Tattoo No Moor - Aventura, FL

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After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of...

After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21, life takes on a whole different perspective. I got this tattoo after my treatments were done as a sentimental break through in life. Cancer wasn't my only battle at the time, but even a more deeper tribulation I will not elaborate here. LoL. Nonetheless, the piece was or I should say still is *hence I'm still in the beginning of treatment* classic west coast art. It was done professionally by an artist with fine detail, and the "best" of all inks. I will get many compliments on the piece. Aside from this enormous black inked faced laugh now, cru later, on my 5'1 petite framed body, I was/am considered myself to be very feminine. Wearing dresses, all the time etc. As I grew older by 26 I should say, I began to have Secondary thoughts on my commitment to my badge if ink on my body. The pretty dresses or halters, bathing suits didn't feel the same on me. I no longer felt the need to carry a badge, representing a chapter of my past on my back. When I was 30, it was even more so annoying and ugly to me how I disfigured my skin, and wished and longed for my bare back with its hundreds freckles again. I purchased expensive makeup cover up which I will have my daughters pile up on me if I was going someplace nice. Or I will always have a wrap on, to cover my exposed tattoo. I finally went to a tattoo removal place , but I wasn't too sure on his expertise, since he did not only focus on tattoo removal, but many other cosmetic procedures. He was also a well known dermatologist. I purchased a special via a Groupon and booked my appt. I wasn't very convinced of prolonged committed treatments in their facility, since it seemed very expensive. They did not offer in house payment plans, and I wasn't eligible for credit care . Anyways , the vibes didn't feel right so I moved on . Prolonging my next will to remove this now still there tattoo with a slight blur now to a new place. Body details is a giant now in south Florida and I heard best in town. I would booked and Mis my appts purposely not knowing what to expect, or second guessing their professional experience. After 5, missed appts. Lol. I finally built the motivation and courage to sit through their companies introduction, payment plans, and book my first procedure the next day. Body details offers tattoo removal and body hair removal, but the Pico sure machine is only offered on two of their Florida locations for now. I did my research on this machine in the past and know it's the best to break down ink. So. I braced my self and went in. Treatment was only about 10mins or less, I just envisioned a new shed of skin soon to appear. The pain is very high, but tolerable. I do however have a high tolerance of pain. But it's all in your breathing and thoughts to move forward. I do want to update this blog regularly as I journey, so we can see together the changes, in the case you are also considering tattoo removal. I'm hoping there will be some improvements 10 weeks after my first session. I am drinking more water than usually to help flush out the toxins faster. I do want to mention I have an even more enormous on my waist that goes across my stomach of a cherry blossom tree. Lol. I plan on also removing. Once I complete the shedding of my back. I am not against tattoos, but they are no longer for my vessel. Here is my journey, bless.

Keep diminishing. Yes ..

5 weeks after my 1st Pico sure session . And I'm starting to see it diminishing. Now it looks like a low grade ink tattoo lol. Yes lawd. Just what I wanted to see. My second session is on August. So I have another month to keep shedding new skin. I'll post another photo. A few days prior to my appointment.

2nd session tattoo removal with picosure

2nd session removal. One day after of .. Aug 2, 2016. The pigmentation looks a lot lighter in person. The intensity of the procure was a little stronger this session. She numbs it was cold air , before, in between, and after. In all. It was only about 15mins in total.. so far so good.. next session, 10weeks from today. I'll post another update before then. God bless
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