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So I've been stalking this site for a few months,...

So I've been stalking this site for a few months, reading your reviews and building of my own self-confidence, through your post, to finally Do Something For Me!

I'm a single mother of two adults (21 and 27) and finally decided to finally have a full tummy tuck (with tightening of the ab muscles, lip of the flanks and upper and lower back. My PS is Dr. McAdoo with Pascual MD.

My surgery was previously scheduled for August 2014, but I have suffered from anemia since my teens. So to avoid a blood transfusion, I rescheduled the date to October 21, 2014. This gives me time to work off a few more pounds and to get control of my anemia.

I'm so excited about my upcoming surgery. I will continue to workout daily and to eat healthy. I love the posts that I have read on this site and they continue to give me motivation.

I will post pics close to my surgery date. God bless you all and thanks for your inspiring posts.

Need your opinion

So I received a call last week that my PS is no longer with the practice and they were referring all of his patients to another PS in the office. I'm three weeks away from my surgery date and now I have to meet a new PS two weeks before surgery. OMG! I don't know whether to continue with this office or try and get my deposit back (which I'm sure will not be easy). The new PS is Dr. Sayed and his credentials are from Harvard etc. but I don't know if this is a sign or what!!

Back on schedule for my tummy tuck = Count down to November 17th

So I met my new PS Dr. Tim Sayed. I had a 100 questions and he answered every one of them thoroughly. Rescheduled surgery for November 17th. My anemia is under control and I will be working out and eating lean until surgery day. I'm excited! Pray for me!

8 Months and 3 Plastic Surgeons Later, I'm Finally having my Tummy Tuck on 12/18/14

Well tomorrow I will finally have my Tummy Tuck, Muscle Repair and Liposuction (Flanks).

It has been an 8 month journey. I'm nervous and anxious all at the same time. I'm scheduled to check-in at 6:30 a.m. So I am soliciting prayers from my fellow Real Self members. Please pray for me!

This journey started with me having to change two PS, battles with anemia, and a Family Doctor that would clear me for surgery unless all of my health issues were resolved. I am so thankful to my doctors, so much I am feeling very confident that my recovery will be manageable.

I'm praying for a restful night and a new me on tomorrow.

New PS - Dr. Robert Hunsaker
Coral Gables Cosmetic Surgery Center
Dr. McAdoo (Pascual MD)

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