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I am a 5"4, 40 year old female and my weight is...

I am a 5"4, 40 year old female and my weight is around 126lb . I have the classic pear shape. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. Dispute my healthy lifestyle I was struggling to loose that stubborn lower belly.buldge. I decided to try cool sculpting on my lower abdomen and inner thighs. I just had the cool sculpting procedure done in CT. I had the large adaptor on my lower abdomen. I thought when they first sucked my abdomen into the machine it felt like it took my breathe away. Just from the tightness and pulling from the machine. That sensation only lasted a few minutes. I didn't feel any discomfort from the cold but I did feel cramping. The producer lasted an hour. I have to say I felt cramps the entire time but, it was manageable. I took a Xanax before the procedure and I would recommend taking something if possible. When they removed the device my tummy looked like a red frozen stick of butter. They rubbed my belly until it returned to normal. That was very uncomfortable and made the cramps more intense. Then once they finished I had no more discomfort. I felt completely fine with only numbness and minor swelling. I am one day out from the procedure and no pain just a strange numb sensation in the entire area that was treated. I have an apt next week to treat my inner thighs and my right outer hip. I will post some before pictures and updates on my progress.

Before picture

This is my abdomen area before picture. I will post the pictures taken before the procedure when I can get them.

Day two post procedure

Day two and No pain so far. The numbness is still there but not as intense as it was the first day after treatment. It is very manageable and only feels numb if you touch it or clothes rub against it. I have been wearing loose clothes and taking it easy. I have read that people experience pain around day 4. I am praying that won't be the case for me. I will keep you posted. So far two days out my thoughts are the procedure is uncomfortable but manageable and so far no pain or discomfort post procedure.

Day three post abdomen procedure

Day three and still no pain. Every day the numbness gets a little better. I think if possible you should do this procedure on a Fri and take the weekend to rest. No matter how non invasive the procedure your body has been stressed and I wouldn't advise over doing it or returning to your exercise routine right away. The people who post about the most pain are the ones who didn't really allow their body time to rest and recover. Tomorrow is the dreaded day four where most people describe the most pain. I Hope my take it easy, rest and drink lots of fluids approach will help me avoid the day 4-17 pain.

Day 5

Ok so I am past the dreaded day 4!!! I did experience some cramping and over all soreness. The end of day 4 I did fill some electrical prickly feelings and zaps. They were mild and only slightly uncomfortable. I did take a Tylenol and slept fine. Today is day 5. I am still numb but definitely not like I was the first day after. I would say the numbness gets better everyday. I swear I can see a difference already. It is very slight but I feel my abdomen muscles are showing more. I have not exercised since having the procedure done last Thursday. I have not changed my diet and I have been resting and taking it easy. The crazy thing is I have lost two pounds. Not sure if this is a coincidence. I posted a picture below.

Did my lower inner thigh/ knee area

Today I did my lower inner thighs / inner knee fat. It took an hour each side. It hurt much less then the abdomen. I still had a large area of frozen fat. Right now it isn't as numb as the abdomen. I say the legs are much easier, today I am seven days post abdominal procedure and I am feeling much better. Still slightly numb. They said I can have my before and after photos in three months. I will post those. Here is one I took at home and a couple of pictures of the leg procedure.

3 days post knee area and 9 days post abs

Ok!!! Knees suck lol. Day two after having my inner thigh knee fat area done. I am so numb and getting nerve pain into my calf. I can hardly walk. My calf tightens up like a massive charley horse. My legs and feet go numb when I sit and yet the nerve fires and my calf goes crazy if I stand. I feel like there is no way to feel comfortable. My abdomen is getting better it is 9 days since I had the large applicator on my lower abs. The area is just numb. No more nerve pains or cramps. I do hope the numbness goes away soon.

4 day inner knee

Today is much better. The crazy nerve pain in calf is gone. Now it just feels hot and itchy in the area that was treated. My abdomen is still has numbness. I hope the worst has passed. I am just ready to feel like my old self and get back to my exercise routine. Can't wait to see if the results are worth the discomfort.

Wow thighs are working!!!!

It has only been one week since doing inner thigh / knee area. I haven't lost any weight and have not been able to work out since getting my abdomen done two weeks ago. I see a difference in the inner knee lower thigh area. I am shocked to say my thighs are responding faster then the abs are. I see a slight difference in the tummy but you can really see in my leg photo the inner knee is less square and pronounced. remember I have NOT done my upper thigh just the inner knee and mid inner thigh. I way worth it so far. Although the leg pain was bad it is worth it if I am seeing a change after only 7 days.

More before and after pictures 7 days post inner knee mid inner thigh

Three weeks results on abs

I haven't lost any weight and I can see results in my abs three weeks after cool sculpting on abdomen. Right above my belly button has thinned out. The lower chub under belly button is less bulky. My tummy is not perfectly flat yet but they say full results are in 12 Weeks. So still early and I am hopeful it will continue to improve

Abs slowly getting better

This morning I noticed my tummy isn't as bulky on my side view. It is starting to flatten a bit

Upper thighs done 3/19/2015

I had my upper thighs done yesterday. My left leg hurt a little while getting the procedure done. I could feel the nerves twitching. However, I feel nothing today. So far upper thighs are much easier then the inner knee area or the abdomen. I am exactly one month out from my abdomen and I can see a slight change. I am two weeks out from lower knee inner thigh and I can see a big difference there. I go in May for the last round of cool sculpting on my outer thighs. Can't wait to see my final results

One month abdomen picture

1 1/2 months after abdomen treatment

I had my abdomen done Feb and I am about 6 weeks out and really seeing some improvement. I see a big difference in my inner legs too and it has been even less time for them. Check out my pics and see my progress. Can't wait to do outer hip / saddle bag area

Another picture of before and after

Just one more picture of before having upper and lower inner thighs done. Full results in 2months but a visible difference already. cant wait to get my hips done.

Got my outer hip done / saddlebags

I had the cool smooth flat hand piece done on my outer hip. The worst part was laying in the same position for two hours. It was the least uncomfortable of all the areas I have done. It stung for about 15 min after the massage and that was it. Today is the second day and no pain!!! I took a walk and went to the gym. By far the easiest area.

Christine from radiance Med Spa in Avon CT did my abdomen and was wonderful and made the experience enjoyable. The atmosphere was comfortable. Nattily did my inner knee, inner thigh and outer thigh. She was also very knowledgable and friendly.

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