Rhino/septoplasty Has anyone experience the tip to elevate after the swelling is down? - Turkey, TR

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Has anybody experience doing rhinoplasty...

Has anybody experience doing rhinoplasty overboard? Is there something i need to keep in mind?the dr told me the bloodwork is done the same day as the surgery. I am very excited. My dr is Yakup Avsar in Istanbul. I have done been in contact with over 10 dr from norway, sweden, italy, turkey and usa. But from all the simulated pictures Dr Yakup avsar was definite the one that was close to my estethic taste.

round tip....

this is my nose, I hate it!

from the side...

dropy nose....NOT PRETTY!

after I lost weight, my nose seems more crooked .

recovery sucks

I have been having a emotional rollercoster.....the swelling was beyond my imagination. I have lost my smile, Im still 12 days post up look like avatar/chipmuck.....And the babynose does not put the rest of my face in porpotion...I hope in the next days my smile comes back and everything else starts to settle down....I know I should not worry but I am so afraid not to feel like myself. It seems like I have had Botox in my forehead, my wrinkles is all gone...but I hope this to will resolve in time...


I am so depressed I cry I send the clinic mail everyday , I have been home for 3 weeks only to visit my mother and my sister. Its so hard. I dont think i can do this. I see every girl on realself taking of the cast and have this pretty straight thin yet swallon nose, while i have a wider and wonky looking think going on in my face, when i wake up I just wanna cry. Its been 3 weeks, and the place below my nose tip is swallon so my smile just seems like a chipmuck, Im still stiff.....this is so horrible....



form the side

look a little bit like my old nose....18 days post op

Has anyone experience the tip to elevate after the swelling is down?

Ok- so my nose starting to look more human, but still it lack definition and the tip is really strange. It goes more down, but its super stiff i am 28 days post op.Has anyone experience the tip to elevate after the swelling is down?

3 months post op...wide when i smile ate it

the job took a pictures om my nose looks so ugly!! it looks so wide, it just took all the foucks from my face! the pictures i am positng now is the pictures on a OK day! please keep in mind it does not look like that it depends on the angel and so....
Yakup Avsar

he is know for his own invented method in Rhinoplasty. He preforms closed rhinoplasty. He does not break bones under surgey. Thats one of the main reasons I picked him, he also has a huge facebook lfan page and the before after results are so natural. He also makes clay mask to see your results from every angel, not just picture.

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