1 Day Post Op - Awatukee, AZ

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I have been wanting breast augmentation for years....

I have been wanting breast augmentation for years. Finally I do it. It isn't bad as some people describe. Yes I have some discomfort and I'm taking meds so I sleep alot. I workout daily and I'm healthy so my post op isn't too bad. I got 525 cc saline and moderate plus profile. I can't wait to see them drop in place.

Day 4 post op breast Aug.

Day 4 post op. I just want to make it clear. I'm very happy with my breast implants and my PS. He is the best. My breast are looking better everyday. I feel great today, just a little burn and tightness but that is to be expected.

5 Days Post Op

I'm so happy with my boobs. A few days ago I was worried. Now I have look at many post on this sight and I'm very pleased with my results. They are coming along well. I was A/B cup now appears to be a D but not sure until about 3 mths post op. I had moderate plus profile with 525 cc. I'm 5.5 & 146 lbs. I am very curvy and needed boobs to match my body frame. I feel awesome!

6 days post op

Tomorrow is my first post op appt. I'm doing well. I can't wait to go back to the gym. I'm still swollen, in my tummy area as well. That sucks! But I fell good, little pain here and there so I stopped pain meds 4 days ago. I take Tylenol now, like once a day. I decided to go walk at gym today to keep me motivated. I'm looking like I'm gonna be a DD cup. I had to go buy large sports bras. I can't fit the mediums any more. I guess now, I'm gonna be considered top heavy, go figure;)

8 day post op

I went to my first post appt today and dic says my breast are doing well. I've learned how to do my massages to allow the implant to fall in the pocket. Also, I can now sleep on my side, yeahhhhh! I just hate that my tummy looks full and swollen but it is from the swelling moving downward, doc says it will subside. I love my new body!

2 weeks post op

I'm 2 weeks post op and I feel great. Everyone that I've shown my breast to say they look very natural. I absolutely love my PS for my results. I think my breast is dropping but not sure what it looks like when it's fully dropped. I'm also confused on when they drop will they appear smaller or larger. On this site, I read some docs say they appear larger and others say smaller. I do have boob greed, I'm afraid to say. Lol! Wish I had gone bigger.

A little over 1 month post op

I'm still in love with my boobs. I think they are so natural looking...to the point I have to tell people I got them done...because I use to wear a lot of padded bras before my BA. I work out everyday and you can lose breast tissue so my boobs went from 36B to 36A...which is one of the reasons I got BA. I love them and now only being greedy and want more bigger but every one says they are perfect and I should not.
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