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Wow, where do I start. Been boobsessed for a solid...

Wow, where do I start. Been boobsessed for a solid year now, doing the usual - researching, googling, researching, googling...Planning for my BA that I knew I was ready for...
I am 35yo, and have 4 babies. 3 of which were naturally birthed, breastfed for 6 months at most, and a whopping 60lb gain with each.

A little backstory - I am 5'10" and curvy, and have struggled with weight my entire life. Tried all the fad diets and workouts. Now I am back into my regular regime like I was after HS, running, cycling, and weight training. Down to 200lbs after a 70lb loss this past year through bustin my booty with hard work and dedication.

I have always fantasized about bigger boobs. I knew that BA was an option just never thought it would become a reality until now. With my deflated 36C bra, I thought what better time than now. I am truly grateful to have a great support system - my husband is completely onboard and supportive of my choice, plus it's a perk for him *wink wink* So I embarked on this journey about a year ago, determined to drop the last of the weight I was looking to get rid of, keeping focused on the prize ( . ) ( . )

My first consult was for an out of state surgeon. Sent an email over to his office. Would have been about a 5h drive to get there, but well worth the extra $ and results. The only thing I was iffy about was that he suggested a lift, which I wasn't to happy about. 1) I had not anticipated on doing a lift. 2) extra cost, extra time to save, longer to get my BA. So I waited and waited thinking what to do. A friend had hers done recently and referred me to her Dr. I was super nervous as this was my first "in person" consult! Checked out the website. I must say, I was super impressed by his pics. More so than other Drs in this area.
Day of consult - you've heard it before and I'll say it again - when you know, YOU KNOW! To start off, the office staff was great. PC I spoke with on the phone alone was very welcoming and friendly, and you can tell she was proud to be working for him. She was very informative and made me comfortable - and this was just over the phone! Brownie point. When I went in for consult, Dr was extremely informative, covered everything I wanted to know wo me asking, plus his size suggestion was right on point on what I am looking for. He never made me feel uncomfortable, very professional throughout the visit. He never made me feel rushed. After he described everything and made suggestions, I showed him a pic of my wish boobs. He repeated what he would do to achieve that and how and again, just a thorough explanation of all the details. Precise and concise. Even my husband was amazed at his expertise and attention to detail. When he was done, he let us play with sizers and told me if I had any questions to not hesitate to call or email, and to think about everything and let him know what I decide. (Brownie point) Best part - he said that my asymmetry is only slight and would not need a lift bc of the implant size/profile he was suggesting.(Was super excited at this one bc I had read somewhere/someone else who had similar situation but didn't believe it could really be real until he said it)

Than and there I knew he was the one. Not only had I had real life experiences from friends referring him, reading reviews, and first and foremost the actual consult was just amazing to me. I would not even consider seeing anyone else here.

After getting dates set, and the deposit paid a week later to save the date, here I am 2 weeks away from getting the best New Years gift. Tried to lay off the web during the holidays so the time would pass quicker, and it sure has. I can't believe that in 2 weeks I will be on the other side. I have so many questions, and am feeling anxious/nervous/excited all at once!

Pre Op is on Monday and will confirm size than but so far Dr has recommended Sientra 695cc HP, unders, crease incision. I really liked the textured so I will have to ask him about those and the difference on the HPs and Mods, in relation to my wish boobs and my own body/measurements etc.

So here we go...2 weeks for me, thank you ladies for all the info on your journeys, good luck to all of us getting ready for upcoming BAs, and have a happy B ( . ) ( . ) bie day

Pre Op Pic, 10 days to go!

Here's a pre op pic. As you can see there's nothing in thereā€¦I will post more pics after my Pre Op on Mon

2 Days until Pre Op!

Well, I now have 2 days until Pre Op. I can't wait I am praying everything goes as planned, hoping I stay healthy and don't come down with a cold or anything so far I have been able to avoid it as everyone around me has had the flu.

I got my cashiers checks squared away yesterday, so I am ready for Monday. The office called to confirm the appt again. Check.

I have my mental checklist ready of things that need to get done - I am a pre planner, and overly organized, but now that the time is coming, there are the last minute things I will need to get. I am waiting to see what the PS says and what he recommends as far as pre op vitamins and such, the post op bra, what size he recommends buying as I have no clue what size I will end up. I don't want to buy too much, I'd much rather wait and buy as I need and not over spend unnecessarily.

I do have a ton of sports bras already, and I am pretty sure they will work for immediate post op. PS does RR so I am anxious for that as well. I prob will go and get a front zip from WalMart, I really like the Danskin front zips, and the FOL too.

House is clean, been nesting for about 2 weeks in preparation. Have my couch ready and my bed, even bought new satin sheets to slide off and on, lol. Pillows. check.

Will prob sneak in a workout before work today. Happy B ( . ) ( . ) bie Day to all!

Surgery Postponed, Super Sad ;-(

Well, Pre Op did not go as I had hoped. Not even a little bit. I had come down with an infection (rash like on skin) about a month ago, went to the Dr to get checked out and all, did the antibiotics, and creams, special bath, everything that I was told and didn't even think anything of it. I could see a huge progress from even 2 weeks ago, and figured I should check with the PS and just give him a heads up. He said he'd wait until today to make a decision. I figured since I had finished my meds and been off of them in enough time before surgery that I would be ok.

Well at the Pre Op appt, he made very clear that he would not do surgery until I am better cleared. I was and still am very upset. I know he is making a decision based on the safety of my health, but to have planned this long and coming this close and now having to wait again it's sooooo frustrating. Don't get me wrong he was very professional about it, and like I said, he's concerned and not willing to take unnecessary risks, esp since this is an elective surgery. But...here we go with the waiting game again, not to mention the time off from work, it's not like I can just take off whenever I want. So in a month I can go to see him, and maybe we can schedule than for a week from there. In the meantime, he suggested multivitamins, zinc, and lots of vit D.

If not, I'll have to wait until March. March! It seems so long away and so frustrating to be out of my grasp. And now I have this time off from work that I normally wouldn't have taken this time of year, and I don't think I can get it changed at such a last minutes notice.

Sorry for the rant, but thanks for listening. ;-(

Next Check Up Scheduled

So, I got to reschedule my check up to Feb 10th. Hopefully everything goes well and I can proceed with surgery. If so, I am penciled in for the 20th.

***praying I heal and I can go thru with this***

Fortunately my boss was able to fix my schedule and I am not "wasting" an entire vac on nothing, letting me work (Yay) so I can save my vac for later on. Next step is just waiting to make sure my skin heals. I am calling a dermatologist tomorrow to see what they say...

In the meantime, I am still reading reviews and looking at photos, and reading updates...

Does anyone have similar stats with pics to share I am curious to see real results as to how my potential girls will look, 695cc HP Silicone, Unders, Crease. BWD is 15.1L/14.3R, pre op 36C (deflated). Just a general idea would be nice, I think I have maxed out googles suggestions...

Wishing everyone a safe and uneventful recovery!

Sizing Obsession...

Oh dear, so with all this extra time until my next appt waiting, my mind has been busy - anxiously obsessing you could say - wondering if the size will be big enough. So far most pics I've found of results with similar starting stats have gone with 800s. I'm sooo confused. I feel like I'v got the booby greed and I haven't even gone thru with it yet! Am I limited bc my PS uses Sientras and the highest they go are 695? I would hate for them to be too small, or get lost in my frame, or look heavier, or get swallowed up, as they say, bc of my height/frame. What if he suggested the max bc that's the highest possible with Sientra? I don't want to invest all this money for a simple cup size, lol...

The anticipation is making me nervous. I think i'm going to email the office and see what they say...

Latest Update...

Well, i went for check up this week - Dr said ideally he still wanted to wait another 2-4 weeks to do surgery. What?s left of my rash are scars, and he (obviously) wants to play it safe and not take any chances. Said that should my body still be fighting infection, and we were to move forward with the surgery, it would just attack the implant since it is a foreign object. Understandable. I did tell him that the girls had me scheduled for next week, asked if that was even remotely possible...response was that he would actually check with a derm dr he knew and I would get my bloodwork done. If anything should show abnormal on my blood test, than my body could still be fighting infection.

So he said I?d get an update yesterday, after blood test results came back. Nothing. Today I get a message to call the office...she tells me that the Dr said to move me from the 18th to the 27th. Asked for an explanation. She did not know, all she said was that she would check with the Dr and get back to me. I told her that for 1) my appt was sched for the 20th, I had consulted with the PC and moved appt 3 weeks ago bc I knew I wouldn?t get that day off this month. 2) I had sent 3 other emails to the PC and never got any response, but I brushed it off and 3) my schedule at my job needs at least a months notice, my life is not revolving around this surgery and my sched is not flexible to just change everything around like that. Told her that at this point I am just frustrated. All I got back was that she would check with the Dr and see what he says, and that at this point the 20th is already booked! And of course, I haven?t heard back yet.

Just at a loss for words. I completely get the safety part of this, and the risks, liability, etc...but I am not happy at this point with how things are being handled. I feel that since they have already secured me for surgery, that I am being shoved to the bottom of the list, if that makes sense.

Don?t get me wrong, I trust that the Dr knows what he?s doing, and have total confidence in his skill, but the lack of concern, or that I just can?t rearrange my life at their discretion...it is frustrating. The lack of communication is also frustrating. I feel I should have been asked what date would work for me, not just reschedule me for a date and expect me to agree. I just really don?t have that flexibility, I don?t know how many people really do...

And sitting here contemplating what to do is just overwhelming. My husband thinks I am over reacting, just a little, and to some extent I am, but with a legit reason. I will wait and see how long it takes for them to get back to me, than decide. At this point I wil prob have to wait another 2 months. Boo.

Sorry for the rant, thanks for listening. ;-(

All is set, 4 days til I reach the other side!

Well, after all is said and done, I went in for Pre Op and got everything squared away. Blood work was done 3 weeks ago, Pre Op photos done. Today I did paperwork, received pre op, day of, and post op care instructions. Received and filled Rx.

I am SOOOOO excited I can't believe it - it's finally really happening. I am pretty excited, nervous, PS said no sports bra, just to go in with a zip up hoodie and sweat pants.

Decided on 695 Mod Textured Sientra, Under, Crease. Hoping this is what it will take to get me what I want...we'll see in 4 days. I let the Dr make the final decision based on what I want.

So a few days of work than I'll be ready for Tuesday!

Day of Surgery Pics

Surgery Update

Surgery went great yesterday. I will update more later.

Day 1 PO Pics

Day of Surgery

So, I went in to the surgery center, got there about 8am. I was the 2nd appt for the day. Got some more paperwork filled out. Than nurse pulled me back for pregnancy test, and than I got changed into the gown. The room was pretty cold, but the nurse was great with blankets. Than Doc came in to draw on me, asked me if I had any questions, we talked about my slight asymmetry, and how he would do his best to correct as much as possible. The Anesthesiologist stopped by to introduce himself also. Shortly after, the nurse brought me into the OR, where I laid on the table and got strapped in and comfy. There were these amazing leg warmers/massagers. I was telling the nurse how great it felt, and than I was out.

When I awoke, I was in recovery and my husband was sitting next to me. The first thing I did was peek at my chest. Holy boobs! I looked at my hubby and all I could do was smile. Big huge smile.

The nurse came in and we started talking, she asked me how I was feeling and if I had any pain. Told her not pain, just pressure. A ton of pressure. Who ever said it felt like an elephant was strapped to your chest wasn't kidding. That's exactly how it felt. But other than that, I was not in pain. We talked for a few min, and Doc came by to check on me and wish me well, and than the nurse said we were cleared to go since I was doing so well. Thank you for maturity is what she said. And realistic expectations.

The drive home was not even as bad as I had anticipated. It was about 45 min. I was scared that the bumps would hurt, but they didn't. By the time we got home tho, I was sleepy.

Immediately once I got home, I followed the Dr's instructions. 2 hour sleep, no more no less. After I awoke, my hubby had dinner going, so we ate. No nausea. No vomiting. Yay! Took 1 800mg Ibuprofen. Than I got in the shower, another one I am thankful for, I was so worried about not being able to shower for a few days! Washed my hair. After getting out of the shower, I dried and brushed my hair. The Dr's orders specifically say to do all these things to help the muscles and keep blood flowing. It has been so helpful.

I am still staying on top of my pain meds, even tho I am not really in pain. I just want to stay ahead of it. Dr said to make sure I take all pain meds and augmentin. I can decrease the amount per day, but to take all. At night I take an ibuprofen with a benadryl to help me sleep.

Post Op Day 1

Happy boobie day ladies I can't even tell you how excited I am. Constantly looking at my boobs. I love the side profile and cleavage. I am excited to see how they will look in a month.

Still doing good, day 1 post op. Taking all meds and following Dr's orders. I must say I am truly impressed with this rapid recovery technique. I have full mobility of my arms. Don't get me wrong, I am still cautious, and taking it easy for fear of something going wrong. But I am amazed at how well I am feeling this far.

This morning when I got up, I did have a burning sensation on my right boob, and when I touched it, it was super sensitive, so I took an Ibuprofen and did my arm exercises and that helped it out a lot. The stretching of my arms feel so good.

It is hard because I cannot pick up my kids and all they want are hugs, and it makes me sad that I cannot hug them. And they have no clue what's going on, all they know is that mommy has owies.

It's an awkward feeling bending over, and getting up from laying down. Getting used to the weight on my chest. Obviously I am still high, and very hard. I anxiously await the progress.

Both the nurse from the surgery center and the Dr's office called to follow up today. That was nice.

Well hopefully everyone is doing well, to all my fellow boobie buddies, congrats to us!

Post Op Day 2

Day 2 PO, and I am feeling great. Woke up with morning boob. Took an ibuprofen and did my arm exercises until the twinging pains went away. Was pretty fine for the rest of the day. Did take a small nap while my baby slept. I'm still being cautious when getting up from sitting, or lying down. I was able to take my dog for a small walk, drive to pick up my daughter at school, and vacuum the house - with no pain, and no pain meds other than the one I took this morning. I am pretty impressed still by this RR!

I go back to work in 3 days, I am nervous about that bc it'll be busy and there will be a lot to do. Than I go for my post op appt on Wed.

Still can't believe it's real!

First week recovering...

Each day has been getting better. Day 3 post op, which was on Friday, I was home for most of the day. Didn't really do anything out of the ordinary, cleaning, cooking. Noticed some small bruising starting on each side near the crease.

Day 4 PO, I was out and about all day with the kids. First official day out of the house being "active"...No real pain, just felt swollen and restricted by the end of the day. The pressure from wearing a tank top all day set in by the time I headed home, so when I did get home from all the running around, I changed into a thin, loose tank top to let the girls breathe some. The only pain I feel is the zinger feeling on righty, close to my armpit.

The hardest part is Dr's night orders - which is to lay flat on them, full weight, for 15 minutes. It's gotten easier, this was the first night I didn't have that pinching feeling while laying there. And of course figuring out how to best get up from that position was tricky, lol. So I manage to lay on my bed diagonally, with my legs hanging off from my knees, so that when it's time to get up I can just slide off into a squat, than stand. Works tremendously well for me. I'm super glad my legs are strong, lol...

Today was my first day back to work, managed to only take 1 pain pill, ibuprofen 800mg. I did use a genie bra with a lightly compressed tank top for support. It was super comfortable. I did also start taking arnica. 5 little pellets, 3X daily. I hope I'm not too late. When I got home, I did notice the bruising is spreading. It's still not painful, and I really believe the arnica helped with the swelling. It makes me wonder what causes the bruising - is it just the weight of the implant? Or is it because my girls were squished all day, with me constantly moving? I did take it easy today, no heavy lifting, that sort of thing...

Husband is thrilled. Can't get over the size ;-) they don't look super huge, and I was easily able to disguise them today. Will try and post more pics soon, I am taking progression photos daily and will combine them for comparison.

Hope everyone is having an uneventful recovery and loving their boobies cause I know I am! Have a great night ladies!


Day 7 PO Pic Update!

Here's a pic with side views in a tank

More Pics

You can still see bruising, not that bad, worse after working all day. Sorry for the bad lighting in arms up pic

Another View

Angle view

8 1/2 Weeks PO Update!

It's been a hot minute since i've been on here just busy staying caught up with life...

The girls are doing great, dropping down and settling into place. I have my days off and on where I love love love em, and than I get the "they're toooo small" days...overall, don't get me wrong they are a HUGE improvement from what I started with, I am happy with them....just still want them bigger. I've chalked it up to the fact that I didn't want to wait card. I figure in 5-10 yrs when I have to replace them I will go bigger than and hopefully they will have over than 800 silicone avail here by than.

I still haven't gone to get sized, at my 1 month PO appt, doc said I could wait another month, and longer if I wanted as my final size could take up to 6 months...My curiosity is now getting the best of me, and I am going to go in and get sized next week. I am hoping at least a DDD, but I think they are more like DDs, but we'll see...

In all other realms of this entire adventure, I feel completely normal. I have had a great operation, recovery, and overall post op experience. I haven't experienced any real pain. I keep getting the "do they hurt?" question over and over, and honestly no, they do not hurt. My incisions are healing nicely. My dr really did do an amazing job and I would recommend him in a heart beat!

Will attach some photos, hope everyone is having a great experience!!

Bra Shopping!

Well, here I am, about 8 1/2 weeks out, and I went on my first official bra shopping trip...I still haven't been officially sized, but the online bra calculators on various websites have put me anywhere from a 36DDD thru 38G/H. As for physically trying on bras, the 36DDD and 38DD-38DDD have fit amazing.

It's a little disappointing, as I was hoping to be bigger, yes, bigger (lol) but compared to what I started with, they are amazing and look amazing and I thank my Dr for the beautiful work.

The emotions are real. The up and down feelings especially on size. Some days I am great, and love the size, other days I think they are way too small. I'll just have to find some really cute bras...I am hoping that within the next couple of months, they continue to grow on me, and I can stop obsessing about size...hopefully. I know that one day, if I want to upgrade, I can, so it's not the end of the world. I am lucky I was able to get this size on the first shot. So I am not being unappreciative. Just full on booby greed lol

Will prolly do more shopping, the bra shopping is definitely exciting trying on the various styles and I just love how the girls fill them out.

On another note, I must say, I love how squishy they are. They feel great. There are days when I just sit and touch them (sorry hope it's not TMI, lol) and am just amazed that I was able to go through with this, and that I actually did it!

It is definitely the best 5 grand I have spent. Well worth it. Hope everyone is having a boobilicous day!

3 Months PO Pics

Super excited!!! Finally took myself over to Dillard's to try on bras...OMG it was great I loved it...Tried on several bras...so it looks like I am officially sizing at a 36G! WOWSERS!!!! What a wonderful feeling. Loved that I can finally fill in these bras now!

The Fine Lines Australia Blessed was by far my fav. It's memory foam and so super comfy ! I've figured that when I want that extra 'oomph' I can go down a cup size and get amazing cleavage. I will def need to go back and make some purchases!!!
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