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Hi Everyone, I'm 5'4" 106 lbs. Carry most of...

Hi Everyone,

I'm 5'4" 106 lbs. Carry most of my fat in my abdomen. I have a set date of April 19th with Dr. Salama and I'm wondering if going through this procedure is worth it. I'm about to pay off my credit card debt and financially I'm wondering shoud I take on this new expense. you know what I mean?
I see all of the girls on here post surgery and their results look amazing, I've been putting on weight like I was instructed to by Nancy, about 10 pounds prior to surgery. I just dont know if this is right for me.

Pros: Nicer Shape, More confidence, flat stomach look better in clothes

Cons: 8K in debt, extra money for transportation, hotel, etc.
possible complications, Surgery!

Hey is anyone going to Salama during the week I'm...

Hey is anyone going to Salama during the week I'm going? Hotel prices are really expensive wanted to know if anyone wanted to share?

Hey, just tryin to see if anyone wants to buddy up...

Hey, just tryin to see if anyone wants to buddy up in Miami. My appt is April 19th if anyone is going around that time, please lemme know

Ive put on more weight. Im now 114 lbs! Super...

Ive put on more weight. Im now 114 lbs! Super excited, and my hips ar almost 37 inches, I started at 34 so this is big for me. Weight training 3 times a week only workin on my booty. I hope doc can give me a tiny waist :)

Sooo, it looks like I'm going with Salzhauer. :)...

sooo, it looks like I'm going with Salzhauer. :) lol
dont get me wrong I love Salama's work but what concerned me the most about going with him the drains. I did a little research online and found out that having drains could pose more risks for infections. I was then confirmed by Salzhauer's office that, that's one of the reason why Salzhauer doesn't use them. Medical technology/procedures have advanced so much that they need drains (maybe it's case by case). Any who the girl I spoke with said I didn't sound very excited about this procedure once we confirmed my date and deposit. I told her it's because the deposit is so much $$!! I've become frugal after becoming a mom. Even when treating myself or doing something nice for myself I find it sometimes hard to do. But I just need this gut gone and my butt to stay! when I think about how I'll look or what it will feel like, I get excited. I guess I'm just still scared. is anyone else? I hope I'm not alone in this :/

Typos: I meant to say they dont need drains...

typos: I meant to say they dont need drains anymore and it prolongs recovery.

They said I cant give my date away, call them now...

they said I cant give my date away, call them now if you wan it I just cancelled. I'm sorry if I didnt respond back to your post and PM I was waiting on a couple of girls to respond back but they never did. had to cancel before waiting any longer

Ahh! it's almost here!! I'm in Miami, still have...

ahh! it's almost here!! I'm in Miami, still have to do grocery shopping and fill prescriptions. ugh so much to do but I have to work and not only that, I have to work Pacific Standard time but my day should end at 3 or 4pm tomorrow. (hopefully).

I found a place off of Airbnb.com and I've yet to see it in person. I have a consultation with Salzhaur this afternoon at 5pm. (I really need to work out my hours).
any-who, I'd love to get together with you girls since we are all in this experience together. Please pray for me. :) I 'll update after my consult today

Met with the Doc yesterday. Let me start off by...

met with the Doc yesterday. Let me start off by saying; there is free parking in the back! LOL so save your 2 bucks and park in the rear.
I waited in the office for about 1hr or so ( he had a lot of appts) when I did see him, he was very energetic, and kind. I told him what my concerns are (anesthesia safety, where fat will be taken from, scars, look desired, length of surgery etc).
He said that since my skin is tight, he probably cant give me a Nikki Minaj booty (LOL) I said it's okay, I'm not looking for her booty but put as much fat as you possible can- I'll be happy. His asstant showed me her behind ( I wasl already checking it out) and said that she had hers done a couple of years back. I was so surprised! it looked so natural, and beautiful, I was gonna ask but I didn't want to rude. she even let me poke it. :)
they'll be giving me a call today to tell me what time my appt is.

Dr salzhauer is the best. :) so happy with what...

Dr salzhauer is the best. :) so happy with what he's done.

Dr salzhauer is the best. :) so happy with what...

Dr salzhauer is the best. :) so happy with what he's done.

Alright, lets start from when I walk into the...

Alright, lets start from when I walk into the office at 8 am. I'm completely unprepared, I have no nurse, no meds, no ride home. I came byself. I've been very busy working from my laptop, I was working until I drove the office. Thats the great thing about all your work being on your laptop...you can work from ANYWHERE. The nurse helped me get everything situated. I got a ride, meds, and a take home nurse. The doc came in and wrote all over my body...I told him one cheeck is bigger than the other, he noticed too and said he'll fill it in a little bit more. they asked if i wanted ALL the fat put in my rear I said YES! last thing i want is a month after surgery wishing i went bigger. Doc was very energetic and happy, very sweet too. He told me everything was gonna go great and that he'll give me a ginormous booty and wrote it on my back. lol.
I walk into the operating room, passed out thinking 'I cant believe i'm doing this'. Then I woke up thinking I'm so cold! they had all kinds of blankets on me I started crying and asked the nurse for a hug. I was a emotional to say the least. My but hurt so bad, I just wanted to get off of it and get on my stomach. she gave me more pain killer while I waited for my nurse to take me home. Let me tell you this, that ride home was the worst! worst! worst! soon as we got in, i took the pain killer and it felt like it took an hour to kick in. Once the pain was gone, I crawled on my knees to my laptop and continued working. the first three days are the worst but each day you feel a little better. I'm about 8 days out of surgery and I'm feeling more and more like my old self. I cant wait till the numbness goes away. my stomach has shrunk, I love the way I look with or without clothes. I wear the garmet and triangle pad all the time. I went into work for the first time yesterday and my boss was making fun of the way I walk, my friend who is taking care of me says I walk like an old lady. LOL I cant wait till I start walking normal. I've been driving around but not without discomfort. I keep my butt elevated I have a boppy pillow underneath my legs and a paper towel roll behind my back. I'm sleeping longer throughout the nights and I use a long body size pillow to sleep on (looks like a lincoln log). This pillow helps me bend my legs for more comfort. Things I NEEDED after surgery;
Arnica Montana (gel)
Bromlain pills (1000mg) for inflamation
wash cloth and baby wipes
yogurt or crackers (reduce nausea from antibiotics)
***everything else is an option***
Weight before surgery;
After surgery
wouldn't it be magical if my waist drops to 22"!!?? nothing a few crunches couldnt do ;)
Also Salzhauer sends you a video everyday on how your feeling, what to expect and what you should be doing. His nurse came the next day to visit and to give me a new garmet. His staff is available all the time. I couldnt have made a better choice. He truley is the best in Miami.

6 weeks post op pics!!

Hey ladies, I stopped wearing the girdle a couple of weeks ago and I feel like the stiffness has gone. I'm going to start working out this week to tighten up my mid section and upper back. It has been hard to eat healthy because I had to put on weight for surgery. ...gotta change the habit! Any who, here are some pictures.

6 weeks post op pics!!!!

kim k Brazilian butt lift?

Does anyone else think kim has gone under the knife?

new pics

It's been 1.5 years since BB. I range between 39" and 40". To maintain volume I try to work out. Best thing I've done is getting Lipo. So glad I did that!!
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