Drybrushing Followed by Oil and Retinol

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I am incorporating drybrushing into my daily...

I am incorporating drybrushing into my daily routine to increase skin thickness and improve the appearance of cellulite. So far it's so worth it. Just be realistic. 1 am 45 with a history of big weight swings. One week results:

1. I brush in the morning and follow with a good application of avocado oil and retinol. The appearance of my skin is alway improved for the day by the plumping action of improved blood flow mixed with moisture. This is especially true with the small white wrinkly stretch marks. Cleavage area is drastically visibly improved. Plus it invigorates me for the day. ????????

2 My skin is remarkably soft and silky. Redness is greatly decreased on my chest which is a big problem area.

I haven't done it long enough to note cellulite changes, but I suspect it's most effective on loose skin and that in turn affects the appearance of cellulite. Whatever the case, it's a routine that feels good and at the very least offers temporary improved appearance but hopefully more lasting results as well. ???????? And it's cheap!


Top pic May 22 and bottom June 1st. I will be adding dermarolling once a month which will skew results but am pleased with what drybrushing is doing with my skin texture in a short time! Elasticity really improving! I see another big improvement in my chest wrinkles and crepey white stretch marks on my boobs. They have perked up considerably since starting thiscroutine and I'm not reaching for scarves every time I get dressed for the day!! ??????????????
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