Devastating Facelift by Dr. Robert Guyette and Revision - Avondale, AZ

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I was 52 years old looking for a refreshed...

I was 52 years old looking for a refreshed appearance to keep me in the work force longer, and to have the redundant skin and dark circles around my eyes improved.
A SMAS, upper and lower lid blepharoplasty, laser skin resurfacing around the eyes, and liposuction under the chin was performed in October 2012.
At a follow up visit about two weeks after my facelift, the surgical assistant brought up that "there had been some excitement during my surgery". She and the plastic surgeon admitted to having an observer in the room who passed out. The surgical assistant left her post managing my anesthesia to tend to the girl who had fainted. The surgeon quickly interjected that it was just for a couple seconds. An indicator that the operating room deviated from standard procedure. Additionally, a skin growth was to be removed during the facelift and this was never done. Also telling that quality assurance and attention to detail was sorely lacking in this office.
Approximately one month after my facelift, I noted a numb earlobe and dysesthesia of the left ear and told my plastic surgeon at follow up.
Approximately six months after my facelift, I developed a bulge in my right cheek. The plastic surgeon attempted to minimize the bulge with filler. Also a scar at my left outer canthus from the blepharoplasty needed revision.
I always had pain in the left ear which didn't allow me to touch a phone to my ear, had me shy away should my husband try to kiss me, or if anything came near it. I also had a positive Tinel's sign in front of my ear at the angle of the mandible. The plastic surgeon was informed of this numerous times.
Multiple office visits ensued with no resolution or input from Dr. Guyette.
In November 2014, two years after my facelift, I developed severe burning pain in the left side of my face.
I went in to see Dr. Guyette several times regarding this. I asked if I could have greater auricular nerve damage, and he said he had never hear of this. He has been a board certified practicing surgeon for 27 years
A merry go round of doctors and surgeons visits ensued. I was told I had trigeminal neuralgia so an MRI was ordered. The MRI tech had to call me back for secondary views and failed to give me hearing protection or the panic bulb, so I now am suffering from severe tinnitus due to hearing damage.
I had a peripheral nerve surgeon, Dr. Dellon (Las Vegas), remove a very large neuroma from my greater auricular nerve. He also resected my posterior occipital nerve and transverse cervical nerves and buried the ends of the nerves into my sternocleidomastoid muscle so that they would not be able to elicit pain in the future. The rate of greater auricular nerve injury is 7% and really under reported or ignored by surgeons. My plastic surgeon injured the nerve during surgery which caused this problem.
Dr. Guyette was informed of this and again, minimized his role in this. He did refund me the facelift portion of my surgery (not blepharoplasty or laser). He offered to try to fix the redundant skin he left after the blepharoplasty and to remove the skin growth he was supposed to do at the original surgery, however, his surgical skills are sorely lacking and to have him wield a scalpel around my face again would have been beyond stupid. I still was suffering from severe pain on the left side of my face as the peripheral nerves along the facelift incisions are damaged.
Dr. Lamperti (Seattle) fixed the area around my left eye, resected the area in front of my ear and found another nerve entrapped in scar tissue, and attempted to minimize the bulge in my right cheek. It is suspected Dr. Guyette resected to far towards my mouth so it created the bulge.
To this day, I have seen multiple neurologists, pain specialists, surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, and still suffer from excruciating pain and nerve damage. The bulge in my cheek is still rather unbecoming.
I am on neurontin, ativan, percocet, and a muscle relaxer to allow me to at least move during the day. I have not worked in over a year as a radiation therapist. The surgeries were not covered by insurance, so to this day, I have spent over $42,000 trying to "fix" the botched facelift performed by Dr. Robert Guyette. The financial strain, emotional strain, and strain on my husband and family has been immense.
I beg each of you reading this, to really consider having any work done. I think a blepharoplasty and injectables (those must be done well too) would be the limit.

Dr. R. Guyette, Phoenix / 3 years post rhytidectomy

As of today, I am still have excruciating pain post SMAS plication by Dr. Guyette.
Within the month, I will be having Botox injections to left side of face performed by a neurologist, and will be seen at Barrow Neurological for neuromodulator implantation in March 2016.

Dr. Guyette and resultant poor rhytidectomy update

Damage to the auriculotemporal nerve during the rhytidectomy has also shown a shrunken and fatty parotid gland on MRI.
The tinnitus caused by my ears not being protected during a 3T MRI and no panic bulb to notify the tech is still of great issue, too.
I am attempting to enter into a clinical trial involving lidocaine infusion for chronic pain.
My trial with the neuromodulator is scheduled for the end of April 2016.


On 7 April 2016, I was informed my insurance, United Health Care, will not cover the neuromodulator for my atypical facial pain. There was a peer to peer review by my neurosurgeon, Dr. Ponce at Barrow Neurologic and whomever they have at United Health Care. There are medical trials showing that in fact, the procedure is usually 100% effective in relieving the pain. Unfortunate. Obamacare...thanks for that. And, UHC. Not so much. And Robert Guyette, M.D.? You are not qualified to perform facial plastic surgery. You are not board certified in facial plastic surgery. It was my mistake to go to you, even though my physician sister recommended you. I should have done my own homework.

I have written to various government clinical trials and have not heard back. I believe my goose is cooked so to speak.
Dr. Robert Guyette

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