Fraxel 600 Re:pair for Melasma and Rosacea

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Started developing brown discoloration along my...

Started developing brown discoloration along my upper lip and right cheek that were bothersome and difficult to hide. Have already been getting laser vein removal for rosacea so I decided to combine treatments with the Fraxel laser upon recommendation from my plastic surgeon. Today is day one!

The procedure was a little more painful than anticipated (though I did turn down the painkiller because I drove myself) and the smell of burning skin was a little offsetting. But my technician was wonderful; took breaks when I needed and made sure to make sure I was as comfortable as possible!

Day 2

Face feels super dry and tight, no pain just uncomfortable. Spraying every coupke hours with vinegar spray and applying afterbalm helps.

Day 3

Woke up with a SUPER dry face and itchy! Took a Benadryl and slathered my face in vaseline which helped. Now able tonwash with a gentle face wash which is helping to remove some of the dry skin. Still using the chilled Phytocorrective Gel which helps soothe the mild irritation. Along the lipline is the worst-lots of flaking and dryness....

Day 4

Let the peeling commence! Noticeably improved pore size and the dark line along my upper lip is GONE! Still some minor swelling under the eyes and itching/peeling is tough to ignore! Still using a lot of Vaseline to reduce dryness and aud the skin sloughing....cannit wait until I can put on makeup and go outside again!

5 Days Post

Light at the end of the tunnel! Secondary flaking but easily covered with vaseline. Regular lotion absorbs too quickly. Didn't take a Benadryl today and was still fine. No pain, only one small scab under my eye where I must have rubbed. Pleased with my results this far!
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