Early 30s, 110 Lbs 5'4, Sculpting of my Hip/low Back -

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Plastic surgery is not like a bad haircut. It will...

Plastic surgery is not like a bad haircut. It will not grow out or fix itself with time. These results are permanent and can truely ruin your body and self-esteem. I've always been a confident woman and never had a problem being in a swim suit or naked. However, I am also a bit of a perfectionist. I thought having lipo of my one stubborn "problem area" my love handles, which all my life seemed to not be proportionate to the rest of my body, would enhance my figure. Weighing 110, I knew I didn't have a lot of fat to remove, but was just looking for the contouring to make my waist slimmer and shapely. What I got was no noticeable positive change whatsoever in the contour, a 4 inch dent in my hip area and 2 incisons on my low back directly in the middle of the "fat pads" over muscle area that are depressed areas now and look much like dimples. My back/hip area had no blemishes before, just a little extra fat lol, so it's pretty devastating to have my body now changed for the worst. I also have spider veins all over the area now. All these things were concerns of mine, I asked so many questions and did my research, tried to be as thorough as I could. I was assured by my ps that he thought I was a great candidate and he anticipated no problems. All the things I was concerned about, he completely dismissed. He claimed the 2 tiny incisons would just "disappear" over a couple months because that's how small they were and otherwise I would be exactly the same but hourglass minus the fat.

It's a business. Plastic surgeons prey on our insecurities and there is no recourse when we have results that are completely unsatisfactory. Other than to shell out more $$$ and put our trust in more surgery. Easier said than done when your trust has been shattered from the first bad result. I wish I had known then what I do now. I never, ever, ever would have had liposuction. Please ladies, think twice, or 3, 4, 5 times. My surgeon was board certified, is the primary reconstructive surgeon where I live for mastectomy patients, has his own Med spa and operating room and lots of experience. Even when we do our homework, we can still end up with devastating results. More to come.

The price of 1200 was in addition to my BA which the 2 procedures combined were 7500.

Lines around belly button

I had the worst time with the garment and I wanted to write in about that for anyone else who is considering having this procedure. I had back issues in the past, but was never anything serious and they resolved with strengthening the area many years before. I hadn't had any problems with my back in about 8 years when I had the lipo. Something about the garment wearing felt like my spine was not able to function properly and I was absolutely miserable and in terrible pain. I thought this was normal and would resolve after I was able to take it off. It did not. I was doing yoga and Pilates classes and I was unable to do anything to stretch my back or exercise it again for quite a while. It was a nightmare. I thought I had permanently damaged my spine. I had pain and inability to do my regular exercises for over 6 months after surgery. I kept trying to exercise and eventually it got better. I seriously felt very handicapped bc of this for a long time and told all my instructors at gym I had a back injury and that was why I wasn't able to do my normal routines. It was really, really tough getting back to normal and very slow going for my back. I can say now I feel back to 100% but it took a lot of work to get there and I would say it took about a year to not have back pain post surgery.

I was wondering if anyone else has had permanent skin changes after wearing garment for multiple months in an area that did not have liposuction? For some reason, after the garment came off I had 2 lines on either side of my belly button (like fat roll lines lol) that are now present any time I am sitting or when bending over. One is about 2" and one about 3". I also thought possibly this could be due to my BA and having heavier breasts that were now weighing down stomach area in a different way. Not sure! So many funky and painful side effects from surgery I never would have thought to ask about and did not read anywhere about!

Some photos of my "shelf" on one side after lipo

I should also mention skin in this area feels and looks different, has lost its elasticity and has broken capillaries. Many signs of damage and no shaping/sculpting of this area.

Lipo was also a much longer recovery than I anticipated or was told. The pins and needles sensations didn't go away until after 6 months at least.
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