Waiting for my Bootay - Aventura, FL

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So after stalking the site for sometime i finally...

So after stalking the site for sometime i finally decided to go ahead with something for myself I'm going to have my bbl with dr ghaurani aiming for march 2014 I'm currently working with something in the hip and booty area just can't get rid of the gut that's accompanying it. I know after my bbl my body is gone be on point still trying to decide if I should add my arms for the additional liposuction. Any bbl vets that had arm lipo did you see a difference? Please help I'm adding a couple of wish pics because I have a similar build to some of the ladies I choose hoping for my results to be similar

So while I'm waiting on my bottay

So while I'm waiting on my bootay starting to see some post op pics of dr perry that I like to so I sent him an email for a quote still haven't heard anything yet .

More wish pics

A couple more wish pics
Wish pics are Just for fun I have realistic. Expectations as to what look I would like to achieve.

Having a change of hearts in DR's

So lately I have been having a change of heart in DR'S was planing to go to Dr Ghurani but lately most of the ladies either disappear or are not happy with their results even some have had infections that's not a good
look so lately I've been researching dr perry , dr pelayo or dr lagarsso I have to check the spelling on that one sent inquiry to all just waiting for responses until then BBL sisters.

It's been awhile

I know it been awhile since I wrote a review but a lot has happen since let's see I relocated due to my job from the Indiana area to the Wisconsin area that a long was. A struggle also I've gotten quotes form dr pelayo for 3700 dr lagrasso for 6000 but that's been awhile I didn't hear from dr perry after several attempts I still haven't gave up in dr rami I know I need to make my mind up and choose and see a date since I'm looking for a date for late feb or march since that's when I will have available vacation from. My job time is flying and I need to make. My mind up but don't want to make the wrong choice decision decision ladies well I guess I will put up some more wish pics just to give the idea of what I'm hoping for I will put up pre op pics of my own when I get closer to the date and everything is set ttyl girls

Wish pics

just stopping by

So I figured while I'm still on RS in the backgrounds I might as well update my own review everything is still the same I'm really not much of a blogger that's why there's gaps in my review plus with home life work and all the other shit that go on I just peep in from time to time but anyway I just wanted to say congrats to all the ladies that have had and going to have their surgery and happy healing to all.

It's been a long time coming!!

Hey girls I know it's been a long time since I've updated anywho I still been on just not blogging see I'm a very private person I probably still won't post naked pics of my self but I will be posting before pics sometime next week I've paid for surgery picked a doctor and also will be having surgery on march 26th with the one and only dr Hassan at vanity I've had two patient coordinators one is no longer there and I've been talking with shelia since late December and so far so good. The days are approaching fast sometimes I think to fast but it's been a long time and I'm ready but shit is getting real I have a mixture of emotions excitement stress, excitement because I can't wait to get this finally the stress because I'm wondering if everything will turn out right ughh

finally did it

So as stated in my previous review I was having surgery with Dr Hasan which I did on 3/26/2014 making officially 18 days post op today days 1 Threw 4 was the worst for me I actually pasted out day 1 and didn't even know it until I woke up on the floor with my hubby panicking but he say he caught me all I remember was standing there talking to him and the next waking up on the floor with him putting cold towels on me fast forward to now I'm still sore only the lipo areas but I think it from the position that you have to sleep in other than that I'm OK besides not being able to sit down I went back to work after being 12 days post op not a very good idea if you have a physical job like I do the first day was absolute hell but I managed to get threw the week I did sit down on the plane on the foam rollers under my legs all the time thinking my ass was deflating lol I kept having my husband look at it I did lose some volume but I think it was swelling anyway okay then I call myself sitting on my side and was on some of my ass the whole time so now I have a dent hopefully fluffing will take care of this when I noticed it I had a complete break down I freak the fuck out it was nothing that Dr Hasan did he gave me everything I asked for it was me not wanting to look at me like i was Crazy being the only one standing in the meeting at work.

another pic to see dent on left side

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hasan did my surgery not rami

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