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Ok ladies, so just like most of you I've been...

Ok ladies, so just like most of you I've been lurking on this site for a while! More like 2 years. I originally started off looking into the MDs in DR (Yily & Duran). So Yily was like a god send for me. I wanted to do a BBL and as many of you know her work is amazing! She's good at what she does & of course the price is amazing. I then stumbled across Dr Duran months later & immediately switched my mind from Yily to her. I stopped researching for a while and said I'd put the procedure on hold while I saved etc. Well I recently came back to the site and decided I would stick with Yily & do my procedure with her. I got a quote & everything but I slowly bit surely changed my mind again! I'll give you a couple of reasons:

1. I'm a nervous wreck about being out of the country by myself for plastic surgery.

2. I've seen the pictures of the OR at CIPLA & I'm not pleased.

3. I wouldn't be able to stay in DR long enough for the proper healing process & I'm very big on this.

4. I've decided that I no longer want the BBL procedure I only want lipo.

Overall I'd just prefer to be in my own country doing such a procedure. I have nothing against Yily she's freaking amazing at what she does once again. She's the sh*t. And she'll make you stand like a damn stallion. I'm sure if I later decide to do the BBL procedure id work up enough balls to take the trip to DR and have Yily work her magic on me.

On to the present, I'm done my research and I haven't found any MDs that do aggressive lipo here in NY. So I started to look elsewhere and I love Dr Salsma's work. He is do damn official. I'm even considering having him do my breast later on down the line. I'm very nervous about the whole procedure. I never thought I'd need to undergo plastic surgery ever! I've always been super small up until 2 years ago. So here's the details. I'm 25 NO kids & I just blew up out of no where. I'm 160 pounds and my gut is just ugh! I'll post pre op pics soon.

I got a finalized quote from Cynthia who works at Dr Salama's office today. All that's left to do is make a deposit and pick a date. I'm also debating paying cash or financing. Do you guys know if there is a longer wait for customers who finance?

COST ...
$6250 for lipo of the abdomen, flanks, back, arms & inner thigs. This is an all inclusive price. It includes the surgical & anesthesia fee, facility fee, 2 compression garments & 2 post op massages!

Lipo with Fisher

Here we are years after my initial post & I have decided to change doctors, I will be going with dr FISHER! I made my down payment yesterday & my date is 8/24/27. I'm only doing lipo, no bbl.

Since I've made my deposit I've been obsessing on realself, anyway I decided to go on the Imagenes website & fisher is no longer on there .. however he is on the Jolie Plastic Surgery website. Have any of you noticed that? I know that they're constantly changing names etc. but the address to this facility is different as well.

Supply list/meds?

Do you guys know what supplies I'll need? Also any supplements I should take? I'm assuming they either don't send these anymore or I won't get it until I make my second $500 deposit. I only made $500 & according to my coordinator Yessenia, Fisher has up'd the deposit price to $1000. I'll be making my second deposit in June to keep my date.

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