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I live in Atlanta, Ga; just to throw that out...

I live in Atlanta, Ga; just to throw that out there. I've been obsessing about the bbl for several months and I finally made my mind up to get it done. I'm already a shapely woman but I need more butt. Right now I'm currently 219 pounds. I don't look it! My butt is just wide right now with little projection. I need this so bad it sound be a sin. I will be financing my new body. I'm in the process of getting approved with a co-signer. I want 1000cc in each cheek because I know that 45% of the fat will melt away. So I'll end up with 600cc in each cheek.

I'm wanting to go to Dr. Salama in Aventura, FL. or Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta, GA. My best bet would be going to Dr. Jimerson but he charges too much for the procedure and I wanted to get my chin and arms liposuctioned. Which would run me over 12,000. If I go to Florida the procedure will run me under $8,000 and $500 for each additional area I want to lipo. I plan on driving down there since it's so close. Estimated $200 for gas, $600 for a 9 day hotel stay.

The only problem is I have no one to go to Miami with me and Dr.Salama's wait list is extremely long. I don't think I can wait 9 month to get my new body. I'm impatient; I hate waiting. So Dr. Jimerson would ease my anxiousness but he's too expensive. I need help !

I'm 5'6 and 6'1 with heels.

I'm 5'6 and 6'1 with heels.

Dr.Salama next opening is April 2013. I'm...

Dr.Salama next opening is April 2013. I'm definitely am not about that life. I can't wait. Dr. Jimerson opening is August of 2012 and he's in Atlanta. I'm dying for my consultation!

So I'm back like never before!!

It's been two years of contemplating and stalking RS; I finally decided to get the surgery done. I won't be going to a doctor in the US. I plan to travel to the DR to get surgery done. My two doctors will be either Cabral or Duran.

I thought I wanted to go to yily, but he work has become trash and too many people are going to get revisions. I need something sustainable, I don't have time or money for revisions anytime soon. This will be my first surgery and big purchase in my life. I need things to go exact so I'm willing to pay a little bit more. I plan on getting bbl, bl, and arm lipo.

The top doctor's/ staff in DR are so hard to contact. I've emailed, but I'm really impatient. Yily contacted me right after and quoted me $5,000 USD for the above procedures. Again I'm no longer impressed with her work. After sending multiple emails to Cabral and messaging him on his Whatsapp I decided to call his office because I go no response. The said they never got the emails. Well I resent them and was told to call back. I called Duran's office as well and was told to call back for Elizabeth who speaks English. When I called back I was told to call back in another hour. Which fricking sucks.

Nothing much has change since those pre-op pictures except I lost 19 pounds. With eating right and constant time in the gym and spin class. So my shape is more defined.

List of things purchased

10 maxi dresses from forever 21
1 track suit
2 fajas
1 squeem
2 post surgical bras
1 compression sock
1 compression arm sleeve
bobby pillow
unscented super maxi pads
baby wipes
personal hygiene stuff (toothbrush, flat iron, underwear, etc.)

If I'm missing anything please let me know!!!

September Travel buddy to DR

My surgery is booked with Baez for September 18th which is a couple months from now. I'm looking for a travel buddy, I will be flying from Atlanta straight to Santo Domingo. I still haven't picked a recovery house yet. I'm open to suggestions. Inbox me!
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