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Hello everybody???? So I'm getting lipo done on Ju...

Hello everybody???? So I'm getting lipo done on June 9 on my back, flanks, inner/ outer thigh and a little on arms. My PS is Enrique Hanabergh. He's very polite and answered all my concerns. His office staff had great customer assistants. I worked with Alejandra who answered all my emails and phone call right away. I want to get this surgery for myself improvement and want to get rid of extra fat that is resistant to exercise after having children. I'm not looking for perfection just want to look and feel like the old me before children. I have an average curvy body with thick legs and small waist. As my surgery days come closer my anxiety grows. So nervous about the pain and post op experience. For last month I've been obsessed with realself and have tried to get as info on my lipo procedure. Please comment on your experience and question you have for me. I will be posting pictures and journey as to help others. I think it important to communicate and educate each for much needed support. Hope to hear from other and good luck to you all????

Two weeks before surgery

Here are my before pics. Picture do no justice. My butt is much bigger and I look heavier in person. The truth is that curvier women in general look heavier with clothes on. I have more issues with my body when it comes to clothes but we cant walk around naked all day can we. Hopefully this surgery will give me more confident when I looking for clothing to wear. Actually feel more comfortable cause I'm that kind of person who doesn't like when people stare at me. I'm just a little more reserve like that???? Lol


I'm 5'1, 134 and I workout. I think is good info for you guys to know so you can compare body type and be realistic with your outcomes. I will try and measure myself later. Best wishes

Week and 2 days (9 days) post op

Ok I have so much to say! This week of lipo was hell.... I had so much pain ughhhh. I am still very swollen and have hard lump all over but the lymphatic massages have helped tremendously. I don't know how people live without them. I do see a little difference in my body size but I know I still have lots more results to come. I'm so swollen so that interferes with the final results of course. I did everything by the book. Two weeks prior I took my multivitamin, arnica pills,pee pads, bromelein and bought a wedge pillow. Post op surgery I continued with my pills added iron, vitamin c and d. I started making pineapple shake in the morning for detox to release all the bad drainage. To be continued (sorry my baby decided to take off her diaper lol)


Ok so I had a rough day today :\
I couldn't sleep last night and when o got out of bed my arms were killing me. They feel so hard and heavy. Unfortunately I Had crying episode. I felt so bad for putting my kids through this process too. It's hard for me to keep up at all times and give them my full attention 247. Thank god my friend had s talk with me and I got over it. My body is getting better as the day go by. Number one advise for you guys is to have people that will support you. Also can't stress it enough to use the arnica gel several times a day. The arnica has dramatic results for bruising and swelling. And definitely your lymphatic massages :))) please wear your garments and try to eat light sodium foods. The day before my surgery I made a pot of home soup, pot of lentils, and five days worth of light sodium arroz con pollo. I separated the meals in frozen zip lock bags and stored them. It's was the best all I had to do was heat it up(best idea)! Just try and be prepared just lipo is no joke. I really appreciate the people on realself for support and guidance through my journey. If you hAve any question I'm here. Till the next time :)))

Great experience so far with customer service and staff.

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