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Hi BBL sisters, I am not sure where to start...

Hi BBL sisters, I am not sure where to start because I already had my bbl done last Wed Oct 31,2012 in Aventura with DR Rami, today is my 4 days post surgery. The reason I want to share my experience is because I feel owe you girls so much for all the things u guys share in this site, I been do my research about 6 months ago and I'm lucky when Mr google guided me through this site and I had been read all the bbl sisters experience and like everyone here my biggest issue is choosing a right Doctor to do my BBL. After following all the BBL sisters journey I came to conclusion that I want Doctor Salama to done my BBL. I called Dr S office on Oct 3 2012 and spoke to Jennifer and she said Nancy the one in charge for patient care and that time Nancy was in the line with some other patient and I left my phone # to ask her to call me back in the afternoon and I didn't receive any phone call phone them and I call back in another day. This time I spoke to Nancy and I told her that I want done my BBL and I prefer the date between the end of October or first week do November 2012. Can you believe that? Lol I explain to her why I need done in those date or I will never have chance to do BBL for my life. She said Doctor S fully booked until July 2013 and I asked to put me in waiting list and perhaps some miracle happen :).I have no idea how busy Doctor S was but I know only my opportunity to have my dream body, I want nice round booty with super small waist line and flat stomach. I am 5 ft and weight 113 lbs that time, I been gained 13 lbs in 15 years and all the fat stay in my flanks, stomach, upper and lower back and in my arms. In Oct 8 I got a called from Nancy and she told me about DR Salama's partner name DR Rami Ghurani and he is also board certified plastic surgeon and DR R just joining with Dr S about five months ago but he doing BBL longer than DR S. After heard all the explanation from Nancy about DR. Rami then I told her that I will discuss about that to my bf. And actually what I did was pray that evening to find out if Doctor Rami is the one and He is :) I called Nancy and told her that I want Doctor Rami be my BBL Doctor and ask her to sent the document that she need from me and gave her my credit card for down payment and I had less than 3 weeks to go that time. Nancy said Doctor R want me to gain about 5-6 more pounds before the surgery and I told her will difficult for me to gain that much weight in less than 3 weeks and she suggest me to eat more burgers lol and I never eat burger in my life. But I did try ate burgers and was very difficult for me to swallow them, I ate any fatty food i can find and I did gain about 3 lbs before the surgery day. Thanks for all the things BBL sisters share in this site, I know what have to take and prepare and what I have to stop, because I was waiting for Jennifer to send me the package and a will before surgery I didn't receive yet and the reason is bcos she just sent it in the Last week Monday. Me and my bf plan to drove from where we live to Aventura and I found a nice motel with full kitchen and big refrigerator with two big bed for $300 a week + tax in Hollywood area. We're left house on Sunday morning and spent a night in Daytona Beach and continue drove on Monday Oct 29 and I had appointment to meet DR Rami on Tuesday afternoon. I went to Doctor office on Tuesday Oct 30 and meet Nancy for first time and she just such a sweetheart as she in the phone and also Naomi also very nice and friendly, I filled all the paper works and like all the BBL sister said, the paperwork just crazy and a lot to filled and signed. Nancy explained to me everything I need to know while I waiting for Dr Rami. And when I paid the rest of the amount for my BBL surgery DR Rami was there and in first time I saw him my heart told me I'm the right hands. We moved to exam room and he asked me what In my mind when I am decided to get a BBL, basically I told him I want small waist line, I want flat stomach and all the fat in my upper and lower back gone and moved it to my butt lol. He ask me if I have a number and I told him if don't have number because I knew hi going to remove all the fat and stick them into my butt and he said he like that idea. BBL sister ...I never meet any Doctor nice and patience as DR Rami. No rush and the consultation time was more than two hours, he want to know my goal and everything I want to he know about my dream figure. And I almost forget to mention if he's a very good looking and attractive Doctor lol. And I left the office with boppy pillow in my hand and way back to hotel me and my bf stop in Texas de Brazil restaurant and was good dinner and I can't eat or drink after 10 pm for my surgery. My schedule for my surgery is 7:30 am and we arrived 15 minutes before to get ready and Dr R want to took pictures me before surgery and marked the skin. I started got nervous about the anesthesia bcos I never I have one before and the anesthesia nurse ( I am sorry I forget your name ) explained to me the procedure and asked question about my health back ground and done. Next step is DR R came and took pics then marked part of my body for the surgery preparation. By that time I only can pray that I will woke up after anesthesia lol. I went to surgery room and the nurse injected the anesthesia to my vein and put a oxygen mask and I am out and I woke up with my bf beside me and ready to leave the surgery place. I remember my bf prepared a thick blanket in back of his truck so that way I can lay down there on my tummy. And when I went to my room I just went to bed and had a deep slept. I woke up after several hours with feeling thirsty and nausea and I insert one of the suppository and took the antibiotics and the pain killer. I saw some blood on the sheet and I don't had time to worry about that. I am too tired and slept on my tummy killing me but I did until now. I ate chicken soup prepared by my bf and some saltine cracker and drink a lot of Gatorade as I can. My mouth was dry and my throat kind sore but Doctor and the nurse already explained that will happen. I went back to Doctor office the day after surgery and everybody so exciting to see the result and that time I didn't thinking about know the result, my mind just to shock to know that I already had my BBL and a lot of things came thru my mind that time. Doctor Rami very nice and just knowing he there made me feel better and he ask me if I ready to see my new figure and when they took the garment out first caught into my eyes is all the bruises in my stomach, in my upper back and lower back, believe it or not I didn't pay attention to my new booty until Dr Rani asked me how I like my new booty and Nancy and Naomi gave me compliment how nice and round my booty now and how small my waist line and my stomach is flat. I saw that mirror and I could believed that is my new figure, small waist, flat stomach and very rounds looking butt. I am to happy to react and afraid this just dream cause the pills I took lol. DR Rani teach me how to wear the shirt under the garment and with helped from Naomi and Nancy finally they put the garment back , actually I asked for new garment bcause that one had blood on and they gave me new one and I like the first one better and I will let BBL sister know why later.Doctor R said don't be hesitate to call him if me or my bf want to ask something and he mention "anytime" he will answer the phone, see another reason why I choose the right one :) Like anybody else had done this surgery we don't have appetite to food but I know I have to eat something good and has nutrition to help me recovery from my surgery and help my body healing faster. Very important to drink a lot of fluid and in my case I drink Gatorade about 64-96 OZ a day. And my bf always prepared some food for me and remain me time to take my medication and keep everything in track, I am so lucky. Second day post surgery I had little bit issue in my chest, if I breath was kind sore and I asked my bf to gave a called to Doctor Rami's cellphone and he answered the phone and he was on the way go back to Orlando but he asked my bf to took me back to the surgery center bcos there have DR S and the nurse can help me to find out if anything wrong with my lung or my heart, and by that time I have feeling bcos the new garment that I asked for changed the one had blood was the problem but I am not sure. I went to the surgery center and had EKG and the check everything and seem everything ok and Dr S said he can't find anything wrong with me and I am happy known that nothing wrong about me and me and my bf left the surgery center back to hotel. Not too long Doctor Rami called my bf cellphone and ask how I felt that time and I guess he already talked to Dr S about my emergency visited and he told me to walk more and take a slow nice deep breath. Very nice of him to called and make sure I am ok. The 3 days post surgery my bf laundry my two garments and after dry I wear the first garment I feel much better, the second garment has adjustable shoulder strap and the strap rubbing my skin and in front look same like the first one but smaller in the end of the zipper, that way when I closed all the way until the end I can't breath and hurt beneath and between my breast. Yesterday is my 3 days post surgery and Doctor Rami called to see how I'm doing and I told him I doing great, I follow his suggestion, yesterday I walked inside the hotel room about 5 hours with my iPad on when I walking lol. Please bring iPad or any tablet and make sure the place u stay have a good Internet connecting in my case unfortunately this hotel has no wifi inside the room but thank you for my Verizon Jetpack. Tomorrow will be my first massage and I knew by read BBL sister journey will be hurt like a hell lol. Walking really help reduce the swelling, especially in my face, can't believe how floppy my face after surgery and getting worst if I slept to much. Time for me rest my hands and finger from typing, I am happy have a chance to share to all BBL sister here

Hi BBL sisters, today is my 5 days post surgery, I...

Hi BBL sisters, today is my 5 days post surgery, I woke up with great feeling and I took a shower and i don't feel any pain or nausea only sore in my butt, I forget to mention that DR put 720cc in each side my cheek, not bad Huh :) consider I only weight 115 lbs.
I went to the Doctor office for my first massage but the nurse said my first massage will be this coming Wed and today Naomi just checking on me and she said everything look great and I will see Doctor R on Wed and have my first massage. I made a good Asian pork soup this afternoon and I feel I am ready for my new life. Btw I really like the nice curve that he gave to me in my lower back, I need start looking but a pair good jeans for my new booty, thank you so much to all BBL sisters, without u guys I will never ever know what I am go to do to achieve my goal, love u all. Happy healing :)

Hi BBL sisters, today is 8 day post surgery and...

Hi BBL sisters, today is 8 day post surgery and each day getting better and better, they took my drain out yesterday and I can't describe to u about the pain when the nurse pull the drain out, it's most painful thing in my life ( I am not good about handling pain).
Yesterday I try put a dress on after took a shower and I love it, can't wait to get more clothes for my new body :), I should bring more dress so that way I can try them on. Can't wait to go to visit my family in my country and show them the new of me. Finally a china girl can have a nice butt will small waist Lolz. I had my massage yesterday and Ceilia is my new favorite now, she doing so gentle and I can felt the fluid out from my back when she's massage me, what a good relieved. For my opinion using drain is better because the fluid and some fat left over after lipoed will out and help to reduce the swelling, total fluid I empty from 1st day post surgery until yesterday is 540 ml ( me and my bf wrote down each time we empty the drain). Btw talk about my bf, he's fly out state for work and leave the car here and he will fly here a day before we heading home, ( I am stay in Hollywood for recovery until Nov 17). I am thinking go to Aventura mall for shopping today, finally shopping sounds exciting and sexy hahhahah. I hate shopping before bcos seem everything in the store is not for me, perhaps those feeling will change after today :). Bbl sisters I forget to write about ordering a portable massage chair, sleep on stomach did hurt my neck so so bad, so I decide to order a portable massage table for me, I need a whole day looked online to see which one is better and finally I decided to purchase the one touch massage Aspire series portable massage table in Amazon for $219.99 + $ 19.99 for shipping, they will shipping to the hotel sometime today or tomorrow. Hopefully will solve my neck problem. I don't know what else to write but I will try to post a update often. And for all the BBL sisterhood in recovery time, happy Healing :)

Hey BBL sisters, today is 9 days post surgery and...

Hey BBL sisters, today is 9 days post surgery and I feels perfectly fine as my normal days before surgery. I woke up with swelling face cause by slept to many hours on my new massage table. The table is very comfortable and perfect for me, but I should not let myself slept almost 9 hours last night :). The swelling on face is nightmare :). I do a lot walked in the room to help reduce the swell on face, kinda boring walk back and forth in the room so decided to retouch my hair color since the new black hair grown a lot, I am glad that I did pick up a box Nice 'n easy in natural reddish blonde from Walmart last Sunday and turn out good on my hair, I am so lucky.....again :).
I had my second massage this afternoon in Dr office and it so so so much. Ceilia has a magic hands and I still can felt a lot of fluid came out from my back when she do it, thank u so much Ceilia :D.
And she also say that I need xs size garment for next week because my waist getting smaller and smaller each day, that was I am looking for..... A little tiny waist line.
After massage I meet a girl in waiting room, she's cute and we're talking and in some how we're mention about RS and she recognize me and funny is I like her already, her nick is "Buttstarr" .Very pretty and sweet girl and friendly, I let her to touch my butt,my stomach and my back, want to she feel that I am real and whatever she saw is exactly what I posted. Can't wait to see her in new figure next January and I know it will turn out amazing. And for all the sisterhood on post surgery happy speed recovery. GBU

Oh my Gosh...oh my Gosh 33x times.....Can't...

Oh my Gosh...oh my Gosh 33x times.....Can't believe it......( I need calm down lolz) ....hellloooooo my BBL sisterhood.....I woke up about an hour ago and like I always did...I want to take a shower, and when I took my garment off I was screaming like a little girl.....I love what I saw in mirror more than yesterday and another days before. My waist a lot smaller than yesterday because the swelling down a lot today, I am still thinking I am dreaming....but i felt pain when I slap my face hahaha....this might just my hallucination LOLZ.....please tell me that I am not dreaming.....
First thing I did is grab a vs thong from drawer and a bra and took a few pictures before I went to shower, I love my body, I love my life, I love my DOCTOR ........ohhh my gosh........
I went to to shower with singing and dancing, the warm water felt so so so good on my skin and I just want to stay under shower for all day long, but the instruction on the package said no more than 10 minutes, so I took my shower for 9 minutes and 59 seconds lolz.
I am steering myself in the mirror while I am typing in my iPad now, my gosh...what I am going to do with this hot body??? My waist is so so small, unbelievable .....unbelievable.....I want to scream again bcos amaze.....:)
How this miracle happens to me? Very flat stomach, super small waist line and BIGG @$$........
The bruises seem disappear faster each day, maybe bcos the Chinese secret pill I took and arnica Montana, don't know what is that but it's very famous for speedy recovery after surgery, I had took three of them and cost me $300, I asked my sister sent it via FedEx a week before surgery and she was curious why I need those herbal pills in rushed and I told her just for keep it for emergency case :).
i am losing my mind now because steering my new figure in the mirror, still can't believe that me.........
I need new bikini for next summer and I can picture myself in one of those sexy bikini, my bf will going to love it lolz.
I don't have a measurer tape so I plan going to Walmart to get one sometime today, wondering what size of my waist now....a day post surgery is size 26, I guess now around size 24,.
I am going to stop typing now bcos I am too exciting to type, I want take my time to check out my new booty, my new figure and I promise will continue later, sometime all of u girls....happy healing
Ops.....I need text DR R to say thank u again....never seem enough for that :)

Hi BBL sisters .....I am back like I promise I...

Hi BBL sisters .....I am back like I promise I will lolz......I just got back from Aventura mall, I still hate shopping, the crowd made me headache and all the different fragrance in everywhere just make my headache even worse. But I got a red dress at Macy's and a pair yoga pants and 7 panties from VS, just all and took me about 4 hours to walk around with headache. And the bad part is I have no chance to stop in the Walmart to get a measurer tape :( bcos I was overwhelming and want to back to my room so bad. I went o mall with my garment on with all the lipo foam in and I look big and the customer service in juicy culture shown me many clothes in the big size and maybe my grandma will like the style if she still alive LOLz......
I am tired now but I remember that I have promise to write more, so here I am know hahhahah ah
I have a great day and a big smile on my face all day long, life seem easier now, don't know why I got that feeling, maybe because the confidence that I have now what I don't have it before. Thank U ,Lord Jesus !!!
Btw I have couple thing in my mind that I want to share to BBL sisters here, first about the time the doctor going to take the drain out, plz to ask if possible to get a local anethesia before they going to take the drain out because that was a most painful thing u don't want to experience, believe me.... I still have nightmare about that until today. My Second concern is about purchase extra garment, I will not recommend that before the surgery, the reason Is Bcos we don't for sure what final size we end up have, I think one garment is good enough for a week, and second week we probably need 1 size smaller than before and same thing to the third week. Maybe 2-3 after post surgery we need another smaller size garment than before, just share a thought from my experience now. I am wearing size small now and this morning with all the lipo foam on I can tell my garment is getting loose just like Ceilia's mention that to me, she said this coming week I need to change my garment to XS and after that I need a waist chincer bcos the swelling will go down more and my waist get smaller by that . I am hungry now And time to me to fix a dinner and what a movie, Happy Healing ......

Happy Monday BBL Sisters, today is 12 days post...

Happy Monday BBL Sisters, today is 12 days post surgery, I am still in Florida until Nov 17th. Tomorrow I will get my third massage and also I have appointment to meet Dr Rami at noon, so if BBL sister have same day appointment to Aventura office tomorrow might see me around there . I love to have new friend especially from same journey, bcos most of us are hide this journey from family or friend, that way we need to support each other in this site :).
I want to share to u what happened to me yesterday, I woke up at same time as usual, and took a bath and tried to put my new dress on the one I got from Macy's the day before, totally LOVE LOVE .......LOVE IT!!!!
I am going to upload a few pic in that red dress today. Every clothe I put on to my body just turn out AMAZINGGGGG!
Then I decided to done my laundry included the garment , I put a tank top on and a cheap yoga pants on,'s HOT LOOKING from any angle, hufffff.......again..hard to believe it's my body. I meet the owner of this hotel when I went to laundry room and I can tell that he was shock looked me, all this time he saw me in big sleep dress and look even bigger bcos I have my garment under my dress all the time. Mean while when my laundry still run ningI decided to go to supermarket just cross the street from hotel, u have no idea,,,, when I want to cross the street had a car back up and the man ask if possible to have my phone # and I was scare but try to not show up that I was scare, I told him that I don't have my own Cell but share with my bf (Lord forgive me for lying ) but I don't expected that, he was disappointed but understand and said that I has a very sexy that part LOLz.
When I had crossed the street and walked to the President supermarket ......I can see all the men's eyes was look at me and especially my ass hahhahah....typical man..I guess..
The worst when I inside the supermarket, everywhere I turn I saw men's looked at my ass....what a embarrassing, and the women seem hate me lol.
My body felt itch cause all the attention and don't feel comfortable , maybe bcos I am a home person and all my life being recluse, so I don't get the grocery I'm looking for but just grab a pineapple and a box of dried dates, just want to disappear from those hungry men eyes ASAP hahhahah. So ladies please be PREPARE for the unpredictable ATTENTION especially from men......I am sweating just thinking about that :)
I run back to hotel and got my laundry and went to room and put the garment on with all the lipo foam stuffed under....hufff.....feel me again hahhahah
I still didn't buy the measurer tape yet, I am not ready to go out myself in my new body yet, I need to get use too first, yesterday is a new experience for me . So today i woke up then took a shower and tried put another yoga pants on and seem my body getting hotter each day, totally LUV IT. Btw I asked my sister buy more the secret ingredient herbal pill and send it to me ASAP, I see my body healing very very fast and I think have something to do with those pills. And here I want to share several thing that I AVOID to consume after post surgery : shrimp, crab,egg, lamb, peanut, they're my favorite but I hold myself to consume them until I completely heal. My uncle is a Chinese doctor and he been told to everyone and they passed this warning generation to generation. I am not the person will believe everything that I heard without I proved it, and I did several time when I felt from bicycle or got cut from knife accidentally, when the wound almost heal I consume those thing and guess what the morning the wound area was hurt, and red and bigger. I don't want to take the risk this time lolz. Btw I am going to meet a sister from this site sometime tomorrow, she will fly in from CA tonight and have BBL surgery on Wednesday with DR Rami, I am so excited to meet her for first time especially she going to have same extreme makeover with same master like mine :D.
Happy speedy recovery BBL sisters. Jesus bless u all.

Hi BBL sisters, this me.....again :) , today is...

Hi BBL sisters, this me.....again :) , today is exactly 2 weeks post surgery , wow..... ............
Actually i made an update yesterday but when i press the summit button didn't get through, just loading for hours and i try one time and still same, so i decided to wait until today :) and celebrate my two weeks post surgery.....yihaaa!!!
Finally I meet my doctor again yesterday and I am so happy bcos that :)
Doctor Rami was impress with my healing progress and he said " unbelievable" and "amazing" hahhahah, he called my healing progress is "ABNORMAL" in good way :D, both of us think maybe the Chinese herbal pill have something to do with that, I feel bless and lucky, Thank You, Lord! . And he was very satisfied with his work on my body and he say I look amazing......and perfect, I am happy hear that from him. I got my third massage yesterday and always love it, thank u Ceilia.
All the bruises less visible now and surprise me how quick is that compare to 9 days ago.... When my first posted in here.
My back and stomach still swelling but a lot less than before and otherwise I am perfectly fine and healthy.
Btw so many sisterhood asked about the Chinese pill, the name is "Pien Tze Huang" is 3 gram tablet, I saw someone sale them on ebay but I am not sure is that the real one or not, bcos so many fake one in the market, I only trust the one my sis sent it to me bcos we knew the herbal store owner for years. I ask her to buy more for me and this morning she told me the pills on the way to USA. Thank u sister.
And for all the sisters in healing progress I will suggest to avoid the foods I was posted in my earlier updated, included LOBSTER, to help speed up the healing progress. And I got many pm asked the hotel I stay for recovery, the hotel name is CURTIS INN in Hollywood area, they charge me $300 a week plus tax, just a small hotel but clean and peaceful, with a complete kitchen but no cookware or dinner ware, ( a bought a medium sauce pan at Walmart for $6, brought a few spoon, chopstick,forks, paper plate and seasoning from home) , also has big refrigerator and flat screen tv, dining table, two big beds, not bad for the price, I didn't look for fancy place for stay bcos this is not a pleasure trip but recovery time. I am pleased with this hotel, also cross street is supermarket, dollar family store, world foods store, and CVS, very close to everywhere. I paid $10 for cab to doctor office from here. And if anyone interesting to stay in this hotel during recovery time, please remind the front office guy that u need first floor because u going to have surgery, very important to not climb the stairs especially a week post surgery. I have so many thing want to write in this post but afraid will not get thru like yesterday and I have to re-write again....: ) but I will let such thing make me down from posting my progress, happy Healing BBL sisters, God Bless U All!!!

Happy Thanksgiving BBL sisters....sorry i haven't...

Happy Thanksgiving BBL sisters....sorry i haven't update my blog for awhile. i was overwhelmed after left home three weeks and finally we got back home last Sunday, there no place like home. U know after three weeks away a lot think need to accomplished when we were home and plus was a holiday week so i was busy to preparing my Thanksgiving dinner. I cooked American traditional Thanksgiving meals every years. Love it.
Some sister maybe wondering why i uploaded my picture awhile ago without write anything, the reason is because i took all those picture using my tablet but i don't like to type on my tablet, i prefer using my big screen pc monitor. Back to my healing progress, my body healing very well, all the bruises is gone but still have red mark on my stomach from the garment and compression but i guess that normal because the swelling have not completely down yet. I been changing different brand garment and i love it, i bought a black garment from for $69.99 and perfect on me. give compression on mid section but now too much pressure on hips and butt, and the fabric on hips is breathable. The reason i was looking for different brand is because i notice the one i got before (shown in my picture before) was too much pressure on hips and butt and does down my hips and butt volume, from 39 to 38 in a week ( scary). I also purchased a classic corset from same website and i like it a lot but i will not suggest to sister who just have BBL surgery, maybe need several month after surgery to start with those kind corset. I bought a vest corset from lipo express and i like it too, i purchased the vest 2 size smaller than my size and my size is XS and i bought 3XS for the vest, fit right but i wish they make 4XS. And i still sleep on my massage table and the table is the best thing i have invest after surgery, they solved my neck and back problem without doubt. i will suggest BBL sister to have one those table because we need to sleep on our belly for long time.
And i been kneeling or standing everyday since my surgery and that tough, please give a thought about that before make a decision to have BBL surgery, we have to face this fact everyday, very difficult time and so far i have not sit on my butt directly since my surgery, only on boppy pillow if necessary like when i have to driving or have my massages.
The best thing is have some adult with us during surgery and recovery time, do not depends only to the caregiver that some place provide. If anyone going to have surgery in aventura area i have 2 care giver i will recommend them, i used them service when my BF left 2 weeks for work to help me put the garment on. The care giver name is Angie with phone #754.204.5473 and Samantha # 917.553.8173 , there are very positive person and with heart of love to another. very nice and lovely ppl ( we don"t want anyone with negative energy during recovery time) . U can negotiate the price and how many hours we need them a day. also they can help to take to store or everywhere we need, even i prefer to take a cab, very convenience this those area.
And for BBL sister who going to have BBL surgery soon and already have extra garment, i will suggest to put the garment on for a day or two and also the epifoam to see how our skin doing with those fabric, i read in some website if the foam can cause rash and very bad burn on skin such we get from poison ivy or oak. so if possible have allergic test before surgery will be better. Btw nmy size right now is 24 and hips 39 (up 1 inch after changed to new garment and eat more meat after i lost 1 inch with the old garment from lipo express). Also my butt a lot softer than before, i being walk up and down on stairs a lot, thanks for our house style make me have to walk on the stairs a lot :).
Too all the sister in recovery time happy speedy recovery and for who going to have BBL surgery in the future, always remember to follow your heart, u will never fail. Thank u for all the prayer for my recovery and the support, you guys being such a good friends and sisters to me more than u know. Jesus Bless You!!!

Hello BBL r u guys? Today is days...

Hello BBL r u guys? Today is days 26 my post surgery....I got my five massages but first one since I came back from Florida. I found this deep tissue massage therapy in online and was close to where I live, I love it. The lady named Angelica was very nice and professional and she know what have to do, she said that she have many lipo'd patients before. When she asked me when I got my Lipo'd and BBL and I told her 26 days ago, she couldn't believe it, she say that I have extremely fast healing progress, I not even talk about that to her, but nice to hear that :)
When she massages me, she was asked who did my lipo'd because she said very perfectly and carefully, I told her that I had done that at Florida. She say whoever my surgeon is that he does doing extremely great job on me, I agreed with her :)
All the 30 minutes she just keep telling me how impress she was about my result and also she say that she need tell me something even I didn't ask.... She said I will not have any scar after my body completely heal, she explain that to me and she say only good a surgeon can do that. Very carefully.... well done, I almost think if she know Dr Rami although i have not mention doctor name hahhahah......
So I am very happy and I have another appointment for massage this Wednesday and I am so looking forward for that. She doing a great massage and she also use the lipomassage machine, I can see the different before and after the massage result and she suggest me to have 30 minutes massage each time.
I didn't upload any picture of my body today because in this case not have much different, all the bruises gone and some part on my stomach still numb. I do take my garment off for an hour or two in the morning and put some nice clothes on to make me feel great and appreciate my new figure :)
I am craving for egg,shrimp and peanut so badly but I hold myself not to eat them, I don't want to have infection especially in the place where has stitch on from lipo'd.
I am only wear my black garment from glass hour angel and no more wear the one from lipo express because too much pressure on hips and butt and I put the lipo express vest on top those garment or lace corset ( depends how I feel and how much time I have to dressing)
Btw I am going upload A picture of the Pien Tze Huang pill because I got so many question about that. In the market the fake one also have exact same package. So please carefully about that.
I think just all my updating today and I will update more soon. To all sisters in recovery time ...Happy speedy recovery. God Bless You All.

Hi BBL sisters......i am back hahhaha.... i am...

Hi BBL sisters......i am back hahhaha.... i am sorry did not update my blog for awhile because a being busy lately and also i didn't check site as often as before surgery. And thank you so much for many of u that sent a message to my inbox to see how i am doing, i appreciate the thoughtful and the caring many of u. I am doing super duper complication or infection or any thing that will harm my health. Only my thighs and my legs bigger than usual because the swelling go down and still stay in those area. I haven't lose any volume so far, my hips is 39 and waist 23. I still keep my healthy life like i always did, eat a lot of vegetables, fish, fruits, meat and Korean mix beans for dessert (love those dessert). I do get stress something because i can't sit on my butt and have to sleep on my belly, but i know i need to pay the price and sacrifice for the body like i has now. So far i am continuing sleep on my massage table every night. this afternoon i went to got my nails done and the girl who done my nail was surprise me when i sat on the foot spa chair she was touch the side of my butt and asked where i wearing. For a moment i don't know what she means, i was thought something wrong with my legging, then a her customer sat 2 chair from mine say "we were wondering if u are wearing a pad" and finally i got it what she was asking. So i told them that was by real butt and pull my legging down little bit to show her my skin lol. lucky only 4 ppl there included me....sometime we the Asian ppl are the ppl say too loud to what come inside our mind hahhahah. Btw i took that as a compliment. Me ana my BF are so excited about the Holidays coming, such a joyful just thinking that we going to celebrate a birthday of Lord Jesus... we were busy working and preparing for Christmas. I remember before i got my surgery some girl who already had the sx said that after sx she didn't go to RS a much as before, that's happening to me too. I only check this site out once awhile. I am sorry to all the sisters that waiting for my update and worry about me.... i appreciate and love u guys so much. To sisterhood in recovery progress i wish u all hppy speedy healing and i wish u all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Jesus Bless all of US, Amen !!!

Happy New Year to all of u, i am so excited about...

Happy New Year to all of u, i am so excited about my two months post surgery.... :D, last year was very special year for me and i know this year will be better. I am sorry take so long to updating my blog, most of all i just don't know what write and i was busy prepare my trip to visit my family very soon. My booty are soft and firm and i don't feel sore or tiffness anymore. Most time i put my garment,the foams and the vest on in the night time. I didn't go for therapy massage anymore, sometime i do it myself. Still have same size 23,39. Still got compliment everytime i went out and one time before Christmas i cought 2 men took picture of my butt in the grocery store, i think that was pretty funny and the manager of the store stearing on my butt, i am better in handle that situation now,even stil feel uncomfortable with all those eyes stear on my butt :) (not a bad thing huh). Btw i want to thanks to bbl sisters that always care about me, i am so blessed know u guys in here and being part of this sisterhood. Very soon i will update my blog less that before because i am going to traveling to oversea for few months, i love to travel and see new places. I am so ready for this coming trip more than ever, special thanks to my amazing doctor that made it happens, because he was listen to my dream and made it came true, i owe his in my lifetime. And to all bbl sisters in healing progress, wish u have a speedy recovery and GOD BLESS U ALL.

Hello all bbl sisters, i am back and i am sorry...

Hello all bbl sisters, i am back and i am sorry take this long to update about my progress. Believe it or not i was forget my email that i use for RS and i just call my BF in US to find out for me in somewhere on my desk and he did :).
i am doing extreme well and i am still in my Country to help my parents with their business. My size now is 24,40 and so far i have no lose any volume and was surprise me, because i was sat down all the way back in the flight (more than 18 hours)and here i been traveling in many places with car and sometime i sat in the car for 8 hours straight. many time i don't bring my boppy pillow while i on my trip and was fine and i didn't see any different than before. And i can't describe in this blog how my family reaction when first time saw me my new shape, they were shocked,amazed,wonder, and a lot of guessing and i answer all of that with a smile. I catching too many attention wherever i go, ppl talk about me,gossip about me and men starring on me and i was got surprises many time when a few friends ask me to out for dinner end up 30 ppl show up and i knew that they been talked about me to their friends and many of them want to see me in person. Don't know how many time ppl give me idea to become a butt model and be honest i don't know what is that mean and i always give a smile whatever comments that i get. Some of my family think i was wear a pad and they was grab my butt and squeeze them and touch my waist see if any garment there but they found out nothing there but real of me hahhahah.
This is the best time in my life and i am glad that i had done this procedure and with a right doctor. This what i call many can't buy but doctor Rami can :).
I am very excited to be able to write a post here again. Really miss u guys and i also very happy for BBL sister BIGBUTIEZ that has a great result, i am starring on her result pictures all the time and couldn't believe it the booty transformation that she have. I left my tablet in my sister house but i will try to find a camera to take some picture and upload in this blog.Btw i didn't wear any garment or foam since i am here because i sleep in the same room with my sister and i don't want she curious about that and i wish i still have chance to wear them, that why i still have the same waistline as before, i wish my waist can down to 22 but i am happy to what i have right now, Thank U,Lord for that. Happy speedy recovery BBL sisters. GBU


Hi bbl sisters, i am back to making some update on my blog. It been so long since my last update, i got a new job last year and they keep me very busy and a lot of travelling but i enjoy my new job so much. Two more months will be two years po surgery and all i can say i didn't lose any significant volume, i remember after surgery my size is about 23-24 for waist and 40 on my butt.I measuring myself this morning and my size is 24,39. I don't have any complication or complaint after surgery. I ate whatever i want to expecially on dinner time (bad habit :)) . I get head turned everyday and getting worst if i travelling to other country or states. Manytime i found myself uncomfortable about all the attention. Many of womens gave me evil looks and of course men will try catch my attention but i try very hard to no let all the haters bother me. They are just jealous...isn't right? Btw i want to share several tips to keep the shape and the volume po surgery, don't sit too long, in case require by work try sit in right position. Remember our body is moldable. And this is very important, if you have to sit for long time try sit on a pillow. I found out the inflatable neck pillow is very handy, i got one of those in amazon and i bring with me any where i go. I think how we maintenance the booty after surgery is important as the surgery themself. Also i still believe choosing a right doctor is everything. And other my secret is i never sleep on my back since i had the surgery. I am a side sleeper now.Wear your garments as long as possible, don't limited the time of wearing them. I still put them on many nights a month and sleep with them. Stay away from junk food, eat real meals and smile a lot :)......keep fabulous.
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