Dr. James S Mcadoo - Aventura, FL

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Dr James Mcadoo very friendly I am okay with him...

Dr James Mcadoo very friendly I am okay with him he reminds me of publix while the other doctors I met up with.Are more like Walmart bad customer service . Here's my haul :Getting ready for my surgery which is on September 15 .
Family Dollar:
Dial antibacterial soap: spring water(for surgery) and berry(just for me).$5.35 for both
Zip up robe black and white dots :clearance $12
Black and white room slippers :$7
Equate personal wipe :idk?? But cheap
Leonisa breast compression :$12 no shipping free 2day delivery
Gel bead eye mask(for my breast heat or cool in freezer or microwave.)$3 and something
Sleep upright pillow $14.99
Alcohol 91% spray and refill $3.69 $2.67 only store I can find it
Missing stocking

NEW Items and meeting with the doctor one last time

So i brought new items from amazon
Bust coco butter $8.96 :I really do not want huge surgery scars
Arnica pills 3 bottle 30 count each $13.87:again scar prevention
Stocking:please ask Dr.Mr.Mcadoo i have no idea what its for but $3.69

I love this Doctor even though i spend less than 30 min because he is a very busy man and creates magic all the time .He is very funny down to earth ,He suggested 800 cc for me but i will say that it is to big for me i wanted more of the 500cc range ended up finale decision 475 hp close enough :) i want more of a natural look.... " I woke up like this " type look wish me best of luck preop last day this wednesday than thursday i will be all fancy with my fancy big HIGH boobs ;) will post pics of before and after

Count Down

A little scary but excited at the same time .I think i am ready .Hope i dont become big headed when i am all walking around looking like this OO

Pain pain pain

First day was terrible the band was like a band from hell my boobs looks nice hopefully they fall into place Mcadoo check on me a couple of times very nice of him . I do have stretch marks they look very bad hope when swelling go down they go away

Feeling better

I was in so much pain post op I was angry (probably gave a few members of the staffs evil eyes Sorry guys I love you all )it took me 4 -5 hours post opt to get my pills I said to myself I would never ever ever do this again .... Mind you it was already done .... Need to get the drains remove looks nice ........day 1 looks terrible day 3 looks about right .plus I wash my surgical wear no stains .lift with 475 silicone mentor smooth high profile. Doctor was awesome


Whoa I know a little tmi but do they give pain killers for bowel movement lmaoo lol I swear I had a baby rock today smh I did not take any laxative I just sat on the toilet and let nature takes its course

Before and after

Grey bra rice test implants 2.02 cups of rice in a stocking tape after surgery and last photo deflated boobs pre opt

Drains out

Tomorrow out goes the drains yaaaayyyyyyyy yaaayyyyyy
Dr James Mcadoo

Very friendly doctor

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