46 Y/o Mommy Make over with Dr. Andrew Amunategui. 4/2016 - Aventura, FL

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Hi everyone, I am 5'7 and 180 lbs and I eat well...

Hi everyone,
I am 5'7 and 180 lbs and I eat well workout but it's time to do this for me. My daughter is grown up and I've gone on a few consults but was recommended by someone about Dr. Amunategui (Dr. A). Let me tell you the first consult I had with him in 2013 I was knew he was my doctor. I did my research and found his years of experience. Board certified and was also featured on the local news here in Miami. Dr. Amunategui took his time with me and I honestly even up to my pre op today felt so confident. He is honest, listens, and always puts safety of the patient first. Did you notice I had a consult with him back in 2013? That's because I changed my mind on different procedures and each time I changed to do maybe the bbl only he ok'd a consult with me to go over any questions I may have had.
So here I am 2016 two weeks away and I had my pre op appointment with him today. There is never a crowded waiting room and his staff is always friendly and professional. Daniel was sweet and today another lady I have to get her name assisted Dr. A and she made me feel like I had a longtime girlfriend with me. He has 19 years experience and I'm already planning my bbl in three months. I'm having a full tummy tuck breast lift with Areola incisions and shooting for 650 cc saline implant under the muscle.
This is such an outlet for me to discuss because I don't have any family here in Florida and everyone is so supportive. More importantly it helped me so much so hope I can help someone else.

2 more weeks to go

I'm really excited and my blood work came back perfect. Hemo cbc A1 all good! Today I also gave urine to confirm that I am not pregnant! Funny enough my nurse at my primary Doctor said she had a tummy tuck 8 years ago and showed me how flat her tummy was to date. Talk about a confidence booster. Prayer and the research I did really has affirmed my decision that I am in good hands. I will post post op pictures frequently as well.

I'm so upset dr. Changes plans at last minute after all my medical clearance

I just received a phone call from Amy @ dr. Amunategui office. I've been medically cleared by my cardiologist who implanted my pacemaker 4 years ago and the pacemaker company will be at my surgery to reprogram my pacemaker. Both Medtronic and my cardiologist said the surgery is absolutely fine. Mind you I've had the same medical clearance 3 years ago which they knew about. Dr. Amunategui has told me several times that it's a go. Surgery set for next wed I get a call saying the anesthesiologist doesn't feel comfortable he wants to do it in a hospital $2000.00 5 days before my surgery. I've been cleared from work I have a nurse and someone who took off from work. I spent money flying someone down to stay with me, I've spent at least $500.00 on supplies and let not forget the emotional and financial preparation I've had to do. I get it safety first however not viewing your patients medical clearance in a timely fashion is completely unacceptable. Secondly what type of anesthesiologist do you have if he is scared is this a blessing in disguise. I need to cancel my appointment and find a sue on who has anesthesiologist who are well prepared. Why did I do a full medical clearance and given the opportunity to have the actually pacemaker rep at my surgery. I'm so so upset right now you have no idea. I'm a single mom who has planned this well in advance and I don't have $2000.00 dollars at my disposal 35 days before surgery this is completely unacceptable not giving the patient notice. I almost feel like the anesthesiologist was just today informed of my surgery. What do I tell all the help who took vacation time off for me? I'm so distraught right now

My surgery is still a go!!!!

So spoke to dr Amunategui and we are doing surgery in a hospital OR it all worked out thank you Jesus !!!!!!! He called me personally and calmed me down and reassured me it will all work out !!!

The night before tummy tuck /BL /BA w/Dr. Amunategui

Hi so I am a few hours away from surgery I have to be at the OR at 6:15 surgery scheduled for 7:30 am. The hospital called me and did a pre registration over the phone. They asked about health history, any medications I'm taking or stop taking even over the counter. What I may be allergic to. Here is the deal tell your doctor everything. No matter what it may be a Nettie pot to clean your nose anything. Dr. Amunategui main concern is my safety. Any real board certified caring surgeon should and will so do your research.
Dr. Amunategui called me last night (yes after hours) to f/u on what was taking place how we would proceed and that was amazing to me. His staff Amy and Daniel are professional and Amy is the one who handles all the documents professional and sweet. I've been going back and forth with this for 3 years and every time I'm treated the same. So the day is finally here wow can hardly sleep !!!

1 day post op tummy tuck breast lift w/ augmentation Miami, Florida

I am one day post op and just came back from Dr. Amunategui office the best plastic surgeon south Florida's top surgeon. Surgery went well yesterday I got to Mercy Regional South at 6 am registered and was immediately taken to the O. R prep room. The nurses were attentive and basically prep me for the OR with my IVs sleeve on my legs to pump while in surgery and blood pressure cuff. Surgery took 4.5 hours. I have a pacemaker and Medtronics came in prior to surgery to reprogram my pacemaker. My surgery was set for 7:30 but Medtronics came at 9. Dr. Amunategui was patient and adement about following the Dr. Cogans ( cardiologist) orders. Anesthesiologist Willie explained everything he would be doing. Dr. Amunategui marked me and we were all set to go after Medtronics.
I came to around 3 and was given crackers and cranberry juice. I couldn't do anything for myself and was very sore. Dr. Amunategui ordered antibiotics and that I void before leaving. I was able to ear a sandwich before I left. The nurses at the hospital said that my doctor is amazing. They have actually worked in the OR and said he is maticulous with his work. They told me I have a great doctor and they would highly recommend him.
My post op visit today went well dr. Amunategui moved my belly button and the incision was thin and low. I'm ultimately impressed because he uses glue for my incision sites which I am excited about. I also had a muscle repair with suture inside. My breast look great he put 550cc in right and 600cc in left. My stomach even with swelling looks so good . The enitire office is amazing Eymi and Daniel are always smiling at the front desk. Daniel cleaned my bandages showed me how to clean my incision sites, how to Apply my compression binder, and overall care. She is was encouraging and super pleasant. Mrs. Amunategui is so beautiful she was excited for me and wanted to hear how I was doing. Jessica one of the assistants there always get me excited reminding me of my soon bikini shopping. I tell you Dr. Amunategui and his staff are top notch. I couldn't have done a better job of choosing my plastic surgeon. He has 19 years experience and the kindest ever. I have to say it again 19 years experience he knows his stuff. I'm thankful.

2nd day post op mommy makeover

Today I woke up better keeping those pain mess going is important. The sleeping in recliner was the best thing I could've done. It helps me get up so I don't have to use my abdominal muscles Highly Recommended! Today I slowly gave myself a sponge bath standing it felt great but because of the breast lift and augmentation I was limited. I got it done thank God. I still haven't had a bowel movement but today I ate two small meals so hopefully tomorrow. My stomach is so flat with the swelling I am very happy.

Pain after surgery

The following day after surgery was the worst pain ever when I woke up. You have to be consistent with you pain melds or you will be in a lot of pain. I slept through the one of my dosage and let me tell you so much pain. It only gets better though because today was much better

Pics 1week post op mommy makers Miami

My week has been a bit rough meaning I needed to rest more. Please ladies rest it really plays an important part in recovery. I stopped the pain pills day 4 bc I was just more sore from the incision areas and from being hunched over. I got a full TT BL and BA so my scare goes from hip to hip and walking hunched is to allow the skin to properly adhere to the muscle. Day 5 was a nightmare bc my recliner I rented acted up and had to get that switched day 6. I followed all Dr. Amunategui's instructions except taking it easy. Post op f/u he knew immediately that I wasn't getting the rest required after a major surgery like I had and pretty much after taking out 1drain said I want your butt to hurt from resting so much for the next 72hrs. Mia an assistant saw how I was moving to put on my clothes and she said I really need to stop and take it easy.
My breast he said bc of the size will take another two weeks to drop but looks good. I have a periariolar incision and that's it. I have now the left drain still in and Mia out gauze over my incision. Dr. Amunategui saw a possible area that may develop into a blister so he put some medicine on that area with hopes of healing better. You have to strategically place your binder so it's not rubbing even with the gauze to cause any irritation on your suture sites. Few thing I love is that the staff is very friendly Jessica Emyi and Mia were nice but most of all Dr Amunategui knows his stuff and is very serious about surgery yes but his post op care is Top Notch and that is most important to me.

Into 4th week post op pics

Hi so had my 3rd week post op and it went well. Dr. Amunategui was please add Daniel said I looked great. The glue is coming off my incisions and the scar is very light and flat and thin. Dr. A is a gem! I see him in two weeks and he is going to take the real deal pics. For now his instructions are to walk and to take it easy. I don't have to massage my breast because they aren't tight and are settling well. I am driving now which is great not having to depend on someone to drive me around. Sleeping with these large breast is a task. I roll a small washcloth to put between my breast so the aren't squished while lying on my side. It's really hard and I am going to have to schedule my recliner to be picked up to practically force myself to adapt. The only down part about dr Amunategui office is the post op garments they are the regular binders no fajate to help not even a phase two type of garment. I was very surprised especially with the amount of money the surgery cost. I'm not too please about that. I had to buy a fajate at fajate depot in Miami for $120 bucks on top of my surgery not cool. Overall I am please here are a few photos. The jeans pic I have on the same blue tank top as my before pic. Blessings

Pics Pics 4weeks after TT BL BA 600ccL and 550ccR MIAMI's best kept secret Dr. Amunategui

Hi everyone so excited of how I am coming along. I had my one month post op visit today and I am so pleased. Dr. Amunategui was so happy with my results and Daniel said I looked great. My breast are large but fits my torso very well I am 5'7 180lbs (weight pre op haven't weighted myself yet) I had some glue on there still which Dr. A uses instead of sutures on the outer incisions. I really like this technique because from a prior knee surgery I can slightly see holes and don't want that on my breast. He is a perfectionist because my Areola looks so natural 4weeks post op. Mind you he reduced the size of my Areola and that's where my implants incision is as well. I start silicon treatment for scar therapy today also. The little scar you see over my incision of TT is an allergic reaction from the tape I had there so that has come a long way too. I have resumed walking briskly riding stationary bike to gradually raise my heart rate. The whole staff there are so professional and encouraging. Dr. Amunategui takes his time with me and I always have plenty of questions that he answers. He is a gem I'm happy!!!!

Pic of a 5weeks post op tummy Tuck

I am so pleased with this pic Wow! This is 5 weeks.

2 1/2month mommy makeover Pic

Hi I am feeling great and back to everything I normally do. Started weight lifting again small steps. The down side of my surgery is that I wish I would've gotten lipo but it is really pushing me in the gym to do everything I can to lean out. It is extremely hard sleeping on my stomach not because of pain which I don't have but because of my large breast. I have to tuck a pillow under my stomach to allow my breast to slightly touch the bed. Some recommendations are invest in good sports bras don't mess around with flimsy bras period. I'm going to maintain my investment. I still have slight numbness and swelling on my lower abdomen but hopefully that will continue to decrease.

Pic 3 1/2 months post op

Happy with results but I have to work out and eat right to get these results. I didn't have any lipo so I have back fat that I'm not happy with but overall very content
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Today was my 2week pre-op and the staff were friendly. I made my last payment today so that was good. Dr. Amunategui took all my pre op photos and I signed so many consent forms. After explaining what will take place and my implants he summarized key important pre op and post op do's and don'ts for surgery. He is so professional and knowledgeable I left there feeling good.

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