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I've been stocking the site for months everyday...

I've been stocking the site for months everyday for hours. I had a life changing experince that almost coast me my life. I vowed to change everything I wasn't happy with, so i'm starting with my body. I will have Vaser lipo of the full abs,back, inner thigs, and arms. I'm so EXCITED I CAN"T WAIT. I think if it wasn't for my incident I would of never even though of doing this sx. Before Pics will be added soon. OH! what do you ladies think about that HI-DEF Vaser? Has anyone had one done, is it worth it?

Weight Loss

Happy HolidaysRS, I'm freaking out. I have 36 days left for my pre-op and 49 days left till my sx. I'm 5'6 and weighing 190 Ibs. I was told to loss 15 Ibs. I can't seem to get the weight off. My husband tells me I have an athletic build, but at this point I'm not trying to hear that. I want my sx to go well. I'm not having a bbl so the fat isn't going anywhere else. I know I could make the weigh in, I guess I'm just venting becasue i haven't told any of my friends what I'm doing. I feel like they are going to hate, becasue I'm getting done something they want to do and for some reason or another haven't done. I'm they type of person that goes after what I want. You only live once, and I'm going to live HAPPY. Ok I said I was going to put up pics, but I;m still not to sure if I'm ready. I know how much it helps. Maybe I'll do it when I have after pics to show. Happ New Year's!!!!!!!

before pic

Planning Ahead

Hello dolls,
I'm SOOOO EXCITED. I only have to wait 33 more days till I met my DR. I have been reading alot posts, I can't help but notice most ppl start to buy things they need ahead of time. It sounds like the normal thing to do, but why do i find myself not even thinking about? What I am OBSESSING OVER is what diet and fitness regimen I'm going to be on when it's all said and done. I keep trying to tell myself to take baby steps, but I wnat to run already. Time is going by so slow UHH!!!!
I guess I'm going to start to occupy my time by getting a supply list ready, but do I really need one? I'm going to be local.

The Mission

My mission began today to loose 15-18 lbs. I am going to eat clean from this point on. My motivation is my sx in Feb. I want to look FABULOUS for my sons B-day in August. We are going to the Keys and I want to wear a bikini. I've never worn one before. This is MY year. I feel good about this year. My husband is trying to be SUPER supported about the sx, but I know him better than that. He thinks it's going to go to my head. I'm hear to tell you those days of wearing provocative clothes are done and over. I didn't do it when i was younger and I'm not going to start now. Don't get me wrong I could of worn a bikini when i was younger, but my dad was old school ( I could always hear his voice in my head). Now I just want to wear something more age approprite for my age.

Wish Pic

Weight Lost

I have been on 1200 cal. a day since the first of the month. I have also been going to the gym (except friday, had a vi peel done) and have been trying to burn at least 1000 cal. it take me about 2.5 hrs of cardio to do. I do zumba and other classes so I don't get tired if the same thing. Ok so this AM I got on the scale and I've gone down 5 pounds. I need to keep myself motivated. My pre op is in 26 days and my sx in 39 days. I want my results to be awsome.

Less Than A Month

27 more days left, i can't wait. I'm still doing good with the clean eating and down 2 more pounds and some inches. I can't wait to see my new body.


I was counting down the days till I met with the Dr. I wanted to tell him my expectations. I also wanted him to tell me what could be done. Now I have to wait an additional week before that happens because they rescheduled me. So im thinking it's only going to be a week before my sx, it's cutting it real close. I don't know the do's and don't. I just hope from now on everything stays on schedule. Im already anxious as it is.

count down


The Counting has begun

10 days left and even though I didn't lose the weight I wanted. I've been eating better n working out, so it's a start. Ill post some before pics the day before my sx.

re scheduled again

Got a call I didn't want to get. I thought I would have to wait even longer. I had to find someone to take and pick me up. No one other than my hubby knew what I was having done. Now I had to reach out to someone to do me the favor.I'd scheduled the sx around my hubby. Now he won't be there. Sometimes his job can be an inconvinance. Ugh! But WOW only 7 more days.

consultation day

I don't know why I was nervous it was only the pre op. Dr. L is awesome! He took his time N I felt he was being guenuie. You can tell he loves what he does. Im very happy with him so far. My hubby went with me, he had lots of questions for the Dr. :-) ok well I posted a pic of my arm. My other major issue for me are my legs, then my stomach. So here are my before pics.

count down

5 more days. This weekend will be spent buying my necessity.


All I have to say is that recovery SUCKS


Third day and feeling better. The first two days all I wanted to do is sleep. I've stopped taking my pain meds. I want these dam drains out. Im not looking forward to the massages.


I can't wait till these stupid drains come out. I get them out tomorrow. Hopefully that will make me feel a least more normal.

Drains Gone

I feel so much better. I'm still swollen and sore. But OMG


The one on the left is pre-op and the one on the right is one week post op.



The massages have been going great, I am not going crazy with the not seeing any results on my leag and arms. I know from reading other dolls experinace it take times. Ladies i can honeslty say. I see some change, but not engough right now to make me say . HELLYES! What It is what i expected and willing to wait it out. i miss the gym.
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