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I chose to get Exilis because with three children...

I chose to get Exilis because with three children I do not have the time or money to get surgery. I just wanted to get my stomach smaller so I could continue to lose weight with exercise. I went for my appointment and the girl was friendly and talked me through it. Whenever it was too hot she stopped but at one point all of a sudden I almost passed out. It was towards the end and I suddenly felt like my muscles had tensed up or something and then when she was done I was fine. The next day I was tender but saw that could be a side effect. 

The following day underneath my belly button and to the right about 2 inches over were very sore and had turned red and warm to the touch. I decided to go to the er because it was not listed as a side effect. He said it was fat necrosis and should take a week to go away. Still in pain on Tuesday I spoke to the girl who did it and she got me in to see the plastic surgeon who is in charge that day. He said he felt that was what was going on or possible cellulitis but he had never seen it before. He gave me a prescription and said if it wasn't better by Friday to come in and get it drained. On Thursday, 8 days after the procedure, my stomach was worse. 
The red spots were 10 times the size, darker red, and I started running a fever. I spoke with the girl again who spoke to the dr and said since I hadn't been on meds for 48 hours just to wait it out and call the following week if still having problems and told me not to go to the er. I ended up going back to the er. The dr felt it was cellulitis and gave me an iv antibiotic and morphine for pain, the morphine did not help at all. I was sent home with another prescription to take and still in pain. I'm miserable and can not wear any pants because of the pain under my belly button. If this medication along with the previous medication does not work I have to go back to the hospital to get meds through an iv and get scans to see what is going on. Has anyone else had this problem?


After all the pain and redness went away I was left with two pockets of fluid, to the side of my belly button and underneath my belly button. The one on the side has disappeared within the last couple of weeks. The one under my belly button is still there but not as large. When I spoke to the girl who did it, she told me when she called to report the reaction I had, the company said they are seeing more reactions like mine more often. She asked them why and they said it might be because they had changed the guidelines as to the heat and whatever so it would give better results. The girl I had did nothing wrong, she was just following what the company had set as guidelines.
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