaver through this process. I'm so glad I didn't get my arms lipo-ed or I may have been out of gas!

Sorry this update is all over the place, but the drugs are taking over.

Special shout out to my girl HunnyWingz having surgery in a few days! Good luck boo! I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

Recovery Ups and Downs...

Well as you all know, recovery isn't exactly a walk in the park...and since today is only my second day post-op, I'm definitely no expert. But here are some things I've noticed:

1. My nose is killing me!
-It seems that because they had breathing tubes in my nose when I was sedated my nose may have been irritated and it was bleeding when I got home. It is still bothering me now. Additionally, the breathing tube that was down my throat made my throat a bit irritated post-op but its back to normal now.

2. Facial swelling
-It looks like me and Mike Tyson got in a fight. My eyes are definitely swollen. My face in general is also swollen. It seems to be improving though.

3. Butt pain
-Of course it should be expected that my butt hurts, right? It seems that it's the outside of my "cheeks" that is causing the most pain. I woke up this morning with some serious butt pain. Many girls say it feel like they did a really hard work out...ummm....I work out - HARD...and this is definitely not like any work out I've every done.

4. Lipo Pain
The lipo'ed areas are not too bad. I am bruised red and purple, but those areas just feel extremely sore to the touch. It's the butt that is super painful.

5. Upper Body Strength
For those of you that had your arms lipo'ed I don't know how you did it. This is my first day alone and it is only due to the strength in my chest and arms that I am able to move all this dead weight around. If you can...please workout prior to this surgery, it will help tremendously - trust me.

6. Beach Chair
I can't say enough about this chair! After spending the first few days in bed on my stomach, I was over it! I decided to test out the beach chair. What can I say? WINNING! This chair allows me to have a different position other than on my stomach and it is pretty comfortable. I'm sitting in it now as I type as a matter of fact.

6. Dehydration
-I've been drinking tons and tons of Gatorade but very little water. I've found that I've been having a serious case of dry mouth. So today is OPERATION: DRINK WATER!

7. #2
-Yesterday my bestie gave me an enema and I was able to go #2. Today I'm on my own and my plan is to not take off the garment for the next few days. I just don't want to make a mess. I sit backwards on the toilet and the hole is big enough to do my business...gotta love this custom garment. I started a stool softener today so we'll see how it goes. In general, I am a 3-4 times a day #2-er...lol. So, for once in my life I'm hoping it will slow down because I definitely don't want to go 3 or 4 times a day in this condition.

8. Adult disposable washcloths
-I can't say enough about these things. I am able to freshen up and use these to take my "bird bath." The doctors office has cleared me to take a quick shower as of tomorrow, but I'm scared to take my garment off alone, so I'll be keeping this bad boy on as long as possible! My next follow up is next week on Tuesday...he'll take the sutures out then.

9. Post-Op Visit #1
-The nurses were amazed that I walked (waddled) in the office with a smile on my face and said that I was in great condition. The noted that I left the office yelling that I didn't want to sit in the wheel chair and that I was falling out. In actuality, even in my medically induced stupor I somehow had the wherewithal to scoot my butt out of the wheel chair seat so that I didn't but direct pressure on it! The nurses said I refused to sit so they had to force me...I don't recall anything from the first day really.

My bestie, who also happens to be a nurse said that anyone that saw my recovery would get a false sense of what recovery is really like because I'm doing do well. That is a blessing to hear. I just try to do as much as I can on my own. The only thing I haven't mastered is putting on my adult disposable underwear...I need assistance because I can't bend down that far.

10. Walking
- I walk short distances whenever I can, to keep the blood circulating and help combat the stiffness. I actually feel a sense of accomplishment when I take my little and I do mean little walks.

-I haven't been concerning myself with my diet at all. I eat when I'm hungry and usually I'm unable to finish my meals...very strange for me, but that's just how it's going. I've had very little nausea and no vomiting.

Generally speaking, recovery is just that - recovery. It's no walk in the park, but it's not supposed to be. I am so happy that I made it through this procedure without any complications and I'm excited to see what my results are. The funny thing is that I have no desire to take off my garment to "check things out." The longer I'm in this thing the better!

So I'll probably be looking to take post op pics in a week or two...not sure though...so just be patient with me!

Later ladies!

And again, thanks for all your support and prayers!

Not to be gross but...

Hate to be the dirty girl...but I really have made it up in my mind that I'm not taking this garment off until my next post-op appointment on Tuesday.

1. The first reason is...I'm scared as hell! This is my second day on my own...but really on my own because I won't see another soul until late tonight. I've heard too many horror stories of girls passing out when they take their garments off!

2. Secondly, I'm trying to keep it on as long as possible to avoid excessive fluid shifting, I'm no expert but it seems that this may be a good thing.

3. While I would love to have a shower, right now I don't stink...and I because my activity is very limited, there is really little chance to work up a sweat! I take my bird baths in the morning, midday, and evening with my disposable adult washclothes, and always do a little extra freshening up after using the bathroom.

4. I can go #1 and #2 from the confines of the garment so showering is the only reason to take it off...and I refuse to shower alone!

5. So yes, if I have it my way, ZP will actually spend a week without an official bath. Sounds nasty, but don't judge me! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Once I see how they handle taking the garment off and on at Dr. Azurin's office I will take on the task myself...right now I'm just too scared.

My big reveal will be next Tuesday and I'll be 1 week post op!

Laying on my back...3rd Day Post Op!

Well ladies...that cut-out foam is the truth! I posted it in my pics. After spending the first two days on my stomach in bed and once in a while in my cut-out beach chair, I decided to give my foam cut out a try.

Guess what? It works like a charm! I did have to get out my exacto knife and make the hole a bit bigger...but that's a good thing right? Means my AZZ by AZURIN is bigger than I thought, lol.

It's pretty comfy...no pressure on my butt at all. I just put the actual cut out piece at my feet for added elevation and put pillows above it to support my back and head and Voila' ...laying on your back on day 3!!!

I was cleared to sit on my butt by the Dr's office today anyway. He says that the way he injects the fat there really isn't a risk of loosing the fat. The reduction I see will be mostly swelling and not fat loss. I still will play it safe for the first few weeks and only use devices that aid in taking the pressure off my butt... (i.e. cut out chair, foam cut out, and driving pool noodle roll).

In other news, I took an adult size #2 today....just as I did yesterday, I spread my legs widely while still in my garment, sat on the toliet backwards...and let er' rip! Again no fuss, no mess! No evidence of any ish on my garment! WINNING!!!! I think the hot ginger tea I drank triggered it!

Today has been a good day. I walked around the house back and forth every few hours, washed a few dishes, did several series of stretches, picked things up off the ground, took my morning, noon, and evening "birdbaths," (Yes, I'm still Stanky Leg, lol@ sexee angel for my nickname!) and tidied up the space I'm staying in. Pain is decreasing and I am decreasing my pain meds accordingly.

I'm starting to believe that recovery is a state of mind...when you know you'll be alone, you are forced to tighten up and get yourself together! I think that speeds up the recovery process because you are forced to be independent early on in recovery. Just my two cents.

Wish I could take credit for the foam to lay on your back but I took the idea from fellow Realself'er FitBooty.

If interested you can find the foam on Amazon and on Ebay too...I got mine from Amazon.

Foam info:

Day 4 Post Op...

Things are still going well. I started the morning with my usual stretching (per 'Lola Jae' - thanks babe) and proceeded to take birdbath number one. Stanky Leg is still in full effect, lol@ 'Sexeeangel.' Then I gave myself a light massage with my fingertips over my garment. Found out later that wasn't a good idea...

I was up pretty early so I took my scheduled antibiotics and opted to skip the Percocet this morning. So far, so good. I also passed on the muscle relaxer...not too bad, but I'm starting to have a few twitches in my bum so I may take one for a bit of relief. I also took off my compression socks and handwashed them. I'll probably put them back on this evening after they air dry.

My bowel movements are now on schedule...I'm officially regular again! I've had 2 #2's so far today and it's not even 2:30...I think that is progress! And as I've stated before...I do my business in my garment sitting backwards on the toilet (#1 and #2), no fuss, no mess!

Today, I went on a short walk outside. I gathered the trash inside the house and walked to the dumpster...slowly...but I made it. It wasn't too bad, I wasn't even winded really, probably because I took my time...I'm sure the neighbors thought I was crazy as hell though.

In other news: my penguin walk seems to be gone! I'm walking almost normally...slow...but completely upright and without a waddle! I choose to celebrate the small victories on Day 4 Post-Op! Lol. I can pick anything up off the ground now and have even started doing rear and front leg lifts (body weight only) periodically to keep the blood flowing and have some type of activity while I'm recovering.

I had my bestie's Mom tighten my white binder this morning for extra compression on my abdomen area....Whoooooah! Super tight...a few hours later I had to loosen it a bit because my back started to ache in a serious way.

I called my patient coordinator Yashira to make sure I could use my heating pad on my back and possibly my handheld electric massager. Her response: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I am not cleared to use the heat pad because my skin may not have reattached yet and I am at risk for burns due to not being able to feel the heat properly on my skin. Understood. I am, however, allowed to use ice packs, frozen peas, etc. as needed.

She said that the massages, including my self massages I've been doing since yesterday (with hands alone, and rolling pin) are not permissible just yet, because they can cause fluid build up which will unfortunately have to be manually drained later. The handheld electric massager is also a no-no at this time.

Also, I asked if it was okay to resume my normal supplements: iron, calcium, protein shakes, amino acid powder, vitamin c, vitamin d, B complex...and a few others. In short: NO, NO, NO! The iron, protein shakes, and amino acid are permissible, but the other supplements will have to wait until at least 2 weeks post op.


The left side of my left cheek towards the bottom has caused me the most pain since Day 1 and as of Day 4 Post Op...nothing's changed. It's still literally the main pain in my azz, lol. Patient Coordinator Yashira says that its normal, nothing to worry about and that over the course of the next few weeks my pain will shift to different areas in my body so be prepared.

I'd like to thank you ladies for all the love and support you've showed on my posts! Your comments and advice have helped tremendously! Positivity and sound advice are ALWAYS welcome here!

-ZP loves you guys!

Day 5 Post Op Adventures!

Today, I started early...took my birdbath from head to toe (minus what's inside the garment, lol) with my adult washcloths (STANKY LEG IS STILL IN THE BUILDING) and did my routine light stretching, popped my antibiotics, arnica, and iron pill - no pain pills today (YET).

Bestie was off today from one of her jobs and decided to go get her hair done and asked if I was up to tagging along. Uhhhhhhh.....YESSSSS!

So I got POST-OP JAZZY: Garment, Foam, Binder, Maxi Dress, Compression Socks, Flip Flops, and off course I topped off the look with lipgloss, cute earrings and a bracelet! LMBO! I looked like a stuffed sausage with earrings...

Despite being a passenger, I took one of my body pillows to lay on the back seat, but decided to give my 'homemade pool noodle driving seat' (see pics above) a try first. Guess what? I never made it to the back seat, the pool noodles worked like a charm and no pressure on my butt nor any discomfort on my thighs. I think the multiple levels of the foam noodles and decreasing size was the key to the comfort!

The only issue I see is that my feet were barely touching the ground on the passenger side in her vehicle due to the elevation of the noodles...how the heck am I gonna reach the petals to drive? Hopefully, it will work itself out. My car has a seat lowering/raising function so hopefully it will be low enough to do the trick.

I can't lie, getting in and out of the car was a doozy....I just was patient and took my time. Had to put one leg inside the car, bend over while lowering my head enough to not hit the ceiling of the car, holding the car roof with one hand and while trying to put the pressure on my thighs and avoid putting pressure on my bum. Mission accomplished. Breath. Relax. Ride.

Now being in public was a little different. People gave some looks but whatever...I have my Hater-Blockers on!

We first hit up a local Jamaican Restaurant...cool. I'm aware I look a little crazy (even though I'm POST OP JAZZY - DON'T HATE) with this garment, binder, compression stockings, and all this foam poking through my garment. So then a restaurant patron sees me take my time and gingerly walk in. Place the order. Then I get annoyed...mind you my bestie is by my side the ENTIRE time.

PATRON: You okay?

ME: Yes, I'm fine. (Does this fool see my bestie next to me?)

PATRON: Need help?

ME: No, I'll manage. (Again, Does this fool see my bestie next to me?)

PATRON: What happened to you?

ME: Back surgery *rolls eyes* (This fool needs to 'touch his nose' because his nosiness is outta control right now in front of these other customers)

PATRON: Oh, was it out-patient?

ME: Yes (WTH?)

PATRON: What type of back surgery?

ME: Back surgery. (Yes, I answered as if I didn't get the full question...in other words, mind ya business bruh-bruh)

PATRON: Oh my brother recently had back surgery to remove fatty tissue from his lower back too.

Okay...so is he serious right now? Like really? Are you trying to be funny sir? Maybe I'm extra sensitive but I feel like people shouldn't ask specifics about surgery. Especially strangers!!!! I mean what did he want? A copy of my post-op charts? LMBO! At that point I walked out for some fresh air and my bestie brought the food to me outside. Moving on...

On to the hair salon...Dominican Hair Salon, BTW. Everyone was concerned and inquired about what was going on. I explained that I recently had back surgery...most people left it at that. A bit later the owner commented "You didn't go away to the Dominican Republic for a tummy tuck did you?" JAW DROPPED! I'm sure up under all this chocolate some real blushing was going on, lol. "Ummm no ma'am." However, I wasn't as annoyed because it was all in fun and the fact remains that I was chilling in HER salon with a full size body pillow, layed AZZ-up on her couch in the reception area (so uncouth of me, but desperate times call for desperate measures! Decorum much? Lol.) Plus it was a friendly atmosphere with just ladies around...I just do my best to keep my personal business under wraps.

I mean, come on? If my entire family is still clueless...why the hell would I offer this surgery information to complete strangers...I'm just saying!

Next I asked my bestie to swing by Tara's Girdles...I wanted to get measurements/fitted for a second custom garment. That was an EPIC FAIL. Apparently, the entire plaza is closed for the holiday weekend. Oh well, I'll try again next week...maybe I'll be driving on my own by then.

I decided a second custom garment is probably my best bet. Hate to drop almost $450 on 2 garments, (not to mention the hundreds I've already spent on multiple vedettes, squeem binders and squeem vests) but at the same time, my surgeons office rejected my Vedette back-ups for the next 3 months so once I'm no longer 'Stanky Leg' I would like to handwash and airdry my garment which will require a back-up so that I won't be out of a garment for too long. Just for showers and self massages. I'm going to request that she makes the leg portion of this 2nd garment much shorter to accommodate for short summer dresses and possibly workout outfits down the road...think slightly longer than boy short length.

I'm walking around pretty well. I have tried laying on my butt for a few minutes at a time while slightly elevating my pelvis. Surprisingly, laying on my butt (without the foam cut-out mind you) is not nearly as bad as sitting on it. I currently can tolerate it for a short period.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my surgeon has cleared me to sit and says that based on his lipo technique (SUPERWET) and his current research, there is no reason to fear sitting as it pertains to killing my fat cells. He told me to sit whenever it is comfortable...not to rush it, no time table, but try sitting in short spurts and increasing as tolerable. That's exactly what I'm doing. Last night I sat backwards on a barstool...no pain or discomfort whatsoever! At least these thick thighs come in handy for something!

Over all I'm very pleased with my post-op recovery progress. I'm listening to my body and making sure not to overdo it. At the same time, I do try to attempt something new each day. I'm staying hydrated and eating whenever I'm hungry (or realized I haven't eaten) and I'm eating a variety of good for you and not so good for you things. I don't want to get carried away...so light exercise and re-implementing calorie cycling is the goal as soon as possible.

I think I've started experiencing a few of those "electric type impulses" in my torso that I've heard other ladies talk about post op. No itchies yet though...( *crosses fingers and hope to bypass that stage* ) Also, I can now clearly feel by my movement where my suture sites are located on my back even though I can't see them due to the garment. I'll be glad when I get those out next week. Surprisingly despite my surgeon not using drains, I've had no drainage that has leaked through my garment. I put down pads/chuxs the first night post op expecting lots of fluid - nada. That is one item on my supply list that wasn't needed. I purchased a 2-pack from Dollar Tree that I used the first night and a box of Assurance Pads from Walmart that I definitely will be returning. I guess some drain a lot and others don't. I also suspect its because the SuperWet lipo technique inject less fluid to begin with so obviously there would be less fluid to drain out afterwards.

I still wear the disposable underwear over my garment...don't want my va-jay jay to catch a draft...lol.

Presently I have no more swelling in my face. Also, I never experienced swelling in my hands, legs, va-jay-jay and knees like some of the other ladies have reported. Again everyone is different! I have the expected swelling in the back, flanks, and abdomen.

If cleared by Dr. Azurin next week I plan to reimplement calorie cycling within the next week or two...my appetite isn't outlandish right now so I don't forsee it being much of a problem. I would also like to incorporate slow 10 minute walks outside 2-4 times daily. I'd love to be hitting the gym hard like my girl 'Lola Jae' sometime within post-op week 4-6 if my body tolerates it. But of course I'll have to build up. I'll keep you posted.

Adventures of Day 5 Post-Op are now over...now on to my wind-down time...Netflix movies!

Later ladies,


Okay ladies...I went out to eat this evening. Took my pool noodle foam rolls and simply ignored the stares. The dress I had on completely masked all this foolishness I have going on underneath with the garment. No compression socks today. We waited approximately 20 minutes to be seated and of course I opted to stand as opposed to sitting while we waited.

We were then taken to a booth. Once seated, I eased onto my pool noodle rolls...no problem. I then proceeded to eat a BIT to much! I felt strange eating a large portion of food...my stomach was a bit uneasy, but no nausea or anything of that nature. I sat on the noodles for a total of about 45 minutes to an hour...I had to do a bit of minor shifting every 10 minutes or so if I felt any discomfort. When I stood up to leave my butt felt fine - but tight, and my thigh area felt strange...I guess from all the pressure focused there. When I got back home, I walked around a bit and everything seems back to normal.

Here's the CONFESSION: I had a STRAWBERRY MOJITO!!!! I know, I know, I shouldn't have done that on day 6 post-op...but I caved into temptation! Don't do what I did! After one sip of the mojito I felt like I was taking a shot of Goldschläger back in my college days...it burned in my chest! But it burned so good! LMBO!

Did that stop me from finishing my drink? Ummm...no. I just added a few drops of water and requested an extra swig of strawberry puree and continued on.

I'm positive that I was instructed to not have any alcohol post-op for I believe 2 weeks. I'm not sure of the negative effects of alcohol post-op, but the good thing is that I haven't taking any pain meds today so there shouldn't be any adverse effects. I think I remember reading that alcohol post-op can enlarge the blood vessels and increase bleeding and possibly swelling. Nothing like that is happening right now, but I'll report back tomorrow if I experience any adverse effects. I now am off to research how it will effect my nightly dosage of antibiotics to ensure its okay to have them -before I actually take them.

I'm not advising anyone to do what I did...just being honest...and needed to confess my wrongdoing to my BBL sistas!!!

Glad I got that off my chest....

Cheers! Lol, just kidding!

Later ladies,

Happy 1 Week Birthday to New Improved Body!

Well, it was today...exactly one week ago, around this time as a matter of fact, that Dr. Azurin was finishing up his final touches on the new and improved Zulu Princess and I was giving them hell coming out of my anesthesia!!!

But here I am...1 week post-op, and I can't believe I actually went through with it! I am so blessed to be having a great recovery. Please don't confuse great with easy. I'm not trying to blow smoke up anyone's behind....this recovery definitely hasn't been RAINBOWS and UNICORNS! I've had my share of challenges.

Just last night it took me about 5 minutes to put on a pair of socks...I had to try about 100 ways to maneuver and contort my body to make it work -eventually my socks were on and you gotta do what you gotta do to GET ER' DONE!

But everyday gets easier and easier, I'm very mobile, sitting periodically, laying on my back (with and without my foam cut out), my pain is minimal, able to sleep through the night without issue, and from Day #1 bleeding and draining has been non-existent (unless my cycle counts). Life is just generally good.

I'm happy to HAVE LIFE! We all know there are risks involved with any surgery anywhere...whether domestic or abroad, so just waking up and walking out should make us feel blessed.

I've posted a few pics from today - my 1 week mark. I expect there to be some shape changes in the future, and more reduction in swelling.

I've tried to add side by side comparison shots, but keep in mind I have foam inside the front (stomach area) and back of my garment so it's not a truly accurate comparison. But it's the best I have right now...

Based on what I see in my comparison photos, I am happy thus far. I never wanted a HUGE DONK which I've reiterated throughout my blog over and over. I am a professional and in my professional work setting a DONK would not only be a distraction amongst colleagues and in business meetings but would not be advantageous to the representation of my clients for various reasons that I won't discuss here due to privacy concerns. Plus, I have no desire to purchase an entirely new wardrobe (*Ain't nobody got time for that*). I'm hoping I will still be able to fit most of my work clothes...just in a new and improved way! That doesn't mean a sista won't be shopping though...don't get it twisted!

EXPECTATIONS: I was looking for an "Azurin signature heart shaped bum" and some nice projection and so far I see at least the heart shape. Projection? Uhhh...I'll better judge after the garment comes off tomorrow, but it seems that I wanted slightly more projection than I received - I'm just keeping it real, that's what REALSELF should be about anyway.

I remind myself daily that its still very early in the recovery process and that my body will change more and more each day. That's comforting to know. Additionally, I started off as Spongebob Squarepants with NEGATIVE projection, so I must also have realistic projection expectations...Dr. Azurin is undoubtedly an artist at his craft, (I'm evidence of that) but he is no magician...and I, nor anyone else should expect that of him or any of our prospective surgeons.

Also, I still have several months to wait for the FLUFFING FAIRIES to make their visit so in the meantime...I'll just chill and be grateful for my transformation. For some it may seem like a subtle change, but for me it's almost exactly what I was looking for. As of right now, I have absolutely no regrets. I am so blessed.

Happy Labor Day!

Thanks again ladies for your positivity, sisterly advice, and general support...it means more to me than you'll ever know!


Re-edited a photo...

Not much of an obvious change in this photo...

Almost that time...BATH TIME!

Ya girl has post op appointment #2 with Dr. Azurin tomorrow...I decided I will drive myself to the appointment. It's less than 10 miles away so I will give myself extra time in case I encounter any school zones or need to stop to readjust myself. I plan to take my pool noodle roll and a square small cushion pillow and whichever works best is the winner! I'm excited to venture out on my own tomorrow!

After that...SHOWER TIME!!!! Yes, yes, yes! ZP will finally say R.I.P. to my "Stanky Leg" title, so lovingly given to me by my BBL sis! Hopefully when Dr. Azurin opens up this garment he doesn't fall out (it has been a week after all)...I'll pack some smelling salts in case I need to get him off the floor!

I also plan to go back to Tara's garments to get fitted for a second custom garment tomorrow and hopefully get my current garment readjusted and second one picked up by the end of the week.

Countdown to my shower begins...less than 24 hours away! Anticipation is building - for the shower and of course to see my body without a garment for the first time! Will I have wrinkles? Bruises? Discoloration? Scarring? Swelling? Could it be flat? Just what I expected? Beyond my wildest dreams? Who knows?

I'll let you all know tomorrow!


Ladies! I've had a few questions about how I use some of the items I'm using to lay/sit in positions without putting pressure on my butt and without remaining in the oh-so-boring "lay flat on stomach" position for weeks on end. I've also had a few requests for pics. I'm unable to take these types of pics right now due to being alone.

We are all here to help one another so I must give credit where credit is due. I have implemented a lot of ideas that I acquired from other BBL'ers. (Is that even a word? It is now! LOL!) These ideas have helped me and in turn I hope they help you as well!


Many of us know about the beach chair cut out...that was something I saw on a few pages/posts early in my journey but was reminded of it by "LolaJae"! I'm not sure where the beach chair idea originated, so I can only say thanks to LolaJae. I've posted pics of my version above.


This was something that I implemented from "Fitbooty"s page. She has a lot of useful information so check out her page if you have time. My version of the cut out is posted above. I've also posted a few of her pics so that you can see how to lay on your back post-op without putting pressure on your butt and killing your precious fat cells (depending on the surgeons technique, of course).


Wish I could take credit for this but this was acquired from fellow BBL'er "Msbrandnew1"s page. No need to reinvent the wheel and this has really been a great tool for me thus on my recovery journey thus far. I've posted a few of her pics as well to demonstrate how to sit.

I hope this info helps at least a few ladies as it has helped me! Pass it on!

*DISCLAIMER* Run these ideas past your individual surgeons FIRST to make sure they approve before trying them out...each surgeon's technique is different and they may have specific reasons that they will approve/disapprove of the above listed tools!

Later ladies,


I got up this morning...got my usual birdbath but cleaned up EXTRA nice (even hit the hot spots twice) with the adult disposable washcloths because I knew I was paying Dr. Azurin a visit today. I brought my smelling salts just in case he needed them when I took of my garment though...

Got to the office, he was still in surgery. I was a bit hungry so I left and grabbed a salad and smoothie and headed back to the office about 30 minutes later. Geeesh...he's still in surgery!

The anticipation is killing me...I paced in the lobby, went outside and made a few calls, paced some more...I want to take off this garment and foams off once and for all to see what's underneath!

So finally they call me in! YES!!! THIS IS IT! A young lady I'm unfamiliar with then tells me to change into the paper gown and that Dr. Azurin would be in soon to meet with me. She then turns to leave...

"Ummmm....ma'am?" Pump your BRAKES and push PAUSE! I had to tell her #1) I'm not taking this garment off without assistance and #2) I haven't had a shower since my surgery. She laughed and told me not to worry and helped me out of my garment! Guess what? Based on the fact that there was no bleeding or draining and my garment was still relatively clean (considering) coupled with my thrice daily birdbaths - no foul odors emanated from me! R.I.P. Stanky Leg!

Oh wow! I marveled at my naked body in the mirror...is this really me? Is this my stomach? It was slightly ribbed with markings from the foam, but NO WRINKLES! Could have used a bit more projection but, eh...the overall shaping is great and the fluffing fairies still have to do their part. I checked things out from what seemed like hundreds of angles and I am a happy camper. I have bruising something serious in various places on my bum and hips - red, blue, and purple, but wow...I was impressed. It nearly moved me to tears! Dr. Azurin must have taken at least 10 minutes to come in but at that point...I didn't care... me and the mirror had a date with my naked body - no interruptions!

Then Dr. Azurin came in...all smiles and gave me a huge hug. He has such a sweet spirit. He commented on how well I was and how I was so bubbly that he couldn't even tell I had surgery! Lol.

Then he took a look at things. I warned him that I hadn't showered, he said not to worry about it but that from here on out, I should be giving myself "self-massages" in the shower to avoid any lumps/scar tissue forming. Cool. He said that my fat was somewhat stubborn so he had to take more time with me than usual when he was lipo'ing.

He was very impressed with my results and said that things will only get better because I still had a great deal of swelling going on. He was happiest with my lower back region and was glad that I didn't have any fluid build up that needed draining.


All smiles, I ask..."Dr. Azurin, I know you don't do hips but look at this coca-cola bottle shape you gave me! It looks like I have hips!"

He replies, "Yes, it does...but that is just the way your body is responding to the swelling. Don't get used to it because that area will go back to the way it was before surgery." Shucks! Before surgery I was HIPLESS! I thought I didn't want hips but now that I see a little piece of curve, damn-it I wanna keep it! *pouting*

Oh well. He noted that I still have some abdomen and back swelling and I will still be happy with the natural shape he left me with after swelling. He noted that my boxy shape should be gone for good and that news was definitely music to my ears...

Now its time to remove the sutures...I had a list of questions that I wanted to ask, but figured that I'd wait until after he removed the sutures. He took out the first one...I started to feel slightly light-headed, but he was telling me a story so I was trying to focus but realized I couldn't. Second suture out...now I'm starting to get a bit warm and flushed. I grab a hold of the patient's table inside the office and...

THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE: LIGHTS OUT! Zulu Princess hit the deck! I come too and realize I'm leaned over the patient's table, butt in the air with Dr. Azurin and my Patient Coordinator Yashira leaning over and staring at me...OMG. I think I instantly realized what happened but Dr. Azurin let me know that I had indeed passed out. I was SO EMBARRASSED! Apparently, I had a slow lean going on...and I passed out right onto the table so it took them a few seconds to realize that I was out!

I had been out of the garment for at least 20 minutes at that point...so why the hell did I pass out when he took out the sutures? It didn't hurt at all and I was backing him so it's not like I could see what he was doing!

They helped me up onto the patient's table and I laid on my back while my patient coordinator held a fan to my face. They told me to relax and take my time. Dr. Azurin explained that I'm still severely anemic from surgery at this point and that 99% of his patients with this surgery pass out too. He explained that the combination of anemia and the blood pressure dropping after being compressed in the garment, usually does the trick.

Since I drove myself to the office (without any problems, BTW) they had me lay a while in the room and relax and then again in the lobby until they felt it was safe for me to drive on my own again.

So as it turns out, I was the one that needed the smelling salts - not Dr. Azurin! The irony! So STANKY LEG IS STILL IN THE BUILDING...at least until tonight when someone comes home...I think that I could probably manage to shower now on my own without assistance, but I would hate to pass out again with no one around and in close quarters with a toliet and glass shower doors....I won't chance it. What's another few hours at this point?

In other news...Dr. Azurin wasn't too fond of my cut-outs (beach chair, foam back cut out, nor pool noodles) He said that while pressure on my butt won't kill fat cells, he's more concerned that my butt be completely in the hole of the cut-outs (beach chair, & foam back cut out) with no interference of the fat grafting. He says that I can end up misshapen if the cut-outs interfere with my grafting areas. Dr. Azurin also said that while its okay to occasionally change positions, I should stay on my tummy (and off the grafting) as much as tolerable for the next few weeks to aid in healing.

My assessment: The back foam is still good (hole is large enough and doesn't interfere with grafting areas), but I may need to widen the hole in the beach chair. The pool noodles are okay because the butt part is not on it.

Also, he told me calorie cycling is okay to restart. Additionally, I can restart my dietary supplements next week. I was instructed not to wear the squeem waist cinchers or squeem vest I have for at least another few weeks. Same goes for my ab board. Since the white binder is getting loose he advised that I can replace it with a tighter one or just keep using the one I have making sure to focus on adding the foam to the lower back.

He says I should probably wait about 6 weeks to start working out again..after passing out today, I'm more than okay with that.

It was noted that my custom garment is now too loose, and it is time for an adjustment. So I went to Tara's (as I planned to anyhow) after my appointment to order the 2nd garment. She gave me a pretty nice discount on the second one...and I ordered it with a shorter leg portion. It may be ready tomorrow. I'll have to wash the one I'm currently in for her to alter it...but I don't want to go without a garment so I'll simply wait for the new one to be ready, put it on, wash garment #1 and get it altered (1st alteration is free).

Since passing out...my energy level that seemed to be through the roof the last few days is now wavering off...I'm really BLAH right now. I'm going to take a nap...

Later ladies,


Well ladies, its official...

Zulu Princess has had her first shower and it ONLY (*inserts sarcasm*) took 9 days post op to make it happen!

R.I.P. to Stanky-leg! I FINALLY took a shower this morning...alone at that! Ill-advised? Yes, but I felt that it was just time and kept the water cool to keep me as alert as possible. It felt pretty good too!

I was initially slated to take my first shower last night but quite honestly I felt pretty crummy after my fainting incident yesterday at Dr. Azurin's office. My energy was pretty much sapped for the rest of the day. I would probably say that it was my WORST day post op...with the exception of course of the day of surgery...that was pretty bad too. My night was filled with ups and downs of being hot (sweats) and cold...I thought I may have a fever. I woke up this morning with a horrible migraine and took my temperature, but the temperature was fine. I'm a migraine sufferer in general so I'm actually surprised I haven't had one sooner due to all the stuff my body is going through. I called Dr. Azurin's to make sure that my prescription migraine medication was okay to use in conjunction with my other meds. Dr. Azurin approved it, so I took it along with a Percocet (damn, I hadn't had any in 4 or 5 days) for my head. After the meds and a bit of rest, I'm happy to report I'm back to having a great recovery! #MinorSetback.

Back to the shower - I used bath gloves and just took my time. Afterwards, I rubbed myself down with Arnica Ointment on my bruised areas (mainly the outside areas of my butt and the area above my "crack") and tried to massage my stomach, flank, and back region as best as I possibly could. My flanks are especially tender as well as my lower back. My stomach isn't too bad as far as tenderness is concerned, but I do feel a few lumps around the area where the foam was placed (along the edges) for so long without movement. The lumps are not visible at all, I just feel them underneath the skin. I added Neosporin to my incision areas (suture areas) and used shea butter for the rest of my body.

I am now feeling what has been described by other ladies as a burning/ripping sensation along my flanks. I noticed that this generally occurs when I don't have on my white binder for an extended period of time (more than 15 minutes). Thankfully, I know, thanks to the wonderful ladies that came before me and have shared their journeys, that this is a normal occurrence - likely the nerves are trying to reattach, and it just comes with the territory. Par for the course.

I'm looking forward to picking up my second custom garment - the one I'm currently in is definitely too loose. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow. My plan is to wear that one consistently and when it starts getting loose I'll get custom garment #1 altered to fit...and keep rotating the two in that manner.

Today, I ordered a new white adjustable panel binder (mine is too loose and becoming a nuisance to close with the foam insert and lack of elasticity) and a set of lipo foam sheets from Contour MD. I hope to use those in my garments once they get loose. Eventually, I will use the Squeem waist cinchers and vest, but I'll use the white binder for a few more weeks and probably still use the white binder for sure at night (Squeems during the day).

I plan to use my Vedette 109 (size small) to workout in sometime between post-op weeks 4-6. I bought a second Vedette 109 (size extra small) just because I saw a sale on eBay I just couldn't resist and hope I can fit in it one of these days.

Let's have a moment of silence:


Now I'm so fresh and so clean, clean!

Post-Op Day 11...New Garment, Itchies, and Swelling...

Well ladies, I entered the torture chamber yesterday...got my new custom garment #2! Oh man, Tara at Tara's garments broke a sweat trying to get me into that thing! It was so tight I couldn't even fit the foam inside! It was TIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHTTTT!

I was so tired after putting that thing on, I felt like a mummy and just relaxed for what what left of the day. Today is much better, it loosened up some, and I added the ab board today...had it in about an hour now - so far so good.

One of the issues I have is that I ordered a shorter leg (picture boy short length)...I think that was a HUGE mistake! It looks great. Stomach compression is on point. No back rolls. But, with THESE thunder thighs the legs rides up and makes indents along my upper thigh and lower butt... I think that is a no-no!

I'll have to go in for an adjustment soon. It's simply too uncomfortable (leg portion only) and I think I'll have her remove the "butt lift panel" portion of the garment because that is the area that I'm most sensitive and still has the most bruising remaining. Also, though I don't think it will hurt my fat cells, I think I may be effin' with the shape of my derrière and I'm not down with that.

I think I'll take this garment back in tomorrow, if not...I'll just get the first custom garment with the longer shorts altered.

Also, the shoulder straps in this one are a bit uncomfortable. I saw some child seat belt buffers today at the store and while I look quite childish (with stuffed baby lions hanging off each of my shoulders my shoulders), it does the trick - at least while I'm within the confines of home. Definitely nothing I'd wear outside the house!

In other news: The "itchies" have finally decided to attack ZP! Oh man, mainly my back area, but the flanks and sometimes my actual butt cheeks start itching like crazy! I try to rub them as best as I can and just deal with it.

My 3rd post op appointment is with Dr. Azurin on Monday, so we'll see what he has to say if I haven't corrected the issue by then.

Other than the aforementioned issues, everything else is going great! I ran several errands today...I notice I'm napping a bit more though. I'm extremely mobile, I still use the the foam rolls and/or cushion while driving, and I'm starting to create my plan to resume my calorie cycling and light arms exercises sometime next week.

My results are coming along nicely and thus far I am still pleased. Things change constantly so I try not to get too caught up in my results this early. If there is anything that I would have wanted - it's more projection. And of course not to lose my hips, even though they were never mine to keep (since Dr. Azurin doesn't do hips anyway).

My swelling seems to be going down nicely and I haven't noticed any volume loss yet...but I made a promise to myself to not take measurements for a while so that I wouldn't obsess over inches - just "eyeballing" my results for now.

I'll try to add a few pics in my new garment soon...


Added a few pics from Post Op Day 11...

Added a few pics from today...this new custom garment will definitely have to be adjusted on the thigh area ASAP!

Hips went down...but still some curves...


My Post-Op Nurse Information: Nurse Suzie! Shameless Plug!

Nurse Suzie Info:

Nurse Suzie is an independent contract nurse (Registered Nurse), but has been working with Dr. Azurin's office for more then eight years. She has specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery for more then seventeen years. She presently works for several surgeons in the South Florida area.

Her background is critical care nursing and she performs critical care assessments, recovery at home and in office operating suites, teaching, and aftercare nursing.

If you become a patient of Dr. Azurin's he provides for her payment for the first several hours to teach your significant other/family/friend how to care for you post-operatively. Anything after the first several hours depending on your needs you will have to provide payment for.

If no one is available to assist, she is able to provide aftercare and transportation. In my case, Suzie took me to and from surgery and helped me out with aftercare until handing me off to my bestie! She really helped calm my pre-op jitters.

Suzie was so sweet and such a blessing! Had my bestie not been available, I definitely would have hired her for a longer period of time. She is a great option for those who travel to the South Florida area alone.

She is available to those who have surgery in Broward, Miami/Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, but mainly focuses on surgeons in Broward.

She makes herself available for anything and everything her patients need in person or by telephone. I contacted Suzie over 2 months pre-op and she stayed in contact with me, answered ALL of my questions, and was extremely reliable.

She also has nurse assistants that she's personally trained and they are also available at a fee that's a bit less than an RN fee. She tries her best to accommodate your budget and schedule, and if she's not available, she'll try to find someone she's trained that is available.

I definitely recommend Suzie to anyone looking for post-op care...whether for transportation, care for a few hours post op, care for the day, or longer term care! She's great! She has a sweet spirit and a very caring disposition. I love that lady!

Due to privacy issues, I'll just post her email address for anyone interested. She responds quickly but keep in mind she is very busy and books up fast so the earlier you contact her the better!

Nurse Suzie Info:


Hope this helps at least one lady who plans to rough-it alone and is considering hiring a nurse!


2 Weeks Post Op...New Pics!

Hello ladies!

All is well and recovery continues to be better and better everyday! My post-op visit for this afternoon was cancelled and rescheduled for next week. Since I really don't have much swelling left and no fluid build up I'm not extremely worried. My bruising is nearly gone and my swelling has gone done significantly. I spent a few hours outside of my garment yesterday...drove around without it...took a nap without it...did some quick shopping without it...and I was a bit swollen but figured it was a good time to take a few pics.

After my mini-photo session I showered, massaged myself, on the lipo'ed areas and put back on my garment...on the second rung of hooks...I also added an ab board and wore my abdominal binder with the foam added to my back and went to sleep.

The lipo foam and new binder that I purchased from Contour MD came in today so I have to figure out how I'm going to put the foam in my garment, whether to cut it to size or what? It's different from the foam Dr. Azurin gives. I think I saw a young lady tape hers together to go around her back and flanks but I'm not sure how it will all work - combining the lipo foam and ab board seems like it may leave a gap in some way no matter how I put it on...any suggestions? I don't want it to leave any weird marks or ridges.

As of today, I am able to start taking all my supplements again (Multivitamin, calcium, B complex, Vitamin D, etc). I called my patient coordinator to ask if I could do LIGHT arm weights and maybe a SLOW walk on the treadmill...she shot me down - fast! So I guess I'll just wait the 2 more weeks until my 4 week mark to hit the gym. I tried, lol!

I plan to re-start my calorie cycling on Wednesday (after I eat a few more "bad-for-you" items). My pre-op weight was 182.0 lbs and I'm 181.6 lbs now...so virtually no change at all. I'm okay with that. I hope to lose 10-20 more pounds by the end of the year to really get the look I'm going for. I'm not too worried with booty-shrinkage just as long as everything else shrinks PROPORTIONALLY !!!

In other news...I decided today I would finally tell a family member what I've done. My father. He is likely the only family member that I will EVER tell. We are extremely close so keeping this from him has kind of bothered me a bit. It's also been a challenge to act like I'm home when I'm really in South Florida. So this evening I will tell him. I have no idea what he will say or think...but I am hoping for the best - Afterall, it is already a done deal!

Anyhow...that's all for now.

Later ladies!

Conversation with Pops...

Good news: All went well. When my father first saw me the first thing he said was,
"Wow, looks like you lost weight!" I had my crazy face on because clearly I had on my moo-moo to hide my change. What the heck does he mean? My weight on the scale never really changed post-op. But he said he could see a difference in my face. So we made small talk and he asked what I had to tell him. I explained to him that I made a decision to have lipo with fat transfer.

His response: "That's it?" Lol. He thought I was going to tell him I committed a crime or something more serious...lol. He was actually relieved. He's very familiar with the medical field so I showed him my incision sites, bruises, garments, foams - essentially everything! I had changed into my Vedette 109 underneath the moo-moo so that he could really seen the difference.

He commented that my stomach was really flat and that I no longer had that, "Umm...ummm...ummm," "Pouch?" I laughed. "Yeah, pouch." It made me feel good that he noticed a difference. He said that I really didn't need to get it done, but I have to do whatever is best for me. He said that since I've lost 30 lbs he thought a few more pounds would have achieved the look I was going for. I had to explain that these flanks and fat back were genetic and weren't going anywhere without lipo, lol! He added that he wasn't mad or even disappointed because I'm grown. He DID say however, that had I of told him my plans ahead of time he would have definitely tried to talk me out of it. So all in all, I think everything happened perfectly.

I told him about my recovery going extremely well and apologized for keeping the information from him. No worries.

We are really close and comfortable like that so he was cool. I forbade him from telling ANYONE else. I really felt like a burden was lifted from my shoulders? Why? Who knows...

So ladies all is well. My best friend and father know...and of course all of you...other than that - I'm telling NO ONE ELSE!

Later ladies!

Took the Booty Out Tonight...

So I went out to a local Karaoke/Comedy Spot with the bestie tonight! I wore a cute red short shirt dress...not doing too much...but the dress hit me just right in the right places! Of course I wore my compression garment (custom garment #2 with the short leg) and all went well!

I enjoyed some wings, and of course a few (light) alcoholic beverages. I was cleared after the 2 week mark to carry on business as usual (minus the gym) so I felt good having a few drinks guilt free...since I did cheat and have a mojito 1 week post-op when I wasn't supposed to! Lol!

I sat on a bar stool for most of the evening with my weight forward and those around me were none the wiser. I'm 2 weeks post-op and felt virtually no pain, just a slight tightness around the edges of my bum. I wore the garment only - no foams, no abdominal binder, and no ab board. Luckily, I didn't feel any discomfort on on flanks, stomach, or back. I don't see any swelling (thank God) right now either. I know some girls swell very easily...it doesn't appear that I'm one of those gals. *crosses fingers*

When I got up to leave, I felt a bit of tightness but nothing that a few steps couldn't resolve. I saw a few eyes following me out...lol. Felt good.

Well ladies, I'm off to shower, self massage, and hit the sack!



Garment Strap Pads/Covers Info for anyone interested...

Here's the link to my shoulder strap covers:


Yes they are childish, BUT...they work like a charm! Posted a pic of them. I was starting to get a mark on my left shoulder from all the friction...put some Neosporin on the mark, and started wearing the straps and voila! No more marks or friction.

This is the link to them on Amazon.com, but I picked mine up from an aisle in Publix (local Florida grocery chain) and of course there was no shipping fee associated with them. The have two small velcro squares to secure them, they are super soft and the animals can be easily cut off with a seam ripper if you needed to wear them under your clothes for work. Me? My bears keep me company so they aren't going ANYWHERE! Lol.

In other news, I gave out my number at the Karaoke/Comedy place last night...so I've got a date tonight...what to wear, what to wear? Decisions, decisions. Lol. Don't wanna do too much, but I still want to look cute! No pants for sure...I'll probably wear my Vedette 109 because even though it doesn't give any butt support, it will still give me awesome stomach compression while on my date! Since I sat last night without any real issues, I see how it works out tonight.

I have another post-op appointment with Dr. Azurin on Monday and that will be the last one for another month! I'm excited. I've decided to re-start my calorie cycling next Monday (Week#3) and resume my gym regimen (light gym routine at first) within weeks following (Week#4 or #5 Post-Op depending on how I feel). I'm going to do a few arm exercises (biceps, triceps, and maybe shoulders if it doesn't effect my back to much) today with really light weights to see how I feel and if I swell at all.

That's all for now...

Later ladies.

Date Night...

I went out the other night to a Comedy/Karaoke spot and a random guy asked for the digits while I was seated at the bar...he seemed nice and since I'm currently single - I gave him the digits...it was dark and I was 'vibing' with my bestie enjoying the drinks and the music. I didn't really pay much attention to him.

Well, he asked to meet up for a date last night! The restaurant he suggested was super close to the house I'm staying at so...WINNING! I opted to use my cushion even though it was a short ride and threw my pool noodles over in the passenger side. I was rushing a bit because I didn't want to be late - at least not on the FIRST date, lol.

I wore another shirt dress (all I have down here in South Florida are shirt dresses and maxi dresses!) and it was classy, but still cute and I coupled the shirt dress with a cute pair of heels .

While I was getting dressed, I originally planned to change into my Vedette 109 (the thong with super stomach compression) but opted against it because it takes about 10 minutes to put on and I was in a rush. I ended up wearing custom garment #2 underneath (with the boy shorts).

Light make-up, pulled my hair back, booty giving a little poke through the dress, and headed out. WINNING. I wanted to get there before him so that I could pick the place to sit - preferably at the bar because I knew that worked well for me the night before.

I pulled up to the restaurant and he called to say he just got there and was seated inside. Damn! I walked in and there he was in the back of the restaurant in booth. As I got closer he stood up and....WOW! Tall, dark, handsome, nicely dressed and extremely well-groomed!!!! WINNING! We embraced, I immediately thought to myself, "Dang, can he feel the compression garment?" I quickly shook it off because chicks wear Spanx all the time and I left all the foams, abdominal binder, and ab board at home.

Now it's sitting time. I looked down at the booth's seat as he took my hand to help me step up on the booth's ledge to sit down. Ladies, it was the most PLUSH, CUSHY, WELL-PADDED BOOTH SEAT EVER! EVER. WINNING AGAIN. I sat my tushy right down and it felt like I had brought my cushion with me! It was so comfy! No discomfort whatsoever!

Date went well. Great conversation. I'm sure we'll have another date.

During the date we got on the topics of booty's of celebrities, lol. I forgot just that fast that I have a little piece of booty now. I made a comment about my lack in the booty department and his comment? "Well, I saw you go to the bathroom last night and I must say, that's a reallly nice booty you have back there so give yourself some credit!" Blushing. ZP has a nice booty? What?

It was at that very moment that I realized - R.I.P Spongebob. My booty is not huge, and it is a subtle change, but obviously noticeable to others where it never was before. It fits my body well and my huge thighs compliment it creating the look of hips. I felt sexy and confident. LOVING IT!

He wanted to walk me to my car and as he opened the door...the cushion is staring me in the face along with the taped pool noodles in the passenger side! I was embarrassed! He didn't ask any questions and I didn't offer up any info either! Lol!

After the date, I came home, added the ab board, abdominal binder, and foams and went to sleep. I'm going back to custom garment #1 today. I've decided that Custom Garment #2 and the Vedette #109 will be for going out.

I also think I'll pick up another few Vedette #109's for going to the gym when I start back in a few weeks...it will be like having a compression garment on with a built in sports bra and those around me will be none-the-wiser because its a thong garment. I think it will work out perfectly!

That's all for now...

Date #2: Is that your real butt? Smh...

Date #2 with the same guy, Mr. Tall, Dark & Handsome. We go to a spot for happy hour that turns into a club later on in the evening. BTW, I've lucked up on date #2 as well because I'm sitting in a padded booth area. No real pressure on my butt. I wore some cute Palazzo pants with a cute top and heels with my Vedette #109 (thong) underneath. Had a few drinks and appetizers...good conversation...then he puts his hand on my thigh. No problem. He's the "touchy feely" type so I didn't really pay it much attention. I was just enjoying the company, adult beverages, and general vibe with the music.

Then his hand creeps up a bit....now I face a dilemma...move his hand ( and risk looking like I'm trying to hide something)...or just let him continue to 'cop a feel.' I decided on a 3rd option: to play it cool...and just shift my weight a bit so that would force him to move his hand. Then it happens...

DATE: "Is your butt real?"
ME: "What? Yes - Why would you ask me that?" (I mean, it is MY fat, right? Lol)
DATE: "Just asking because your butt is so firm!"
ME: "Firm? What do you expect? Do you see these thighs of steel?" (Good save, ZP)
DATE: "That's true."

My date really didn't feel my butt at all...because clearly it was on the padded booth cushion...what he did feel, however, was the upper thigh area that is clearly still "firm" i.e. feels like a brick is strapped to it. The rest of my derrière has generally softened up...that part remains firm.

That is the very area that I feel the most discomfort in...it is still firm, but really doesn't bother me much. When I sit, that area is not impacted, which is probably why I don't consider the discomfort much - there is never really any direct pressure on it.

A first I couldn't believe that he would actually ask me that...but once I checked our surroundings...it made sense. There were so many women with "additions" ... some natural, some butt-pads, some likely fat transfer, some butt implants, and some I'm quite sure were the "FIX-A-FLAT silicone editions." Point being, there were nice shaped butts EVERYWHERE! Some were the ridiculous Nicki Minaj versions but to each his/her own. It IS South Florida after-all. And I'm NO HATER!

Later on in the evening a girl with a tight shirt on (that she made double as a dress) passed by. My date nudged me and said that I should let her borrow some of my azz because I have some to spare and she is in desperate need. I laughed it off...but thought to myself how guys can be so shallow sometimes. That girl could have been me a month ago, albeit I never would have worn a shirt as a dress at my age (but she was young so I'll give her a pass).

Moving on...

Will there be a 3rd date? Maybe.

All I know is that it is nice to get out a bit with my new body and enjoy the company of Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome - no strings attached.

In other news, I just went on a 30 minute walk around in the neighborhood with my Pops. No discomfort. It wasn't a speed walk, but we were moving at a good pace. Didn't get out of breath until I walked up 3 flights of stairs - then I had to take a PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE! My father was looking at me crazy...luckily he knows the deal. I wore my custom garment #1 with ab board, no foam or binder...so I'll need to wash this garment because I worked up a bit of a sweat.

As far as healing is concerned - All is well, I have another post-op appointment with Dr. Azurin on Monday and hopefully then he'll clear me to start my squeem waist training regimen (courtesy of BigBootyTinyWaist) and possibly to start back at the gym in a week or two.

I will definitely restart calorie cycling on Monday...gotta get these last 20 lbs off!

Happy healing to all the ladies that have recently had surgery and good luck to those that are about to go through surgery.


Swell Hell...Go Away!

So as many of you know, I've had a pretty good recovery thus far. Since the first few (medicated) days post-op, I've experienced virtually no pain and very little discomfort.

It hasn't exactly been all unicorns and rainbows - I've experienced the typical itching, stiffness, burning sensation along my flanks at times, weirdness in the lipo'ed areas when I take off my garment, and tenderness to the touch on my abdomen, back, flanks, and outside area of my butt cheeks.

Most recently, I've had some ankle pain in my left leg and hoping it's nothing more than something muscular. I've researched the signs of blood clots and everything seems to point my symptoms not being an issue related to a blood clot. But hey, I'm no doctor, I only play one on the internet (anyone else a WebMD junkie?) .

My swelling went down at about a week post-op and I haven't seen any real swelling up until...LAST NIGHT! OMG, I think I may need to slow my roll...I've been going out A LOT! Last night, I went with a girlfriend to catch the Mayweather fight at a local sports bar. Wish I could say the fight made it worth the swelling but...uhhhh...NOPE! The fight was a dud.

Moving on...I wore my Vedette #109 and was at the sports bar from 9pm until a bit before 2am. I sat outside (extreme South Florida humidity and heat) at a table and and on a barstool with no back. I had to fight for that barstool because it was so crowded there were very few seats available. That may have been part of my issue.

ENTER SWELL HELL. OMG, after a few hours of having my derrière hanging off the back of the barstool my back began to bother me. I would stand up periodically to stretch and went to the bathroom more times than necessary just to walk around a bit. Despite having wings, pizza, and plenty of mojitos...I felt okay in the stomach area. Then I realized around 11 pm that I was starting to swell. The Vedette #109 has latex on the inside and that coupled with the South Florida heat was NO BUENO! OMG I was so hot, and beginning to swell but wanted to stick it out for the main event - Mayweather fight (again not worth the wait). I looked down and it looked like the belly Dr. Azurin took care of was back! Can anyone say MORTIFIED?

By the time I left the sports bar all I could think about was taking off the Vedette#109 and putting back on my Custom Garment #1 with my ab board and abdominal binder with foams! I was feening like a crackhead looking for their next hit! Taking off the vedette was sheer pain, it felt like I was peeling off my skin! When I took a peek at my body in the mirror? Wow - swell hell was on 10!!! Flanks, back and mostly my abdomen was puffed out like the Michelin man! Gross! Then putting on the custom garment was another chore.

I was so swollen that it was hard to get the clasps together with the ab board inside. I had to do a clasp or two at a time and take a break because of the energy I was exerting to close that bad boy! It took probably 15 minutes to get that garment on because I had to keep taking rests!

I'm not sure if the culprit was the heat, not having back support, or eating and drinking much more than usual...or maybe a combination, but the point is - my abdomen, back, and flanks were not happy campers last night! This was my first experience with swelling since the initial swelling went down post-op. Guess I thought I was immune from swelling but that was nothing more than wishful thinking. Just keeping it real for you ladies - that swelling last night was NO JOKE!

I'm happy to report that after sleeping like a mummy (wrapped up super tight) last night, all is well and my swelling has completely subsided. I'm officially back to normal.

Moral of the story: SLOW MY AZZ DOWN...just because you FEEL fine doesn't mean its time to go back to life as usual. My body definitely told me to take it easy...and I'm going to listen!

The girlfriend I was with has no idea that I had anything done. However, she is one of my gym buddies so she has been questioning why I haven't been at the gym lately...she can't fathom how I just dropped off after hitting the gym almost daily (and sometimes twice a day) for many months. I must admit, I'm itching to get back in the gym...but everything in due course.

I have a post op visit tomorrow and I plan to resume calorie cycling as well as possibly take measurements and weigh-in. Stay tuned...

Later ladies,


Week #3 Post-Op! Officially Back on the Calorie Cycling Wagon!

Down 30 lbs Pre-Op, 5 lbs Post-Op, & Trying to Lose 20 more lbs by December!

I’m 3 weeks post-op today! So happy “New Body” birthday to the new me! Time flies!

I had my 3 week post-op appointment with Dr. Azurin today. He was very impressed with how I'm healing and took a look at my incision sites and said they are also healing nicely. He's loving the slope he created in my back especially, and also is happy with my stomach region. He said that I have very little swelling remaining, but do have some in my back, flanks, and abs that should clear up nicely. He said that since I don't have an accumulation of fluid in any area, I can now just wear my white abdominal binder at night but still wear my custom garment for the next few months.

Dr. Azurin reminded me to consistently give myself massages and pay special attention to my abdominal region, he noted that he went a little more aggressive than usual because I "made" him, lol. On the day of surgery I said, "Dr. Azurin, I know you are CONSERVATIVE with the stomach lipo, but can you lipo my tummy as AGGRESSIVELY CONSERVATIVE as possible?" Ha-ha...he told me he would...and soon after that I was out. He definitely kept his promise! My abdomen is SO FLAT! I'm loving it...even with the swelling, lol! Even when I was in tip-top shape I always had at the very least a small lower pouch/gut. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my new butt, but I am IN LOVE with my abdomen! Seriously!

I’ve had a few people ask me about measurements. I intended to take measurements pre-op, but didn’t, and I’m kind of glad…definitely don’t want something more to obsess about (isn’t the scale enough? Lol). The most important thing for me is how I feel when my reflection looks back at me in the mirror. At this time, I’m more than happy with that! So while measurements are a nice way to gauge your results, they definitely aren’t everything.

But for you measurement junkies, here are my measurements from this morning:

Chest: 38”
Waist: 28”
Hips: 45”

Weight: 177.4 lbs

I took these measurements strictly to chart my changes as I lose more weight post op. I know a lot of ladies, including myself, wonder how weightloss will affect their results so I plan on being one of the guinea pigs which may help ladies later on that still desire to lose weight post-op.

I weighed 182.0 lbs going into surgery and a week later I was 181.6 lbs so my weight really didn’t change at all from this surgery. Which is to be expected, afterall it’s a fat transfer, not just strictly lipo. Now, I’m 3 weeks post-op and I’ve lost just under 5 lbs, weighing in at 177.4 lbs. I find that pretty amazing considering that I haven’t been working out and my eating is all over the place!

I plan to lose another 10-20 lbs by the end of the year so I expect my measurements will change some. Dr. Azurin already approved the 20 lb weightloss and actually said, “Go for it!” He did warn me that I would slim down all over, but I would not lose specifically from my booty nor would I jeopardize overall my results. I should expect an even weight-loss. I don’t mind the shrinking measurements at all (including booty shrinkage) as long as I shrink proportionally and I don’t change much with my overall shape. It would be nice to get my waist in the 27” or even 26” range. A girl can dream right? I’m not sure that is possible with my rib cage diameter. There is nothing less to lose there in that area – Dr. Azurin sucked it dry! But I still think if I follow BigBootyTinyWaist’s waist regimen (or a similar version) and adhere to all the tips given to me by VET NYcutie, I may be able to squeeze an inch or two off of my waist - maybe. Losing weight will probably do the trick without the waist training, but I might as well waist train too for the added bonus!

A few ladies have also asked me about my “cc” amount. Dr. Azurin does a different lipo technique (super-wet lipo vs. tumescent lipo) so his "cc" numbers are generally lower than other surgeons, so the numbers don't mean much when comparing to other ladies here on Realself. He injects less fluids & numbing medication therefore, less blood and fluid is reinjected with the transfer (pure fat) than with the tumescent technique. You are also under anesthesia for a lot shorter time period based on the technique. Therefore 1000 or 1200 cc’s with his technique would simply be insane! In essence, numbers can be deceiving. This is likely why despite having no drains I had absolutely NO drainage through my garment post-op and also why my weight didn’t change very much as a result of the reduced amount of swelling. But for you "cc junkies" Dr. Azurin told me I was injected with 735 cc’s per cheek which is generally higher than what he usually does. But it all depends on the person’s body type, skin elasticity, general booty size (long vs. short, wide vs. small) etc. BOTTOM LINE: THE SAME CC AMOUNT WILL LOOK DIFFERENTLY IN INDIVIDUAL BOOTIES! For instance, the same 735 cc’s on me would likely look ridiculous on my girl ‘ItsyBitsy’ because she has such a small frame! Just my two cents on CC’s…they really don’t amount to much unless you are comparing apples and apples, not apples and oranges. I.E. same surgeon, same body type, same skin elasticity, same weight, same booty shape (you catch my drift) – then maybe cc’s would make more of a difference. Just my opinion.

No technique is better than the other...as with everything - each technique has its pros and cons...maybe I'll write a post about that one day. Tumescent lipo is definitely more popular than superwet, especially here on Realself.

Here are my weigh-in results for this week:

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs


WEEK #1: May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
WEEK #2: May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
WEEK #3: June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
WEEK #4: June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs
WEEK #5: June 17, 2013: No Weigh-In
WEEK #6: June 24, 2013: 191.2 lbs
WEEK #7: July 1, 2013: 189.2 lbs
WEEK #8: July 8, 2013: 187.0 lbs
WEEK #9: July 15, 2013: 184.0 lbs
WEEK #10: July 22, 2013: 184.0 lbs
WEEK #11: July 29, 2013: 186.4 lbs
WEEK #12: August 5, 2013: 189.6 lbs
WEEK #13: August 12, 2013: 184.4 lbs
WEEK #14: August 19, 2013: 182.2 lbs


WEEK #15: August 26, 2013: 182.0 lbs
30 lbs DOWN!!!! (212.0 – 182.0 = 30.0 lbs!)


WEEK #16: September 4, 2013: 181.6 lbs
WEEK # 17: September 9, 2013: No Weigh-In
WEEK #18: September 16, 2013: 177.4 lbs

TOTAL: -34.6 lbs

I’m going for 2.4 lbs for next week’s weigh-in, that will put me at 175.0 lbs. And Dr. Azurin cleared me to start working out again next week at my 4 week post-op mark! He encouraged me, however, to start off slowly. And warned me that I would swell with working out and I should put back on my garment right after my post-workout shower. I asked if it was okay to workout in a backup garment and he told me he was cool with that! GYM HERE I COME!

In other news, I plan to get Custom Garment #1 altered to a smaller size at the end of this week - it is getting a bit loose. I plan to post new pics within the next few days and there will be plenty more next week at my 4 week mark when I FINALLY head back home!

Later ladies,


Approaching my 4 week mark...pics!

All is well! I just finished walking 2 miles (slowly) with my father and I must say...I will miss South Florida! I tried to take a few strides of a light jog to see how it felt - ummmmm....not happening. It felt like two bricks were strapped to each side of my cheeks...clear indication that I'm not ready for that. When I walk I don't have that problem. So light walking will be my cardio for now, maybe I'll try an incline when I start back at the gym.

I feel probably at about 75% right now. When I'm out and about I don't experience any pain or discomfort. I'm completely sitting now without any cushions or padding although I try to limit the amount of time I do that and still put most of the pressure on my thighs when I can (thank God I did all that squatting prior to surgery).

I still feel the occasional stiffness in my back when I wake up in the morning but after a few minutes and a good stretch it subsides. I try to massage myself daily(multiple times a day as needed)...so far my favorite tools by far are my wood rolling pin and two hand massagers I purchased from the Dollar Tree (pics included). Who knew that massagers that cost $1 each would be my best friends? The best part is that I use them in the shower and outside of the shower...they are plastic so it works!

Dr. Azurin suggested that I massage myself and try never to go in the same direction with the massaging...that's what I do with the $1 hand massagers. I noticed a few very small hard areas along my flanks right under my ribs. They feel like they are about the size of a dime so I'm trying to massage those to break them up...whatever they are.

Additionally, sometimes taking off my garment (especially the Vedette #109) can be painful along the flanks (assuming it's because of the latex). My flank and back areas are still tender to the touch. But someone can give me a big bear hug without me grimacing these days.

My itching is rare these days. My incisions are healing well. I have one in particular on my lower back that I'm watching because it seems like it is slightly raised and may keloid...the others are flat. Someone asked me how many incision sites I have. I have 4 visible incision sites on my back. I have 1 incision in my butt crack and 2 or 3 inside of my belly button that I can no longer see...they have completely healed (I put Neosporin in my belly button everyday from Day #11 PO up until a few days ago).

So I have 7-8 total incision areas, only 4 of them are visible to the naked eye. Dr. Azurin does a great job of not giving you the "bullet holes" that I see a few other surgeons (that shall remain nameless) giving ladies. I'm sure that all of the incision sites (with the exception of the one that I'm watching for keloids) will completely heal within the next few months and no one will notice. I've gone a few days without my ScarAway silicone strips (that I cut into small squares to place over the 4 visible sites) but I plan to put them back on soon.

I mentioned the leg pain that I had in my left leg to Dr. Azurin at my post op. He said that it was to be expected and that I've pretty much passed the stage to be too concerned about blood clots. Plus my leg pain was not the typical for signs of a blood clot. Since, then the pain has cleared up.

I'm still working on upping my fluid intake! I had some serious leg cramps a few days ago and that was definitely as a result of my lack of fluid for the day! When I thought back the only water I had for that day was in my coffee and diet soda! Not good! Since then I've upped my water intake and I'm happy to report - no more cramps!

I've added a few pics from one of my nights of going out....these pics are from before I was placed in the BBL jail lockdown by my girls: NYcutie & Leslie1966. My girl Elli890 put me in a 12 step BBL recovery program! Of course, I also have to thank my girl Booty4Real for taking the "BBL non-compliance" beating with me despite her being cleared by our Booty Sergeant (NYcutie)! That's what real BBL sisters on Realself do! Haha! Thanks sis!

That's all for now...

Good luck to all those with surgery coming up...and happy healing to those that have had surgery recently!

REMEMBER: A positive attitude will take you a long way in recovery!


Y'all miss me?

Hello ladies,

I've been gone for a quick minute...but I didn't forget about you guys! I had a sudden and unexpected death in the family and between grieving and having to make sudden travel arrangements everything was hectic and my internet time was sporadic and limited!

But I'm back!

I went to the funeral and wake which was like a big reunion for people that I hadn't seen in years. Clearly, people should have been focusing on the death at hand but instead my derrière seemed to be the topic of conversation...

Questions of what I've done to lose weight...how my waist got so small...how my butt got so big... Most people just told me that I look great (which I appreciated)...but the wake wouldn't be complete without a few nosey people and haters definitely making their appearance - just as ROXIE (the new name of my butt) made hers....

I overheard a conversation...
Hater #1: "She must have had silicone injections...she didn't have all that back there before"

Hater #2: "She would have told us if she did that...but her butt is definitely bigger"

Hater #3: (*loudly yelling outside of the church*)"Big Booty Judy, do you have on butt pads?"

Me: (Had to get messy right back) "Ummmm, no....would you like to feel it jiggle...it's all mine baby!"

Even some of the old church mothers had slick comments...smh. Focus yall, focus!

I just ignored the suggestions of any artificial enhancements and simply laughed them off. Nothing artificial about putting my "gut in my butt"...it is mine afterall. Do you know how long I had to carry that gut around? That is real gut...just rearranged to my butt! You want one? Grow your gut too! Lol!

Anyhow, I definitely won't wear printed pants around people that haven't seen me in a while. I learned my lesson. The pants weren't even tight, they were palazzo pants! But whatever! I guess that it is Zulu Princess overload for people that saw me a while back because I've lost a lot of weight and the contouring and bigger behind throws them for a loop....but...


Those that insisted on getting more information, I let them know about the calorie cycling and waist training...which of course does work....I just had a little bonus at the end. (I started my waist training prior to surgery with the Squeem) Speaking of Squeem, I'm likely gonna have to sell my extra small squeem vest...I tried it on yesterday for the first time...it closed up just fine, but that long torso of mine did me dirty! That Squeem vest fit like crop top with plenty of stomach showing! No ma'am! Not gonna happen. I'll stick with the Squeem Waist Cinchers...the extra small does it's job.

So I had been keeping up with my garment regimen up until going out of town for the weekend. I was around so many people from the past and out every night! I had on my custom garment the first night but wore my Vedette 109 for the rest of the days/nights. At least I had some compression.

I ate pretty poorly...restaurants, restaurants, restaurants..

Only gained 2 pounds though...and now I'm back to walking. I hope to get my eating on track fairly soon. Just found out that I will likely be leaving the country for a month to tend to family matters and that will likely wreak havoc on my diet and exercise program. Yikes! It will be interesting to hear what my grandmother has to say once she lays eyes on me!

I've been trying to walk between 3-6 miles a day...( a 3 mile walk twice a day). I added hand weights today...and will likely do the walk again this evening. I wore the Vedette #109 in EXTRA SMALL TODAY! That waist was definitely looking snatched! I'll update with pics soon. I hit the gym one day after my 4 week mark, since then I've been struggling to get there. But I'm definitely going to pick it back up starting next Monday.

Roxie is completely soft and jiggles! No hard parts left on the sides or anywhere else but I still feel a strange sensation (almost painful feeling) on the sides of my cheeks when I try to jog. Also, although I sit all the time now, without a cushion or any assistance, if I try to sit on a the floor (hardwood or tile) it is NOT happening. Not really painful, but uncomfortable and definitely strange.

I wear my custom garment unless I'm going out...then of course it's the Vedette #109. When home I where the custom garment with the ab board, white binder and foams. During the day it's usually the garment without the board, binder or foams.

I also went Vedette crazy recently and purchased multiple vedettes...I'll update on the models and give reviews soon.

Here are my weigh-in results for this week:

Start Date:
May 12, 2013: 212.0 lbs

PRE-OP: ----------
WEEK #1: May 19, 2013: 204.0 lb.
WEEK #2: May 27, 2013: 199.2 lbs
WEEK #3: June 3, 2013: 197.6 lbs
WEEK #4: June 10, 2013: 194.8 lbs
WEEK #5: June 17, 2013: No Weigh-In
WEEK #6: June 24, 2013: 191.2 lbs
WEEK #7: July 1, 2013: 189.2 lbs
WEEK #8: July 8, 2013: 187.0 lbs
WEEK #9: July 15, 2013: 184.0 lbs
WEEK #10: July 22, 2013: 184.0 lbs
WEEK #11: July 29, 2013: 186.4 lbs
WEEK #12: August 5, 2013: 189.6 lbs
WEEK #13: August 12, 2013: 184.4 lbs
WEEK #14: August 19, 2013: 182.2 lbs
SURGERY DAY: ----------
WEEK #15: August 26, 2013: 182.0 lbs
30 lbs DOWN!!!! (212.0 – 182.0 = 30.0 lbs!)
POST-OP: -----------
WEEK #16: September 4, 2013: 181.6 lbs
WEEK # 17: September 9, 2013: No Weigh-In
WEEK #18: September 16, 2013: 177.4 lbs
WEEK #18: September 23, 2013: 177.0 lbs
WEEK #19: September 30, 2013 178.5 lbs

I'm just trying my best to keep my weight loss going...I gained weight this week, which is too be expected because I threw calorie cycling out the window, I was out of town, and due to the funeral and being around friends and family I wasn't very focused. I'm generally satisfied with my overall look, just feel that losing another 10-20lbs will enhance things. No rush though...the 30 lbs I lost pre-op really gave me the boost I needed. I think I'll just go for a pound or so a week until I get where I'm trying to go..

Sorry for the long update....

Pics to come! Take care ladies...I've missed you all..

I ain't no killa, but don't push me...


This blog is for ladies (or men for that matter) that are interested in information related to the BBL and lipo surgery up and downs, my specific surgeon's technique and process, as well as calorie cycling information.

It has come to my attention that someone on this site, whether a lurker or a member, called my doctor's office and insisted on being provided with FREE NURSING CARE based on Zulu Princess's blog. Additionally, this person said the office was showing favoritism by providing me with free care and refusing to provide her with the same free care. This is a complete misrepresentation of my post as well as a blatant sign of disrespect for the time and effort that people on RS that ACTUALLY post (including myself) put into their respective blogs.


This person provided the office with my surgery date and information from the surgery. Essentially, this persons lies caused a great deal of drama and office managers had to become involved. I try to steer clear of drama. When I see it bubbling and brewing here on RS, I simply take notes of the source of the drama and continue to post as if I don't see it. But when you attach drama to my name? Houston, we have a problem.

READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. If you are not going to take the time to read the information and properly research for a risky SURGERY, please don't call a surgeon's office demanding SOMETHING FOR NOTHING and then add insult to injury by insisting that Zulu Princess said so. Lies.

My reputation is important to me and I don't appreciate anyone tarnishing my name on the basis of them getting something for free. Why the hell would I provide the nurses direct contact information if she is provided for free? You would just contact the surgery center, wouldn't you? Why would I reference her as an independent contractor if she were provided for free? Why would I say that she works with several doctors in the South Florida area if she works for free? CONTEXT CLUES PEOPLE. Are you really going to nickel and dime a surgery center and try to strong arm them into giving you something for nothing based on misrepresenting a blog to your benefit? (Maybe you should consider saving more $ until the appropriate time in which you can AFFORD nursing care? Just a thought...)

Here's a cut a paste for non-readers:
"If you become a patient of Dr. Azurin's he provides for her payment for the first several hours to teach your significant other/family/friend how to care for you post-operatively. Anything after the first several hours depending on your needs you will have to provide payment for. If no one is available to assist, she is able to provide aftercare and transportation."

Perhaps I was not clear enough...and the above information came from the nurse Suzie, not from Dr. Azurin. However, according to Dr. Azurin's office, some nursing care is covered for TUMMY TUCK patients, not if you are only receiving lipo/bbl services. Suzie only comes into play if she is hired by you personally. HIRED = PAYMENT. Other than that, the services she provides that are covered by Dr. Azurin (as far a family/caretaker instructions) would generally happen in-office.


Many ladies here edit their photos and tailor their posts specifically to keep some degree of anonymity. I am one of those ladies. Dr. Azurin's office staff does not keep up with RS or any of the other blogs, they are simply to busy to even care IMO. However, when someone calls the office with specifics that I've included in my blog that takes my anonymity to the NON-EXISTENT level and that I don't appreciate that! It didn't take much for the office to figure it out the patient in question. Meanwhile, Ms. Demand-Something-For-Nothing stirs up trouble and likely continues on as an anonymous lurker. SMDH.

Dr. Azurin is a great surgeon and truly an artist. Although my blog may have helped him gain a few patients, or at the minimum a few inquiries, Dr. Azurin does not need my blog, nor anyone else's blog to sustain his business. His surgery center is JUMPING and stays BUSY! I was not paid to blog, nor do I receive any benefit whatsoever from doing so (besides the joy it brings me personally to help others).

Luckily, I cleared things up with the office and all is well...it is just the point that I began this blog to help people - not to get involved in foolishness and honestly the experience really left a bitter taste in my mouth. Which, among other things, added to me not being in a rush to update here on RS. I even considered leaving the site altogether, but figured it wouldn't be fair to the ladies interested in my story or my surgeon.

Ladies, please remember that it is a very personal decision to have cosmetic surgery. Once you actually have surgery, it can be a very emotional process. Please respect people that take their time to blog and if you have specific questions about something said in a blog, ask that person directly so that you gain clarity instead of causing confusion.

I ain't no killa, but don't push me.


I'll have a real update with pics soon...just needed to get that off my chest.
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